Marcus Knudsen - Bliss Coded Sound - Gamma Boost

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Marcus Knudsen - Bliss Coded Sound - Gamma Boost digital download. Info: [1 MP3 - 2 JPG] | 49.32 MB. Our mental state can clearly be detected and recorde...
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Marcus Knudsen - Bliss Coded Sound - Gamma Boost

Type: Digital download

Format: [1 MP3 - 2 JPG]

File size: 49.32 MB




Boost Your Consciousness

With Gamma Brainwaves

5 minute audio demonstration. For the real effect you need the 20 minute audio available on this page.

Heightened awareness and Higher Intelligence - With Gamma Brainwaves

Our mental state can clearly be detected and recorded using EEG (electroencephalography) technology, but also stimulated with sounds that makes the brain boost desired brainwave frequencies. Usually, the lower the dominant brainwave frequency, the less conscious we are. We usually talk about the spectrum of frequencies ranging from 1 hz (deep sleep) to 20 hz (highly awake).

In the highest range of brainwaves we find the Gamma brainwaves (40 hz to 70 hz) and compared to the other four basic brainwave frequencies (Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta) they have the smallest amplitude. That is one reason they are often overlooked.

Gamma brainwaves have been found to link and process information throughout the entire brain. People with significantly less gamma brainwave activity than "normal" have been found to have various degrees of mental disability and impairdnes, while those with higher amounts of gamma activity often display high intelligence, self-control, compassion and feelings of happiness. In addition, these people have also been found to have an increased ability to perceive reality as well as an improved memory. So to put it simple, there seems to be a correlation between increased brain function and higher amplitude of gamma brainwaves.

Marcus Knudsen - Bliss Coded Sound - Gamma Boost

Gamma Brainwave Benefits

  • Memory: Improvements in memory, regulation of memory processing in the brain, and ability to vividly recall past experiences.
  • Perception: Enhanced ability to perceive reality through the five senses, making smells more powerful, vision more acute, hearing sharper, and taste buds more sensitive, thus making life a sensory-rich experience.
  • Assimilation of brain activity: Proper combination of senses and memory, making the memory of each life event more vivid and authentic.
  • Brain’s processing speed: Ability to process large amounts of information during a shorter timeframe, similar to getting a processor chip upgrade in a computer.
  • Compassion: Spontaneous and natural tendency to feel more compassionate towards others.
  • Happiness: Internal propensity towards feeling happier and diminishing thoughts of despair and sadness.
Marcus Knudsen - Bliss Coded Sound - Gamma Boost

How to increase your Gamma Brainwaves

As you have already guessed, that is the thing I have decided to make easy for you.

By the use of brainwave entrainment we can stimulate the brain to increase the brainwave activity of any wanted brainwave frequency range in a powerful yet natural way. In certain ancient traditions they would (and still do) do things like drumming in a certain rhythm repeatedly for a long period of time and what will happen then is that the rhythm will correspond to a frequency which the brain will start to mimic. For instance if the drum is played in a rhythm of six beats per second, that corresponds to 6 cycles per second which is 6 hz. 6 hz corresponds to Theta brainwave activity (4-7.5 hz). It would be a very time consuming process and would offer no way to successfully beat the drum at a Gamma rhythm at say 40 times per second (40 hz). Luckily, thanks to modern technology we can use scientifically proven digital brainwave entrainment audio to very successfully increase the amplitude of Gamma brainwaves within just a few minutes.

Of course, then there is the addition which I introduce called BlissCoded sound, which have been found to very quickly clear the mind, inducing a very clear state of consciousness, making your experience of reality very clear and enjoyable.

Therefore I have taken considerable time to produce a brand new track for you using Gamma brainwave stimulation with a layer of BlissCoded sound especially designed to fit together with the brainwave entrainment.

What you need:

- Mac or PC computer is required for download (not iPad).

- 47 Mb free space

- Headphones (optionable)

Easily transfer to your iPod, iPad etc using iTunes, or listen directly on your computer.

Marcus Knudsen - Bliss Coded Sound - Gamma Boost

Track Length: 20 minutes. Format: Mp3 (320kbps)

GammaBoost - Boost Your Consciousness

This 20 minute long track uses Isochronic brainwave entrainment and BlissCode sound technology in a unique very high quality MP3 file (320kbps). The research behind this audio track comes from EEG studies about Gamma Brainwaves. Suggested use: Whenever you feel like it. You get the most benefit from using it in the morning or early afternoon. Limit: once or twice per day. Don't overdo it. Instructions: Use speakers or headphones (recommended). Eyes can be open or closed. Even though you will feel some effects quickly, the main benefits are built up over time. Test results from Gamma Brainwave studies have shown results after 30 days to 6 weeks. The product is a downloadable file (MP3) that you download to your computer. You can transfer it to any device that can play audio such as the iPod, iPhone, iPad etc. It is not a physical product. The product image of a CD is just for display purposes.

Brainwave entrainment should never be used by people suffering from seizures/epilepsy. If you are unsure if you suffer from this, you should first consult with your doctor.