Mark Anastasi - How To Make $100,000 A Year With E-books

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Mark Anastasi - How To Make $100,000 A Year With E-books digital download. Info: [7 DVDs (Rips)]. “Last year, I made $462,198.00 thanks to eBooks using ...
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Mark Anastasi - How To Make $100,000 A Year With E-books

Type: Digital download

Format: [7 DVDs (Rips)]


How To Make $100,000 A Year With E-books

 “Last year, I made $462,198.00 thanks to eBooks using my easy-to-copy system … no wonder i’m smiling”

It’s given me the freedom to go skiing in my favorite resort whenever I want to.
It’s given me enough cash to do just about anything in life I want to do when I want to do it.
I have cheques dropping into my mailbox for outrageous figures on a weekly and sometime daily basis.
Numbers like, $4,000 plus, $2,000 plus, $1,000 plus. Some days my eBooks can pull in as much as $5 grand a day

And here’s the bit I love, I hardly spend an hour a week on my eBook business! If I spent any more time I wouldn’t get any time to go skiing, and enjoying my 10 trips aboard per year!
Not bad for an ex-security guard from Oxford, England that used to get paid £3.50 ($7) per hour for a 12 hour shift … you agree?
I understand how you might be feeling, I have been there in the crap job, slogging my guts out. NOT ANYMORE, you can copy my private eBook secrets.

AT LAST: A course that actually delivers what it promises, and cuts out the hype and myths about selling online.

I’m Finally Revealing My Private *PROVEN* eBook Sales Machine System Guaranteed To Increase YOUR eBook Sales in Days!

I PROMISE YOU: In Just 3O Minutes After I Reveal *my private eBook sales system* To You, You’ll SEE an Instant Cash-on Tap System That Cannot Fail To Increase Your eBook Sales

And don’t worry, I am personally going to take you by the hand and reveal to you EXACTLY HOW you can easily copy me by sharing with you my very private blueprint for eBook success that I have only EVER shared with my private coaching clients.

And before I write another word, can I share my *proven-expert status* experience with you?

Author of 32 eBooks: I have written and published over 32 very successful eBooks myself to date.

Trained over 1,400 Students: I have taught well over 1,400 people how to do the same with astonishing results!

Over One Million In Sales: I have sold well over $1,000,000 worth of eBooks in the last 3 years alone

Daily Sales Over 5K: I regularly get emails announcing eBook sales of well over $5,000 in a single day thanks to my eBooks.

High End Consulting: Last year 42 people paid me between $4,000 to $10,000 to consult with me about their online businesses so they could also start selling eBooks and other services and products online (again, proof further down this page).

So now can I ask you this one question...

Would You Like Me To Reveal To You My Exact System on How To Sell Over 400 Grand Worth of eBooks a Year?

Selling eBooks Can Transform Your Life... I Am Living Proof of That! Why ... ?

100% PROFIT BUSINESS: (it’s a digital product! And you get to keep all the money!)

“ZERO” DELIVERY COSTS – no printing, postage, packing, taping boxes together, typing delivery address and more.

ZERO RISK, ZERO INVESTMENT BUSINESS: A low-risk business you can operate virtually anywhere in the world (you just need a phone line)

SIMPLE SET UP AND GO BUSINESS: Make money on “autopilot” 24 hours a day! You make money while you sleep, on holiday, etc. You can AUTOMATE THE SYSTEM EASILY to deliver your info-product automatically!

Prestige and recognition as a “best selling” author. They can establish you as an Industry EXPERT, which means lucrative consulting & speaking fees!


Very low start-up costs! (I launched mine with $400)

NO full time long hours required!

NO previous experience required

NO office required

And the World is your marketplace … you have no boundaries!

And can hire an army of salespeople for FREE when you know how!

Again 3 Things Critical Things You Must Remember

1. 100% AUTOMATED: Once you set this business up, get it running … you sit and watch sales dropping in.

2. 100% AUTOMATED: You never have to deal with customers face to face … they go to your webpage and order direct.

3. 100% AUTOMATED: no postage and packing. The buyer simply clicks on a link. This automatically downloads the eBook for them. No rushing out to post offices to deliver on time.

Imagine the above was you (IT CAN BE- VERY, VERY EASILY!)

Imagine what you could buy (finally get the car of you dreams >>> )

Imagine paying off all of your bills (chop up your credit cards forever).

Imagine choosing holidays at least 3 or 4 times a year (last year I holidayed around 12 times all to global locations, YOU CAN do the same!)

Imagine how earning nearly $100,000k selling eBooks COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER?

This is so easy! I will show you in exact detail, every single step you should take to earn fast cash online!

But Mark Tell Me What’s In This *How To Earn $100k a Year* Selling eBooks, Master plan?

Okay here’s a few bits and pieces of what is revealed in my 126 page, 7 DVD eBook Master plan home study course.

The sure-fire secret to creating an eBook that sells like crazy

How to quickly avoid the #1 Mistake authors make that causes them to take months or years to write a book… so you can finish in just a few days.

A step-by-step explanation of how I made $5,000 in one day, from my eBooks.

The absolute “bullet-proof” best eBook to write and sell online -FAST.

The “right” way to publish your eBook so virtually everyone connected to the Internet can buy it and read it.

Proven methods for turning out a highly profitable eBook in record time… even if you have no idea what to write about.

The fastest and BEST strategy to generate $$$ thousands of dollars in eBook sales… sometimes in just a few days!

Quickly and easily overcome the single greatest obstacle any author – new or experienced – ever faces!

The single “Step” that virtually guarantees success in writing and selling your eBook.

How to accept virtually every major credit card on the planet for a paltry $50 setup fee and no minimum monthly fees!

How writing about a subject you hate can actually make you rich!

How answering one simple question virtually guarantees your success with your very first eBook.

How to structure your eBook so it creates not only sales, but “passive income” for months and years well into the future.

Outrageously Simple With My Proven Blueprint You Cannot Fail To Make Huge Amounts Online!

How To Set Up A Low-Cost Online Business and Work From Home!

How To Make Money Online When You’re New, Starting From Scratch, Don’t Have a Product, Don’t Have a Website, Or Any Money!

How To Generate Multiple Streams of Passive Income Online, and Become Financially Free FAST!

How To Create a Wildly Successful Internet Business Selling Info-Products to Highly Targeted Niche Markets!

How To Avoid The #1 Fatal Mistake Made by Internet Marketers

How To Turn The Web Into Your Very Own Fully Automatic 24/7 “Money On Demand” Virtual Vending Machine!

The ONE Strategy The ‘Little Guy’ Can Use To Rake In Big time Profits Online!

The “Underachiever Formula For Creating Lazy Online Income Streams”

How Anyone Can Make A Six-Figure Working From Home On The Internet

23 Case Studies and examples of Successful Internet Businesses

Low-Risk High-Return Internet Business Models and Sure-Fire Online Profit Plans!

So You Will Know Exactly My 5 Simple Steps … Private eBook Master Plan …

1.How To Easily: Identify a Target Market with laser-beam focus

2.How To Easily: Create an eBook idea that will sell

3.How To Easily: Write your eBook quickly and more effortlessly than you ever dreamed possible

4.How To Easily: Publish your eBook to sell through the web

5.How To Easily: Start marketing, selling and making money with your eBook online!

It Really Is Easy When an Expert Guides YOU!

And Now … Even More Ways To Grow Your New eBook Business By Developing Your Own Information Products!”

Discover A Step-By-Step Guide To Creating, Publishing, and Promoting Your Own Highly Profitable Info-Products!

Crank Out Hot-Selling Info-Products Without Being An Expert And Without Creating A Single Product On Your Own!

How To Write, Publish, and Promote Your Own eBook

Easily create eBooks, audios, CD-ROMs, videos, and DVDs to double or triple your revenue!

Why you should always be developing products, regardless of your situation

The 3 major obstacles to creating a product, and how to overcome them and get started today!

Seven Decisions the New Info-Marketer Needs to Make

The equipment, the script, and the resources: three things vital to successful product creation

How to create your own profitable e-product in 2 days.

The secret to rolling out multiple products in super-fast time!

The Secrets to Public Domain Riches Revealed!

Discover a little-known web resource so you never have to write a single word of your eBook!

Discover the amazing service that will give you the brainpower of 500 academics for $5 a pop!

How to get expert interviews for your info-product, and how to conduct the interview!

10 things you must avoid when creating ANY information product

How to Create Audio, Video, CD-ROMs, and software to generate BIG money
Equipment: What should you buy and how much should you spend

How to outsource duplication, packaging, and fulfilment

The Easiest Ways to Create Back-End Products