Marsha Lucas - Rewire Your Brain For Life

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Marsha Lucas - Rewire Your Brain For Life

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Relationships – with yourself, and with others – are essential for our well-being. Yet so many of us struggle with them, despite our very best efforts.

Here’s the deal: Being smart, gaining insight and trying to apply all of that in action – real life – isn’t enough. The areas of your brain that drive so many of your actions and reactions are nearly impossible to access through your highest brain power alone. Plus, your way of “doing” is wired in to your brain before the tender age of two, and you’ve been unproductively practicing that way of doing it ever since – it’s like a program that’s always running in the background, laying down more and faster wiring in your brain that takes you in the same direction over and over again.

For real, lasting changes to occur you need to develop new wiring patterns – and this Online Course is your opportunity to rewire your brain!

“Rewiring” your brain is not just a nifty metaphor – your brain has the lifelong ability to grow and develop new neural connections, pathways, and even brand-new neurons. These changes can be seen in neuroimaging -- and neuroscientists from places like Harvard, UCLA, Stanford, Cambridge, and more have done some amazing research, showing that one of the most powerful ways to create those wiring changes is through the practice of mindfulness.

This is where ancient practice meets modern neuroscience, and where you can activate an amazing synergy between those two that serves your greater good, as well as that of our global community.

You’ll be guided through what this means for you and how to use it to create a vibrant, healthier life by psychotherapist and neuropsychologist Marsha Lucas, PhD. With more than twenty years’ experience and exploration of the brain and well-being, Dr. Marsha brings her passion for healing hearts —and making life-changing science accessible — with the same wit and wisdom as her best-selling book.

With compassion and clarity, the very down-to-earth Dr. Marsha Lucas will empower you to become a Master Electrician for your own brain. Lively, funny, compassionate and engaging, Dr. Marsha will teach you, lead you step-by-step through exercises, and take your calls, so that together you’ll create real traction in cultivating and deepening the seven “high voltage” relationship benefits of mindfulness meditation – in three powerful lessons.

Lesson Details:

Lesson One
We’ll start from the ground up – groundbreaking and fantastic research findings that will motivate and excite you, and digging in to get you started from the bottom of your brain to change your relationship wiring.
• The Wiring Diagram of the Relationship Brain -- in Layman’s Terms
Rewiring the Alarm Button | Body Regulation
Circuit Breakers to Prevent Overheating | Fear Modulation
• Guided Meditation: Mindfulness Basics for Your Busy Brain

Lesson Two
Moving on up through your brain’s structure and workings, you’ll learn about why, where, and how to develop some of the most vital relationship capacities that we humans have, and put them to work for yourself.
Installing a Dimmer Switch | Emotional Resilience
Grounded Electrical Outlets | Response Flexibility
Putting a Work Light in the Attic | Insight/Self-Knowing
• Guided Meditation: “Can You Feel Me Now?”

Lesson Three
So many of us get derailed when it comes to holding on to ourselves while also being connected to others that we’ll spend much of Lesson Three on cultivating not just a new mindset but a different pattern of brain activation for putting it all together in the real world of life.
Acquiring a Voltmeter | Empathy
We’re All on the Same Power Grid | From Me to We
• Living with Your New Wiring
• Guided Meditation: Abiding Changes
• Resources for Mindfulness, Your Brain, and Your Relationships

Don’t miss this transformative, inspirational, practical, compassionate, and grounded-in-science course!

Dr. Marsha’s been interviewed and quoted extensively in the media, including Cosmopolitan magazine, ABC News, Psychology Today, eHarmony, Anderson Cooper, Huffington Post, USA Today, CBS Radio, and Sirius-XM Radio’s The Doctor Show.

Her book, Rewire Your Brain For Love, has been enthusiastically praised and recommended by experts in meditation, psychotherapy, relationships, and neuroscience, including Jack Kornfield, Christiane Northrup, Sue Johnson, Rick Hanson, Louis Cozolino, Ed Halliwell, Tara Brach, Marci Shimoff and Louise L. Hay.

This Online Course provides all three lesson downloads immediately upon purchase.