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Mackensie Liberman - Chatbot Agency

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Mackensie Liberman - Chatbot Agency

Mackensie Liberman - Chatbot Agency

There are ENDLESS amounts of opportunities to create a profitable online business…

So why are so many people struggling to get theirs off the ground and actually make significant money?

I don’t mean $100 commissions… I don’t mean making extra beer or coffee money… I don’t mean even getting $500 clients…

I’m talking about people hitting $10,000+ per month!

THAT’S the number to shoot for when you’re looking for a startup business opportunity, yet so few have that potential!

Are you the type of person to get caught up in chasing small change, or do you want the big bucks?

If life-changing amounts of money is on your mind, listen up:

There are TWO types of startup business owners:

- Those who struggle for ages, bouncing from opportunity to opportunity hoping to find their golden goose


- Those who find the RIGHT opportunity, get HELP, and take massive action because they know a proven path!

Which one would you rather be? Chances are… you’re leaning towards option number two right?


Why are so many people starting chatbot agencies VS all the other types of agencies out there?

Why is the agency model the simplest & most profitable business to start without experience?

What’s so cool about chatbots anyways??

I’m Mackensie Liberman and I’ve helped over 8,000 entrepreneurs use chatbots to increase their sales, start agencies from zero, and build profitable businesses that only require a laptop, a wifi connection, and some hard work to get started!

Here’s exactly why chatbots beat all other agency services to start up with:

Building chatbots is more profitable than Facebook ads…

Less time consuming than web/graphics work…

Require less skills & NO CODING…

Less technical & confusing as SEO…

and don’t even get me started on “coaching” as a startup biz opp - most people fail for years!

Hands down, they’re the easiest to get started with even if you have NO agency or chatbot experience at all!

So how is that true? Let’s look at the facts…

To build a chatbot, all you need to do is learn basic tech setups. No overly complicated features, no coding experience required, and you don’t even have to know exactly what to say in each bot - there’s templates you can use too! Pretty cool huh?

More and more people are choosing chatbot agencies because they’re fast to build, highly profitable, and you can EVEN get clients on retainer to pay you every single month for updates and sending out broadcasts to their lists!

One client can be worth anywhere from $1,000-$5,000 a month…

So you can already imagine what having just 2-3 clients can do for your income right?

Yeah - the opportunity is there if you’re ready for it…

But let’s take a look at the two types of people who start chatbot agencies:

There are tons of people jumping headfirst into starting a chatbot agency or adding it as a service for their existing agency…

Here’s why most of them are doomed to fail before they even get started:

- They don’t know where to find clients

- They don’t know what step to take to get started

- They don’t even know how to make a chatbot OR

- They don’t make the time to pursue this opportunity seriously

These are the types of people who are in for big trouble unless they get some help…

Imagine being LOST as you tried to start and grow your agency…

You don’t know where to get leads. You don’t know how to close deals. You don’t know what to do next, do you?

I get it - I was there too when I first got into chatbots…

In fact, I even took on some of the WORST low paying clients just to get started!

But that doesn’t mean you have to go through the pain and agony I did for an entire year before quitting my job and having a five figure a month chatbot agency!

There’s A Better Way To Get Started…

The OTHER type of person who starts a chatbot agency or adds it as a service has a few things going for them:

They know what to do next to get started.

They know where to find, and how to close clients.

They know the tech even without coding experience.

They even have the proven roadmap to building successful bots!

This sets them up for massive success and a profitable agency from day 1…

These are the types of people who get help, learn what works, and skip all the rookie mistakes!

They know they don’t want to wait around forever to get success, and that they can speed up the process!

They’re not afraid to invest time, effort, money, and energy into doing it the RIGHT way the first time…

They don’t want to embarrass themselves, disappoint clients, get fired, settle for low paying clients in a bad niche, or feel lost along the way…

WARNING: This Opportunity Isn’t For Everyone!

Like any new business opportunity, it works best for some and not so well for others.

I want to be fully transparent and honest with you so you know what to expect when starting your chatbot agency:

First up, you’ve got to understand that your entire goal is to make other businesses successful through messenger marketing. If you serve your clients first, and focus on their needs, they’ll be happy, they’ll keep paying you monthly, and your income will go up significantly month over month as you keep signing clients.

This CAN’T work if you’re just trying to make money without caring for the clients success too!

With an opportunity this lucrative, I know it can be tempting to sell as much as possible but I want you to think about the maximum number of people you can help at once - maybe 5-10 clients?

As soon as you get even 5, you’ll be making anywhere from $5-15k a month and there’s a lot of responsibilities that come with it…

This isn’t for people who will just disappear after they get the sale in - you’ve got to stick around and deliver big time!

I can help you make it easy to get results for these clients using proven templates, client acquisition roadmaps, and more!

What’s Inside Of This Program Anyways??

How to start your chatbot agency with a 7 step proven process to follow ($1,249 value)

Best practices, offers and setups for bots in different business niches so you can guarantee results ($797 value)

How to find clients online, get calls booked, and properly price your services ($997 value)

How to make sure you KEEP the clients on and paying month over month for your help ($497 value)

How to setup simple bots that don’t require coding knowledge or a techy background ($697 value)

How to create Facebook ads that will send ideal traffic into your bots to get results even faster ($997 value)
EVEN how to find the MOST profitable niches to target so you only get higher paying clients!! ($1,997 value)

With A Total Value Of $7,231 - That’s A STEAL For A 6 Figure Business Opportunity!

The average restaurant startup cost is about $250,000, and you’d be lucky to get 5-10% profit margins…

The average franchise startup cost is $150,000, and then you’re stuck running a Wendy’s for the rest of your life…

The average college degree puts people $50,000+ in debt with NO PROMISE of a job or future income…

ALL of these opportunities have massive costs, and if all you had to invest was just 7% ($7,231) to create a six figure business within a year, would that be worth it? That’s a 16x ROI!

In real estate investing… they go NUTS for 15% ROI’s year over year.

In the stock market, you’d be a winner with a 7-10% portfolio increase.

But in digital marketing, more specifically chatbot agencies, 6 figures is the FIRST big milestone and you can hit it in your first year regardless of your experience, age, location, or business experience in the past.

What a time to be alive isn’t it? We’ve got 20-something year olds making better incomes than lawyers, doctors, and corporate 9-5ers!

… All working from home in their PJs

…All creating chatbots for their clients & being well paid to do so

… ALL while being their own boss, setting their own hours, and being in control!

So EVEN if this program investment was $7,231 - you see how that would be worth it right?

Let’s take a look…

If ALL this did was help you make another $10k in the first few months, would it be worth it?

If ALL this did was help you quit your lame job, would it be worth it?

If ALL this did was get you out of your other agency or service business and into a much easier business, would it be worth it??

What about if you finally earned the income you deserve, and were respected by your family and friends?

All for the cost of $7,231 you could immensely change your life for the better and create a six figure (profit) chatbot agency!

But I’ve Got Good News For You… I Won’t Charge You $7,231 EVEN Though It’s worth it!

I was talking to many of the students in the program, they told me that hitting $10k months… getting their first clients… learning how to build bots… starting their agencies… and changing their income forever was one of the BEST decisions they ever made!

They told me I should price this training & coaching program at AT LEAST $3,000.

I agreed… but I had another plan in mind!

I wanted to make it much more affordable for the startup entrepreneurs who don’t have $3k to blow on a course!

I know I didn’t when I got started, and neither do most people…

So I decided to price it at $2,000 for the course + group coaching program that comes with it!

But then I realized, not everyone needs the coaching, but EVERYONE needs the course!

So I dropped the price again ALLL the way down to just $997 for the entire program & the group coaching.

For less than 1% of your potential earnings, you can get your hands on a business in a box that you can run from anywhere!


BONUS #1 - Client Acquisition & ChatBot Project Organization Boards ($997 value each)

You know that time is money… so you don’t want to be wasting your time “getting ready to get ready”.

What if you had an online organizational board to not only keep you on track with getting clients, but also a project board to keep yourself sane when you start getting a bunch of clients?

You get BOTH to make sure that nothing is falling through the cracks and to be efficient with your time!

BONUS #2 - The Case Study Formula ($997 value)

The coolest thing about chatbot agencies is that you don’t have to have huge results yourself to sell them!

What if you had a case study of other people’s results that you could show clients to get them to trust you and sign up?

We put together an entire white label case study to help you present your offer and get deals closed FAST!

BONUS #3 - Lead Generation Bot Templates ($597 value)

Then the question is… how do we get our clients results as fast as possible to keep them happy?

You’ve got to get them leads of course! With our proven templates for generating leads for your clients, this will be EASY!

Plug & play these templates for quick wins for your clients to ensure you get good reviews & they keep paying you!!

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