Mark Victor Hansen - Mega Marketing Magic

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Mark Victor Hansen - Mega Marketing Magic digital download. Info: [20 CDs (M4A)]. My world-class faculty will reveal a truckload of innovative marketing...
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Mark Victor Hansen - Mega Marketing Magic

Type: Digital download

Format: [20 CDs (M4A)]


Mega Marketing Magic

Recorded from MEGA Marketing Magic in Los Angeles, California, on March 3-5, 2006.

52 of the Most Critical Marketing
Lessons You'll Learn

My world-class faculty will reveal a truckload of innovative marketing tactics, strategies and systems. Take a look for yourself. And as you read through this partial list of things you’ll learn at MEGA Marketing Magic … think about how your business will grow once you've learned and implemented these powerful tactics, strategies and hard-won marketing lessons.

    1. How to create “clients” out of “customers” to create wealth

    2. Deploying an “active” referral system to get customers to automatically refer you

    3. How to “condition” your clients to purchase from you 30%-50% more often

    4. 5 ways to motivate clients to buy more of what you sell

    5. Simple ways to tastefully encourage your prospects to buy from you

    6. The most instantaneous way to create predictable profit streams doing what you already do well

    7. How to turn $100,000 into $760,000 predicatively using “The Power of Incremental

    8. The right way to use ethical bribes to generate response rates that will turn your competitors green with envy

    9. How to create pre-sold, pre-qualified prospects

    10. The number one secret to building brand success that you already have and aren't using

    11. The key source of “Brand Fuel”

    12. Tools to make sure you really create the marketing success you envision

    13. The surefire way to create a loyal customer base

    14. A fail-proof process to make sure fear never gets in your way

    15. The facts and fiction about branding … and whether it's something you need to worry about

    16. How to create a “big brand” communication

    17. How changing one word can double response to an offer

      I know this is a lot already. But wait, there’s even more.

    18. What words will prompt positive actions

    19. How to make a prospect feel so guilty that they will buy from you without an argument

    20. How to use “psychological triggers” to effectively wipe out any sales resistance

    21. How to make your website blow out the competition using powerful copy

    22. How to find a product and determine its potential

    23. How to protect your copy once you've written it

    24. Patent, copyright or trademark - which one is more powerful and why

    25. Breakthroughs for turning prospects into buyers

    26. A new way of thinking about sales and marketing that will open the floodgates of new buyers like
      never before.

    27. Learn the single most profound secret to super-growth ever taught anywhere

    28. Discover seven most powerful and critical marketing weapons

    29. The single most important thing you must know before you can even begin to think about developing a product

    30. How to grow your list quickly from 0 names to thousands — legitimately and without using spam tactics.

    31. What to do if your prospects aren't buying

    32. How to get in contact with customers quickly, easily and cost effectively

    33. Dominate the free search engine listings for any keyword you choose

    34. How to attack multiple keyword phrases at the same time. Can you see why we need three full days? Your head will be swimming with ideas. Keep reading to see what else you’ll be learning.

    35. Leverage your existing resources to get better website rankings – in as little as 36 hours

    36. How to research your market to find out what your prospects want, what they need, and what they're willing to pay for

    37. How to accurately predict whether your product will sell BEFORE you begin product development

    38. How to double the selling power of every ad or mailing you send out

    39. How to attract a boatload of “free” qualified traffic … just by making a few adjustments to your web site

    40. The most effective – and profitable – way to offer teleseminars

    41. How to find your target market … and what they want to buy from you

    42. How to capture hot leads from the Internet using the viral power of Audio Postcards

    43. How to capture more sales and cash profits by adding audio to your web site

    44. The hands-down most effective and affordable way to drive visitors to your web site

    45. The right way to use pay-per-click search engines and other “bid for placement” techniques to blowing your budget before you win any sales

    46. The costliest mistake that at least 90% of site owners make with their web sites make … and how to avoid the major misstep

    47. Determine your “decision criteria” by looking at the critical elements of your business

    48. Ensure that your strategic business plan is supported by everything you implement

    49. Determine any “hidden” risks that can destroy your best laid plans

    50. Measure your internal resources “realistically” to verify your plan can be effectively executed

    51. Calculate your “ROTI” – Return of Time Invested – to make sure it is worth your effort

    52. Develop a “Profit Map” that ensures that ALL your best ideas get implemented

Even if you implemented just half of these lessons, your business will be light years ahead of where you are today. That's why it makes sense to enroll now.