Mark Batey - Brand Meaning 1st Edition

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Mark Batey - Brand Meaning 1st Edition digital download. Info: [eBook (PDF)]. Brand Meaning takes a comprehensive and holistic look at how consumers fin...
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Mark Batey - Brand Meaning 1st Edition

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Format: [eBook (PDF)]

Brand Meaning 1st Edition

How a company ‘positions’ a brand is not necessarily how the consumer perceives that brand. Brands allow marketers to add meaning to products and services, but it is consumers who ultimately determine what a brand means. The sources of brand meaning are many and varied, as are the ways in which meanings become attached to brands. Brand Meaning takes a comprehensive and holistic look at how consumers find and create meaning in brands. It explores the fundamental conscious and unconscious elements that connect people with products and brands. Traditional marketing concepts are questioned, and a new brand meaning framework is put forward. The book lays out new and fertile territory for the understanding of how brands can both assimilate and provide meaning. It will leave readers with a better appreciation of what brand means and what brands mean. Primarily intended as a supplemental reader for undergraduate, graduate and MBA courses, the book’s scope should also make it rewarding and valuable reading for practitioners in the fields of marketing and advertising.

About Author:

Mark Batey has spent his career working with leading international advertising agencies, and as an independent brand consultant. He is also a visiting professor at various business schools and universities. He has lived and worked in areas as diverse as the United Kingdom, Central Europe, Latin America and the United States. He has advised companies including Coca-Cola, Unilever, Nestlé, Kraft Foods, Mondeléz International and SABMiller.


Author ix

Preface xi

Introduction xiii

1 About Brands 1

2 Human Motivation: How and Why We Seek Meaning 11

3 Perception 49

4 The Meaning of Things 77

5 Brand Meaning: Definitions and Directions 111

6 Brand Meaning and Brand Strategy 159

7 The Evolution of Brand Meaning 189

8 Brand Communication 207

References 225

Appendix 233

Credits 237

Author Index 241

Subject Index 245

*Format: eBook (PDF)