Ludvig Sunström - Breaking Out Of Homeostasis: Achieve Mind-Body Mastery and Continue Evolving When Others Stagnate

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Ludvig Sunström - Breaking Out Of Homeostasis: Achieve Mind-Body Mastery and Continue Evolving When Others Stagnate digital download. Info: [eBook - 1 AZW3...
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Ludvig Sunström - Breaking Out Of Homeostasis: Achieve Mind-Body Mastery and Continue Evolving When Others Stagnate

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"Breaking out of Homeostasis is one of the most important books I have read in a long time. Typically you read one or two books every few years that completely change the way you see the world and this is definitely one of them."
--Martin Sandquist, Finance Billionaire (Founder Lynx Asset Management)
"This book is dangerous. It will make you think painful thoughts about things you could (and should) do differently. But it will also make you explore powerful new frontiers of the mind. So, if you can hang in there--
and follow through on these ideas--you will be amply rewarded."
--Mikael Syding, European Hedge Fund Manager of the Decade
"This book primes you for progress. It reminds us that conformity is regression."
--Martin Berkhan, Intermittent Fasting innovator
"If you're looking for a resource that helps you master your body and mind, look no further, everything is included here."
--Amazon Customer
"Among the best self-improvement books I've read. Surprising it comes from such a young author. In the same league as authors like Nassim Taleb. I wish I had this book 20 years earlier but better late than never!"
--Yen Thut, Amazon reviewer
"Great book with a disturbingly clear message. Why is this not in public discussion?"
--Clarence Jackson, Amazon reviewer
"This book should be in every school. It is the way life works."
--Will Robertson, Amazon reviewer
"At last, a book that does not tell me that "it's not your fault", it's the society, culture, my skin. Whatever."
--Ryan T, Amazon reviewer
"This book has changed how I perceive myself and my thoughts.... It will make you know yourself a lot better than you did before!"
--Viktor Nilsson, Amazon reviewer
"Easily one of the best personal development books I've read in the last few years. Clear and actionable advice on how to realize goals. "
--S. Peterson, Amazon reviewer
"I have been reading Ludvig's website for several years so it's no surprise I love this book. Why do I love the author's philosophy/blog and book? Because he isn't a self-help author, he is an individual like all of us who has figured out a methodology of actually improving his life. The backbone of this work is that the human body and mind are mismatched for modern society. This mismatch leads humans to staying in homeostasis, where we are destined to repeat our failures. Ludvig argues that breaking free of our natural tendency to maintain the status quo is the key to achievement. This is a complex work, it doesn't have any easy answers, but if you are looking to ACTUALLY improve your life, this book gives you lots of practical tips that will work."
--Danny Nixs, Amazon reviewer
"This book will make you think. A lot. It made me realize that those moments of mental wakefulness, clarity and decisiveness that I've fleetingly experienced can be cultivated. Ludvig shows exactly how to do that with habits, activities and practices he has worked through himself. This is not an easy book to read. You won't finish and suddenly feel super fun and happy. No, you'll work through it slowly, making lots of notes, highlights and bookmarks, constantly asking yourself 'how can I apply this?'. This is a book I'll be coming back to over the years."
--J.Parbat, Amazon reviewer
"The increased awareness of yourself and your actions after you read it is amazing. For example, if you ever wondered why it is that when people travel they come back full of ideas, this book will explain the science. It also makes you see why so many millionaires/successful people can often seem eccentric or crazy to the rest of us. I will certainly make my son read it when he is older. I think we all have 5-10 books we will continually come back to. This is definitely one of mine."
--MP, Amazon reviewer
"This is an epic work that any successful entrepreneur or businessperson should pick up and apply right away. Ludvig teaches you how to stay adaptable and continue evolving as you age by removing bad habits and rewiring your brain's reward system. There is also ample instruction on understanding when you should trust your intuition and when it's best not to; how to develop your neocortex for higher order thinking while suppressing fear to become bolder and more charismatic. He also teaches you how to expertly spot and observe patterns in day to day life. I know for a fact, overcoming self-imposed limitations through pattern recognition is an important key to living an exceptional life."
--Jay Campbell, Health author and entrepreneur
"If you want to break free from the pack and achieve your goals, this book will help you create the right mindset. This is a fabulous book. Totally inspiring and packed with practical tips to prevent you sleepwalking through life. If you aspire to more than you have, this is one of the best books on the topic I've read (and I've read a lot)."
--Karim Harbott, Entrepreneur
"I've surrounded myself with creative and ambitious people for the last 7+ years. But, nothing has come close to shifting my entire world view like Ludvig's work has done for me. My internet publishing business has succeeded largely because of Ludvig's generosity in spilling the secrets of homeostasis."
--Stefan Taylor, Entrepreneur
"Ludvig is one of few people online who provides REAL advice and strategies that will make a difference in your life. This book is filled with top-quality content. Breaking out of Homeostasis has truly helped me to expand the limits of my comfort zone and heavily reduced procrastination in my life."
--Erik Nilsson, Amazon reviewer
"There is nothing phony here - no wishful thinking, no gimmicks, no trite spiritualism or pop psychology - no pretense that results can be had without real effort and pain. Sunström's ideas are firmly based on real science and careful study. The best thing about his book is its broad relevance."
--Matt Warren, Amazon reviewer
"The concept and theory of the BOOH is probably the most actionable and influential self-development advice I've got in my life. Since discovering Ludvig's blog 5 years ago I have been consistently applying the principle of Breaking out of Homeostasis. + BOOH is based on science and deep research. You will understand WHY we act the way we act & HOW to take control of your mind and body + Over 100 actionable tips you can apply to your daily routine and increase your energy levels, motivation and performance. + If I should read only 1 self-development/psychological book in my life I would go for Ludvig's BOOH.
Stop wishing for life to be easier. Become stronger through Breaking out of your Homeostasis."
--Vojtech Krajsa, Amazon reviewer
"Ludvig's book is very different because he is one of the few people who can combine multiple mental models into a comprehensive approach for achieving goals. For example, how do you maintain motivation while pursuing a goal? Your usual self-help book may give an anecdote plus a list of actions you can take. Ludvig's approach is different. He explains to you the concept of the science of rewards (eg. classical and operant conditioning), letting you know the importance of its ideas and how to actually apply these principles for improving motivation. He comes at it from a mental models approach, figuring out which fields are most important in what he's tackling, and using those fields in a practical way. There are also other ideas and practical suggestions that may interest a learner of mental models:
- how to cultivate the winner effect (plus it's pros and cons)
- why the fastest way to change your mood is through physical activity, and not thinking
- methods to raise mental resourcefulness
--Newvick Lee, Amazon reviewer
"Wow. This book was incredible. I read it in one sitting (6 hours). Ludvig combines concepts from a diverse set of fields to make some incredible conclusions. My biggest practical takeaways were:
- regarding burnout due to lack of sleep (I have been independently experimenting with only one meal per day which has resulted in me needed only six hours sleep per night and I was concerned with how this could affect weight training)
- don't start the day with email
- write a paper do to list before opening a computer
- have a metric that you measure and you are always trying to improve
- the significant detail on feedback loops and neuroscience
- Ludvig's razor (or could it be named Ludvigs Tazor)"
--Shasa Gimblett, Amazon reviewer
"Being a connoisseur of ideas, I put this book in the same categoryas Gödel-Escher-Bach (Eternal Golden Braid) and Seeking Wisdom. That is, it provides a self-contained philosophy full of useful ideas for people of every profession and style of life. It may be hard for some readers to assimilate so many different ideas all at once, but everyone can benefit from the advice."
--Sarah McDugan, Amazon reviewer
"Initially, I was wary of the title, praying it wasn't going to be yet anotherrehashed self-help book with the same old tips ("Take cold showers, doaffirmations and use the Law of Attraction, and then YOU can be just assuccessful as me!") But this book contains nothing of the sort. It is without a doubt the mostPRACTICAL self-mastery book I've ever read. Every chapter ends with anin-depth summary and a complete series of practical advice for applyingthe lessons to your own life.
This is the type of book you buy, highlight to death, and re-read every month. However, if I had one piece of advice to give you (and Ludvig himself mentions this multiple times throughout the book), DON'T try to do everything at once.
Change is hard, and most people never change for precisely that reason. Pick 2-3 things from a chapter, apply them and record your results."
--Conor Gallagher, Amazon reviewer
"Many others have written great reviews already. I'll share a small anecdote on how this book changed the trajectory of my relationship, my energy levels, creativity and perspective on life. One of the concepts of this book is 'Variety'. That to be alive, your brain needs variety otherwise it will go to sleep. I had a chat about this with my wife and we made two simple rules. Rule 1 - never eat at a restaurant twice, we always have to discover a new place every week for date night. Rule Two - every week we have to go to a cool event we've never been to before. The result of this is that both of us are high on life, having way more fun than we ever used to, and as a result our brains are fully activated and we're pursuing our goals with more passion and vigour. It's been awesome. That's the positive change that's resulted from taking action on just this one idea shared in the book. This is what I think the whole purpose of this book is - break out of homeostasis so you can live a better life and win in the outcomes that are important to you."
--David Pita, Amazon reviewer