Lynn Waldrop - Love Myself, Love My Life Clearing Package

The healing session was quick and efficient. Lynn dove right in, literally and started working on my brain Format File: [13 MP3] File size: 295. 19 MBLynn ...

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The healing session was quick and efficient. Lynn dove right in, literally and started working on my brain Format File: [13 MP3] File size: 295.19 MB

Lynn Waldrop - Love Myself, Love My Life Clearing Package

Lynn Waldrop - Love Myself, Love My Life Clearing Package

In this interview about Body Channel Healing Lynn shares five healing processes:

-high blood pressure

-balance issues

-food sensitivities

-group weight release

-chronic health issues

Benefit from Lynn’s extensive energy and scientific training to build your foundation of health!



Sit back, relax, and let Lynn’s healing MP3s help build your foundation of health

Detox the body of heavy metals, chemicals, parasites, yeast, & mold, diminish inflammation and clean out the impacted fecal matter that throws off toxins from your colon

Balance the endocrine system, whose hormones tell your body how to regulate everything

Includes releasing thoughts, feelings, and emotions that cause dis-ease

Listen to them on loop with sound turned down and continue to receive the benefits everyday

Package B Group Call Dates: December 8, 15, 22 at 8pm ET / 5pm PT (replays available) - gift to as many people as you want!

Have you been diagnosed by a medical professional with an illness or have pain of some sort that you want to end?

Then Lynn Waldrop can definitely help you!!

She has successfully worked with many people from all walks of life and with a host of problems including but not limited to:

Heavy metal detox;

Yeast overgrowth;

Fungus; parasites and inflammation to IBS;



Bladder prolapse;


Cleaning plaque out of arteries;

Spinal adjustments;

Lymphatic/liver/gall bladder/spleen dumps and detoxes;

Polyps and energetic colonics;

Back pain;

Fat cell detoxes that are like a skin toning,

Rejuvenation and decrease in size!

Lynn’s gift is that she can talk to bodies and entities and they talk back with her! Whatever is going on in your body that is causing disease or discomfort, she can find out the REAL cause of the issue so you can address that immediately. What’s more, a lot of time she will simply adjust the energy blockage and the issue vanishes! Her work has been compared to being akin to magic or even miraculous and her clients are enjoying pain free release from the issues that had plagued them for decades sometimes!

Here’s what Dr. Mark Armstrong, ND (Naturopath & Acupuncturist) has to say about Lynn:

Lynn’s remote healing evaluation was right on track. I am a Naturopathic Doctor and I use Biofeedback to evaluate my clients. Both Lynn and the Biofeedback found the same patterns and pathogens - what a gift!! The remote healing I received this morning confirmed an awareness I had 2 days ago when I saw myself at a perfect weight for me. I never mentioned to Lynn that I had a herniated L4/L5 vertebrae in my spine and she picked up on an attachment locked in L4. That’s better than an X-Ray or MRI because she got rid of the attachment and my back feels better! Now that’s a Medical Intuitive, I believe!

Dr. Mark Armstrong

No more hip pain!

The healing session was quick and efficient. Lynn dove right in, literally and started working on my brain, nervous system, spine, glands and more. I could feel her healing hands working on each area. My body was twitching and moving as Lynn worked on me. I actually felt her hand on my thigh and I looked to double check she wasn’t physically in the room with me. At the end of the session I felt like I was stretched out, as if I’ve grown a few inches. My hip pain was gone.


Get immediately download Lynn Waldrop - Love Myself, Love My Life Clearing Package

    I’d had a flare up of plantar fascitis, which actually made it hard for me to walk. In the past it took 4 weeks of ice massage and taking it easy to get me back to pain free. Happily Lynn’s great work shifted the burning sensation in one session! She saved me a month of pain! She also adjusted my endocrine system for me, which has been loopy from integrating a new level of divine energy. Lynn is awesome!

Maiyah Olivas

Shortly after working with Lynn,

clients report spectacular results:

Although it might not be in the way they thought: for example, Lynn worked with a gentleman very ill with West Nile Virus - while working on him the body was very clear that his 105 fever was going to put him into kidney failure so the immediate need was to lower temperature and keep the kidneys on-line and functioning properly so he would not have to go on dialysis. Lynn worked on him and his temperature was down in ½ hour and kidneys ok. The impending kidney failure was confirmed by doctors at the Emergency Room.)

In another remarkable story, Lynn explains in her own words:

“One of my best friends had a grandmother that fell into a coma and she asked for my assistance in finding out what was wrong because the doctors could not figure it out. I went into meditation and woke up in her hospital room 750 miles away, speaking with her telepathically and asked if I could dive into her to find out the problems. I dove into one system and jumped out and dove right back into the next system (such as cardiovascular, nervous, digestive…). I had been shown 2 things wrong and even the names of the tests that would show the problems and at the time I didn’t even understand the problems and never heard of the tests. I called my friend and she was grateful and she had to talk her mother into talking the doctors into running these tests. They seemed unnecessary and off-track but her mother had a way of persuasion they could not refuse. The tests showed everything I had received was correct. Truthfully it really kind of freaked me out ……!”

Lynn has a special way of talking to bodies that is extremely rare. Bodies talk back to her immediately take her to the root cause of the REAL disorder, not just the symptoms which can be misleading.

When Lynn dove into my body I was mildly interested to see what she found since I am generally a healthy person. I had not shared anything about my health with Lynn. But she immediately picked up on the fact that my gall bladder was missing. I was shocked! For to go straight to my gall bladder which was the only dysfunction I had was remarkable!!! She also picked up on the fact that I didn’t have any serious organ or system dysfunction and just needed a bit of detox and I felt a most definite rejuvenation from her clearing and was in high vibration after that. Since I interview gifted people on a daily basis, I can honestly say that I have yet to see someone with as remarkable a gift as Lynn’s when it comes to identifying causes of disease. She is truly amazing!

Eram Saeed, Host of Global TeleSummit From Heartache To Joy

Lynn has put together this offer for Love Myself Love My Life. Package A includes 13 Mp3 recordings. These sessions are like a concentrated dose, so a 20-minute mp3 is very powerful! Or you can upgrade to Package B that includes all 13 mp3s plus 3 LIVE group calls with Lynn with 1 hour of Body Channel work and 30 minutes Q&A (also recorded and sent to you)!