Marcus Ratcliff - Career Discovery 2020

Marcus Ratcliff - Career Discovery 2020Dream - Develop - Discover Work You Love - Click here to learn more about my signature 12 week program.In this 12 week ...
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Marcus Ratcliff - Career Discovery 2020

Marcus Ratcliff - Career Discovery 2020

Dream - Develop - Discover Work You Love - Click here to learn more about my signature 12 week program.

In this 12 week course, you’ll discover your unique and specific Strength’s, Talents and Abilities and how to deploy those in the area of your interest to enjoy a fulfilling and fruitful career. You may have heard it said, “Do what you Love and you’ll never work a day in your Life”, is that too much to ask, we don’t think so. If you’re not enjoying your career and doing work you find both rewarding and fulfilling, why not? For most of us, it’s because we don’t know where to turn for answers and help in navigating this journey. Henry David Thoreau (along with a few other’s) said, “70% of men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.” If you identify with this statement, I assure you, you’re not alone!

Let’s face it, the reality is you’re going to spend a good 50+ years of your life on the job, working. If you worked 8 hours a day X 40 hours a week (allowing for 3 weeks of vacation per year, which many would love to have) X 50 years, that’s a whopping, 98,000 hours of your life. Easier said, you’ll spend 1/3 of your life working, so why not do something you thoroughly enjoy and excel at?

Do you have golden handcuffs (making great money, but hate your job) and can’t find a way out, like many executives? You may be mid-career and finding that you just want to accomplish more with your life than you have thus far or perhaps you’re finding that what you studied in college just doesn’t fit anymore. The truth is, it’s really tough to make intelligent career decision’s at age 18 that will still be a good fit at age 45. While school counselors do their best to help, they typically only look at one or two facets of a person’s attributes, which falls short in getting a good wholistic picture of the entire person

Let me share with you a quick statistic that’s rarely advertised: 44% of those that enroll in college never graduate. Those who do, change majors (on average) twice during the course of their college career, adding another 18 month’s and $30k to their education. Let’s apply some $ signs to make it interesting. Post graduate income, lost during those extra 18 month’s (at say conservatively $50k a year) + the $30K in additional tuition, reveals the real cost to be in the neighborhood of $105k+, not to mention the frustration and emotional expense that’s very, very real as well. This one class, could save you from having to unnecessarily take 15 - 18 classes more than you need to. Even after changing majors twice, most graduates still end up with a degree in a field they’re uncertain about and don’t altogether love. That’s definitely not the most comforting and encouraging way to one’s career life.

Current trends show more and more individuals are taking a proactive approach by investing in professional Career Development to mitigate the above scenario. Career Discovery addresses 13 different categories, utilizing 8 of the most highly respected and time tested inventories to get a good grasp of the entire person and their unique attributes. Area’s explored include:

  • Strength’s / Energizers
  • Preferences / Traits
  • Skills, Abilities, Talents, Functional Focus
  • Industry & Interest
  • Ideal Work Environment
  • Work Location / Schedule / Co. Size & Type
  • Level of Responsibility
  • Personal Growth & Development
  • Needs & Wants
  • Social / Relationships
  • Income
  • Values

When data from these assessments is assembled properly, it will provide a well rounded picture of the major areas that contribute to Career Fulfillment and Satisfaction. Understanding and knowing yourself in a deeper and relevant way, gives you a much greater chance at experiencing success in all areas of your life. Many find that being equipped with this knowledge gives them a very real competitive advantage in the market place throughout their careers.

Discover what so many others have learned from taking this systematic approach to career planning and set yourself up to be all you can be. Join the growing number of Executives, Young Professionals, College and High School students taking charge of their future and enroll in “Career Discovery” today. The next 90 days, could change your life, so let’s get ed!!!

Your Instructor

Marcus Ratcliff

Marcus Ratcliff

Marcus is an international speaker, encourager, career development strategist, success coach and Ironman. Marcus is an Alumni of the University of North Texas and began his professional career in the real estate finance industry while working in North Dallas in the late 90’s. Within just a few years, he launched his own company and began mentoring and training up others in the industry.

“Helping individuals and families with the most expensive purchase they’ll likely ever make was very rewarding for me. I enjoyed being a trusted advisor that people could look to for wisdom and guidance during such an important time.”

After working in this arena for more than a decade, Marcus decided to pursue a new direction with his life, aimed at reaching people on a more personal and intimate level. As the son of a Pastor, ministry is in Marcus‘ DNA and something that’s always been close to his heart.

“I’ve always had a desire to see people be all they can be in every area of their lives, not just financially, but also spiritually, physically and emotionally.”

Marcus’ passion to help people rediscover their true purpose in life continues to grow. His desire for people to fully experience life in a deeper way, to find their true purpose and become all that God has created them is evidenced throughout his work. In addition to his speaking and consulting businesses, he also hosts a mentoring group for young professionals and is most excited about his latest work, “Career Discovery (Dream-Develop-Discover)”. After years of working with clients from all walks of life in various stages of their careers, he created this online course aimed at helping others discover their Strengths and Talents and deploying them in their daily lives to experience work that is both fulfilling and fruitful, a reality that is far too rare in the 21st century!!!

Course Curriculum

Taking Inventory
  • Introduction to Career Discovery - Class 1 (20:28)
  • Strengths, Energizers & Your Comparative Advantage - Class 2 (18:26)
  • Skills, Abilities & Personality Type - Class 3 (13:09)
  • Personality Preferences & Interest - Class 4 (13:35)
Pulling it all together
  • Creating Your Personalized Career Matrix - Class 5 (6:26)
  • Industries of Interest & Career Brainstorming - Class 6 (13:19)
  • Criteria for Decision Making - Class 7 (14:02)
  • Transitioning to Implementation - Class 8 (10:32)
  • Test Driving Your Top Options - Class 9 (14:50)
  • Evaluating Existing Opportunities - Class 10 (7:32)
  • Your Master Plan - Class 11 (8:52)
  • Career Marketing Plan & Building Your Brand - Class 12 (9:52)

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