Mariah Coz - The Accelerator Program

Mariah Coz - The Accelerator Program. Accelerator Q&A SessionGot questions about the Accelerator program? I answer the most common questions we get from soon-...
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Mariah Coz - The Accelerator Program

Mariah Coz - The Accelerator Program

Accelerator Q&A Session

Got questions about the Accelerator program? I answer the most common questions we get from soon-to-be clients in the video here, or you can just shoot us a message using the chat function in the lower right hand corner of this page!

(Don’t worry - we’ll get your message even if we’re offline and get back to you ASAP!

“Whew! Finished my most recent launch with 300 sales of my signature course. Thank you Mariah for all your brilliant strategy. The total was around $175k. It does get much easier each and every time!”


“Thank you so much for everything you teach. You are changing so many people’s lives. You helped Clever Programmer turn into a company. We generated $161,000 in 15 days while I was spending time with my beautiful family in California. What started a year ago as a tiny channel with a goal to help people become computer programmers is now a full-fledged startup helping change the lives of millions of people. In under 11 months, we became a multi 6-figure business.”


“This month I reached a milestone. I officially have matched my tenured professor’s salary with my business. I have to take a step back and appreciate everything I’ve been able to do and especially Mariah Coz and her team who took me from my first 1k to (very soon) 6-figures.”


“My evergreen funnel does $60k/month without ads. And I had a $211k launch! Mariah Coz is the real deal. I’ve literally made hundreds of thousands of dollars on my courses implementing her ideas!”


 A couple things to remember when reading about our client results:

These are our real clients, but specific results shared are NOT typical. These are all incredible people with impressive work ethic who created amazing courses. They worked their butts off and pushed through challenges and struggles. This is not easy. We have not independently verified the results they’ve shared.

“I enrolled 36 students and made $19,675. Super glad I had you to help plan the launch, I would have been clueless as to what to do otherwise. When you join the Accelerator, you don’t have to worry about any of the ‘what the hell should I be doing’ and you can just follow the step-by-step instructions and focus on doing the work well. When you join you also don’t need to spend time going in mental circles and down a rabbit hole trying to find answers. Meaning you can get on with the work, and stop doubting yourself!”


“My realistic goal was 10 students…I enrolled 47 students and had a $16k first launch. Thank you Mariah and the whole team for creating such a great program! Love love love!”


The Accelerator is like no other program you’ve experienced before.

We provide fill-in-the-blank templates for launch emails, webinar slides, sales pages, evergreen webinar funnels — it’s all in here. The tools, templates, and strategies in this program will save you hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars in wasted time and money.  

We combine the step-by-step training and plug-and-play templates with an insane level of support through multiple weekly coaching calls, personal feedback on your work, and even 1:1 calls when you reach certain milestones. You will be surrounded by 6-7 course creators in our exclusive community, which just helps you level up that much faster.

The result is that you have everything you need to create a consistently profitable online course business that allows you to serve your students and teach what you love.

I’ve worked with hundreds of people to launch their courses over the years. These are just a few of them. Please remember, they all worked very hard to become successful and your results will vary depending on many factors.

“You cannot put a price on having someone literally walk you through the exact path to getting your business to the next level. I’m so grateful that I invested, because I can see the change being made. In two years, I’m going to write Mariah and Megan a note saying “Thanks for helping me get to 7-figures”, which is how confident I am in my ability and the foundation that this course is laying for me.”  


“I have bought a lot of Mariah’s courses so I was a bit hesitant to invest. Without a doubt, my course would have been a completely different course without The Accelerator. The guidance to do it RIGHT the first time is absolutely worth it. I have learned WAY more than I thought was possible in these last few weeks and I would never have been able to create these things at warp speed on my own. The group setting has been incredibly valuable. I’m struggling to even do it justice. Seriously, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Mariah, you have not only helped me to build out this course, but you have changed the way we do business.”


“Grateful to be making money in my sleep with my new funnel up and running!”


“This month I reached a milestone. I officially have matched my tenured professor’s salary with my business. I have to take a step back and appreciate everything I’ve been able to do and especially Mariah Coz and her team who took me from my first 1k to (very soon) 6-figures.”


“I enrolled 56 students and made $8,908 in sales in my first launch. I couldn’t have done it without your support. You guys helped me change my life.”


“I knew in order to serve more people, I needed support putting together a funnel that worked. My funnel brings in $3k/month, and converts at 7%. Knowing that I have a funnel that converts makes me feel confident promoting it. It feels amazing to travel and look at my email and see we have a new student. Everything is automated so all I have to focus on is promoting and teaching inside of the program!”


“Before learning from Mariah how to do an Evergreen funnel, the whole process was daunting and mysterious to me - she broke it down and made even the highly technical elements very simple and unintimidating. Thank you Mariah & team for opening up this doorway to me that was previously so scary and elusive!

The first solid iteration of my evergreen funnel for my INFLUENCE course on practical magic has been on for about 4 months. In that time, I had 84 sales at various price points. Overall, the funnel brought in about $54,000 in sales in. I average about 21 sales a month, so the funnel brought in about $12,600 each month.


“I wanted to create evergreen funnels in order to build a more sustainable and secure business, not relying on courses launches. With small traffic, I’ve done roughly one sale a day bringing $3k/month going on for 4 months, since I started the funnel. I feel it is just the beginning. My first funnel is converting at more than 5%, I’ve just implemented the second one. I’m confident to invest time in it as I have this system in place.

I love that I can trust a method, I don’t have to guess, I just implement the strategies and it’s saving me so much time. Above all, I love that Mariah’s strategies are not too salesy. I feel confident to promote them as it brings value to my customers. It was a major mindset shift for me. Also making money when I work on other projects is so comforting, it is a huge boost for my business. The past 3 days I did $1200 with the funnels and upsells (almost half a normal month), in only 3 days!”


“I have such an engaged audience who loves everything I sell and yet I was only selling ONE program, twice a year (in a live launch). It just made sense to create something evergreen! I would have people finding me online, jazzed to work with me, and then I would have nothing to sell them. I sell about 10 a month organically (like, zero marketing) - so that’s an extra $7000/month in income.  

I LOVE that I have something to offer new people who find me now, instead of saying “wait 6 months and then I will take your money lol” But I love that now that the funnel is in place, my work is just to tweak it and make it better. I have had a very successful course selling for 4 years now, and the extra evergreen sales are icing on the cake!!”


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