Marc & Terry Goldman - Joint Venture Secrets Revealed 2.0

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Marc & Terry Goldman - Joint Venture Secrets Revealed 2.0 digital download. Info: [9 eBooks (PDF) + 1 Agreement (DOC) + 3 Audios (MP3)]. "How To Turn No...
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Marc & Terry Goldman - Joint Venture Secrets Revealed 2.0

Type: Digital download

Format: [9 eBooks (PDF) + 1 Agreement (DOC) + 3 Audios (MP3)]

Joint Venture Secrets Revealed 2.0

"How To Turn No Money, No Product and No Customers Into Steady, Substantial Cash Flow: Highly Leveraged, Insider Techniques Reveal Secrets of The Joint Venture Masters"

Joint Venture Secrets Revealed is the ultimate course on how to finally grab your slice of the good life using other people’s resources. Even if you don’t have an ounce of talent in your pinky finger, you can still mop up the floor with your competition, even with no contacts, no products, no skills, no list and no money.

Joint Venture Secrets Revealed is a no holds barred, non-stop roller coaster ride of hard hitting, no fluff, real world secrets that have never been unveiled before.

Your brain will be spiraling out of control with the possibilities when you uncover these simple but incredible techniques that people from all walks of life have used to create fortunes from nothing:

  1. How to use Other Peoples Money, Other People’s Expertise and Other People’s Time to make you wealthy.
  2. How you can make incredible instant backend profits without spending an ounce of your own time or money.
  3. How a newcomer to Internet Marketing made $60,000.00 in his first month without spending a penny of his own.
  4. How 2 average guys just like you made $36,000.00 in 24 hours sending one tiny email to a handful of people. Do you think you have enough "technical know-how" to press a button and send your own tiny email?
  5. How do you get a total stranger to back you 100%, providing you with all the capital, marketing muscle and/or credibility you need even if all you have is an idea and a dream?
  6. How not to get the shaft when dealing with your JOINT VENTURE partners.
  7. How $12,000 was made in one month with no cost, no promotion and no contracts whatsoever.
  8. How a radio DJ conceived an amazing 5 way Joint Venture that created profits, good will, free publicity, increased exposure and advertising dollars for everyone involved.
  9. Three simple methods you can use to make money from your mailing list even if you have less than 1000 people on it.
  10. How having the right Joint Venture in place at the right time can mean the difference between begging for food and having no boss hovering over you, the freedom to buy your family anything their hearts desire, and the ability to go anywhere in the world, anytime you choose.
  11. Ever heard of a "little" Website raking in $30,000,000 (Million!) a day called eBay? Learn how one incredibly smart marketer selling on eBay in a highly competitive niche market used a JOINT VENTURE to convince his competitor to partner up with him and together they smashed the rest of the competition. And there’s still plenty of room for JV’s on eBay but few even know what they are — are you the exception to that rule?
  12. Discover how the timing of your JV launch results in embarrassing disaster or drowning in too much money to count. Do you know what you need to know?
  13. How a regular guy, who once was in over $147,000 worth of debt, discovered four simple -- yet often overlooked techniques that, when applied to Joint Ventures, have the power to produce money at will.
  14. Get the inside scoop on how two companies with seemingly nothing in common got together, brainstormed a massive Joint Venture and are both laughing all the way to the bank!

Many of you are probably saying that Joint Ventures can only work for powerful marketers with a lot of credibility and a big name and more money than anybody could ever count. Wrong! Many of our JV contributors started out with nothing -- and you may have never even heard of them before -- and still they pounced onto the playing field beating the big dogs at their own game often without the capital, mailing list, marketing muscle and credibility.