Lynn Waldrop - Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Lynn Waldrop - Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) . Hello to all of The Body Channel Community! Today we are releasing an mp3 in regards to the current events surroun...
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Lynn Waldrop - Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Lynn Waldrop - Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Hello to all of The Body Channel Community!

Today we are releasing an mp3 in regards to the current events surrounding COVID-19. This mp3 is meant to be supportive to your mind and body and give you the best opportunity to be at peace and stay in health throughout this situation. There is a lot of dis-information being distributed to the public and many theories as to why people are getting sick. After talking with millions of bodies around the world and several colleagues, this mp3 is a accumulation of all of the energies that the bodies asked for in different regions of the world and over multiple strains to best protect and fight the cause of illness.

These are the energies that Lynn will be using for herself, family & friends and we want to make it available to our community and beyond. Lynn was guided to list this mp3 at $68 for numerology reasons to amplify the efficacy of the energies in the mp3. To explain - the number 6 in numerology corresponds to the lungs, throat, sinuses and heart (the areas being affected the most) and a person who is an 8 “rarely has illness”. We encourage you to share this mp3 with your family and friends and remember you can play it on mute or out loud, the energies are just as effective. This mp3 can be played daily. Lynn suggests playing it in the morning to set up the energies for your day, but always ask the consciousness of your body as to when and how often to play these energies. And you can even ask for the energies to be sent to someone when you play it for a family member who is not local or even a non-believer who would not play it for themselves.

**If you are in our Fabulous Over 80 Club, please check your email for a free copy of the COVID-19 mp3. If you are a struggling Senior on a fixed income or single Parent or have an extreme financial hardship, please email us for a free copy. We at The Body Channel live our lives by Divine Guidance and this was a struggle for Lynn to make the decision to charge for this COVID-19 mp3. This is a one-time charge and can be listened to over and over and shared via email with your friends, family, and co-workers and be shared exponentially.**

Lastly, please remember that as a community we can convert the panic and hysteria that is being injected in the world into love, health and kindness. Just being mindful of when a wave of energy surrounding the “crisis” hits you, ask the molecules to convert it!

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Medicine encompasses a variety of health care practices evolved to maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of illness.
Contemporary medicine applies biomedical sciences, biomedical research, genetics, and medical technology to diagnose, treat, and prevent injury and disease,
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