Marcus Knudsen - Bliss Coded Sound - Consciousness Development System

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Marcus Knudsen - Bliss Coded Sound - Consciousness Development System

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CDS: The ultimate meditation system for developing an expanded consciousness, mind de-programming and energy block removal/healing. 

Marcus Knudsen - Bliss Coded Sound - Consciousness Development System

When your consciousness is expanding, you'll naturally start experiencing things like out of body experiences, lucid dreams, inner light and sound, astral/soul travel and all that goes along with it. These are natural abilities we unlock with third eye meditation. Your brain becomes increasingly effective and you start unlocking your full potential.

CDS It is for those who are done "playing around" with simply reading books on the subject and listening to wise men and women speak and are ready to go forward. You can't do nothing and get something, even though modern day belief systems want to you believe that someone o something, will come and save you or do all the work for you. You are the one to do it and there is great help.

The "real deal" in meditation is the third eye, as has been said for hundreds or thousands of years from such traditions as Sant Mat (Science of the soul, Teachings of Saints) and Surat Shabd Yoga (Inner sound meditation). It is not a coincidence that you see third eye symbolism throughout the world, in secret societies, ancient mediation systems etc. It is the way to higher real knowledge and it has always been known, but not really understood or taken seriously by "normal" people.

The single eye symbol doesn't necessarily mean "illuminati" or indicate evil. The eye of Horus isn't a symbol of evil. The third eye is the true "all seeing" eye: the link to a higher dimensional reality, to non physical realities. Having the ability to use the third eye doesn't say whether someone is good or bad. That is all about the individual. But it's not a secret for the seeker that the third eye is the key.

Third eye: The seat of the soul

In ancient third eye meditation systems, the third eye is the "seat of the soul". It is where our true self is located. In these traditions the awareness is turned to the third eye to experience inner sound and light. After a while the meditator start traveling on the inner planes, in the order of: Astral (lowest plane in the 4th dimension), Causal, Supercausal , then comes the "great void" before reaching Bhanwar Gupha, called the rotating cave. After that comes Sach Kand, called the true home, which is also called the 5th dimensional plane. The planes before that are all regions within the 4th dimension and are traveled by turning the attention from the outer to the inner world through the third eye and connecting to the inner sounds (naad) to find the way (home, to source).

The Consciousness Development System (CDS) is a cutting edge third eye meditation system for those who want real spiritual development through a daily meditation routine.
CDS combines technology with the ultimate way of meditation based on the ancient Sant Mat and Surat Shabd systems for developing a higher consciousness by inner light and sound experiences. This hybrid meditation & technology system follows the ultimate balance of effort and effortlessness as in ancient systems but adds technology which wasn't around when those systems were developed.

The meditation technique is boosted by specific brainwave entrainment, frequency tuning and golden ratio principles (BlissCoded sound) embedded in a pleasant soft noise masking out external sounds that otherwise easily distract us in today's busy world, allowing us to focus inwardly without having to find a quiet place far from civilization.

CDS has been developed to it's current state for 15 years when writing this, during which time it's been the daily meditation of the developer. This is a very ultimate system using what truly works and what truly takes you forward. You'll start experiencing what the meditation masters talk about from regularly using this system.

Marcus Knudsen - Bliss Coded Sound - Consciousness Development System

When you know about the third eye you find how common that kind of symbolism is.

Marcus Knudsen - Bliss Coded Sound - Consciousness Development System

The location of the Pineal gland, tied to the third eye chakra.

How to use the Consciousness Development System

CDS uses two factors together: 1) A specific meditation technique. 2) Audio technology.

The meditation technique:

  1. (Focus, Engage) While listening to the CDS meditation audio, you sit up and withdraw your attention to the third eye center. Experience that you are there. Let thoughts pass by like clouds in the sky and maintain conscious awareness in the third eye. If you want to use any mantra simultaneously, repeat them within. When half the audio has passed, there's a subtle but clear sound marking this.
  2. (Let go, Observe) The rest of the time you do nothing but simply observe inner experiences. Remain seated or lie down where you are. Let go completely.
  3. Optional / Advanced:
    Afterwards you can turn off the sound and remain still, laying down. You may have various experiences here, even if you fall asleep. In time, this can bring lucid dreams, out of body experiences, inner light and sound, astral travel etc.

The Technology:

  1. During part 1 your brain is gradually guided to deeper and deeper relaxation. Brain hemispheres are synchronized.
  2. At half time in the audio there is a very gentle but clear marker so you'll know 30 minutes have passed. Now the brain is guided into a deep meditative state.

CDS consists of 3 levels

Marcus Knudsen - Bliss Coded Sound - Consciousness Development System
Marcus Knudsen - Bliss Coded Sound - Consciousness Development System
Marcus Knudsen - Bliss Coded Sound - Consciousness Development System

Inner experiences: 

What you may see with your inner eye, let it pass by. What appears in front of you, move through it. It can be stars, suns, lights etc. You may hear inner sounds like tones, drums, thunder, birds or bells. If you do, pay attention to them. Prioritize sounds from the right side or center. This is the sound current known as naad. By listening to it, you follow it back to its source, pulling your consciousness through higher planes.
That's it. You can do this every day and things WILL start to happen. Make it part of what you do and who you are. You can develop a discipline doing it, just like we do with things like brushing our teeth. It becomes part of our natural habit.


The CDS system consists of CDS 1, CDS 2 and CDS 3. Each one goes deeper. You always start with CDS 1. When you progress you'll start noticing you'll be able to remain aware without falling asleep. When you've gotten to that point, go to the next, untill you're at CDS3. You then stay with CDS3. Recommended use is daily, but at least 5-6 times per week to make good progress. This is an amazing system you can use a lifetime.

As you progress, your general ability to meditate will be increased tremendously, thanks to the use of technology which increases the speed of your development. You reach deep states of meditation easily which would be very time consuming otherwise.

Extended / Advanced use:

You can expand your practise even further by using part 1 of the technique before going to bed. In part 3 of the technique you can experiment/practise with going to sleep (Delta level) after meditation to see if you can be aware while dreaming and/or have Out of body-like experiences. The longer you use CDS, the more experiences you will have and the deeper they will be.

CDS is unique, cutting edge, complete and in a league and category of its own. Start your consciousness development process and awakening in the most effective and enjoyable way. Start doing CDS today.

Marcus Knudsen - Bliss Coded Sound - Consciousness Development System

Track Length: 53 minutes x 3 Format: MP3 (320 kbps). Type: Audio. Digital download. 
.PDF instructions included. Digital download. No physical goods.

CDS - Consciousness Development System - Information

Please note: This system contains three audio tracks: CDS 1, CDS 2, and CDS 3. Each recording is 53 minutes. The audio uses a mix of binaural and isochronic beats with pythagorean tuning, amplitude modulation, BlissCoded sound and soft noise to block out external sounds. You also get a .pdf with the instructions. This is an ultimate meditation system that you can use for a lifetime. It's been developed and perfected for about 15 years before release in 2017. Use a gentle volume and headphones.

The price of $67 comes down to about $22 per track and the meditation technique itself can be done without the audio, as it is freely available on this page. However the audio makes it much more effective.

Do not use while driving a vehicle or operating any heavy machinery.
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