Marcus - eKomKings 2020

Marcus - eKomKings 2020eKomKingse-Accelerator CourseOur Dropshipping Expert Marcus Has Created An Advanced Video Course That Explains Exactly How To Create a ...
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Marcus - eKomKings 2020

Marcus - eKomKings 2020


e-Accelerator Course

Our Dropshipping Expert Marcus Has Created An Advanced Video Course That Explains Exactly How To Create a Shopify Store That Generates Over $600,000 Per Year!

You Will Learn How To:

1. Use ‘Backdoor’ Tools In Order To Find, Pick & Sell PROVEN Winning Products In One Sitting… (YOU WILL NEVER NEED TO TOUCH THESE PRODUCTS)

2. Setup An eCommerce Store w/ Little To No Technical Knowledge in less than an HOUR….

3. Create A ‘Rigged’ System Where You Can Get Laser Targeted Visitors to Your Website To Generate Sales IMMEDIATELY And CONSISTENTLY

4. Automate Your Dropshipping Business So You Can Make The Amount You CHOOSE To Make…


Your Instructor




e-Commerce & Dropshipping Specifically Has Changed My Life! Going from a student who was paid $15/hr at a Part Time Job, to an e-Commerce Entrepreneur Making BULK Money Each Month Consistently … I ed Out Just like You.

Dropshipping Has Taken Me All Over The World, Paid for My Car, Funded My Education & Has Allowed Me To Be Financial Stable All While Working Less Than Anyone I Know. I Created eKomKings To Provide People Like You With An Opportunity to Use The EXACT Blueprint I Use To Create And Scale a 6 figure a month store.

I Now Teach People How to Turn Their Computer Into an Online Business Selling Products You Never Even Have to Touch. Once Was in Your Shoes, Buying Fake Success Stories & Constantly Losing My Hard Earned Money, So I Decided I Wanted To Give People Someone and Something They Can Trust, And So eKomKings Was Born.

Course Curriculum

Setting Up Shopify
  • Backend of Shopify (14:42)
  • Domain, Coding & Apps (8:56)
Product Setup Shopify
  • 3 Easy & Effective Ways To Find ‘Winning’ Products (11:06)
  • Products & Collections in Shopify (3:50)
Store Creation & Layout
  • Store Layout (9:19)
  • Theme Colouration (7:58)


Social Media & Strategies
  • Instagram Setup (6:21)
  • Setting up the Facebook Pixel (4:03)
  • Connecting Social Media Accounts & Influencer Posts (4:16)
Advertising/ Marketing Key Strategies
  • Facebook Search Bar Strategy (4:26)
  • Ad Sets & Targeting (6:50)
  • Facebook Ads (14:54)

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