Lucio Buffalmano - Social Power

Lucio Buffalmano - Social Power. “Hey, are you Lucio? Man, you changed my life with your work! ”That wasn’t the best moment to chat. I would have liked to give...
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Lucio Buffalmano - Social Power

Lucio Buffalmano - Social Power

“Hey, are you Lucio? Man, you changed my life with your work!”

That wasn’t the best moment to chat.
I would have liked to give him some more time, but it truly wasn’t the right time.
So I flashed a smile, raised my eyebrows, and said with a neutral tonality “oh, thanks man”.

The day after, I had to think about that quick interaction.
I never set out to be anybody’s teacher.
But it made me reflect on how far I had come in life.

Today, I am living life my way.
Exactly how I dreamed it.

But you would have never guessed it.

Lucio Buffalmano - Social Power

I started life as the biggest underdog ever.
Socially unaware, romantically mediocre, emotionally illiterate, psychology-blind, and gullible AF (see story below).

Lucio Buffalmano - Social PowerLucio

My ex texted me…

I immediately dropped everything I was doing.

It was like a heavenly embrace lifting me out of darkness.
You should know: those days I was scraping the bottom of the barrel.

I was sleeping little and dreaming mostly of my ex.
All I could think of was how to get her back.

For a while she chased me hard to get back together.
But everything changed when she shared on Facebook a picture of her… Lying in bed with the new guy.
She was pointing at him with the caption saying “I like”.

I later found out she orchestrated it all, but I was the easiest target.

In the following days her mental torture intensified.
“you and I, we were more just like friends after all”, she told me.
Retroactively friend-zoning me, and implying that the new guy was a “real” boyfriend / man.

Something like that were to happen to me today, I’d shake my head in mild disgust and smile while muttering “how low”.
But back then me wasn’t today’s me.

Back then, her words were a dagger through my heart.
And my crotch.
And everything in between.

Not that much time has passed, after all. Ten years.
But it feels like a lifetime ago.
A distant, greyed out memory of a me that doesn’t exist anymore.

Monstruous learning, countless adventures, more than a hundred notches and a personal growth that transcended those notches as a measure of my worth, I am SO grateful for that heartbreak.

As a matter of fact, I am most grateful for my searing losses, the most bitter rejections, and the hardest times of my life.

They have been the best teachers.

Lucio Buffalmano - Social Power

Since then, my life has been a continuous upward climb.

Fueled by hard work and copious amounts of the best information I could find, it’s been an effective upward climb.
And I have been fortunate enough to have had many bright moments.

Like going from jobless to turning an entry trainee position in sales to senior in just one year.
Then negotiating a break, traveling the world for six months, coming back to Europe and negotiate yet another promotion, including equity shares.

Or from that heartbreak meeting and sleeping with more women I could have imagined, including those who were exactly the type I like.

But most of all, I enjoy the freedom that learning power dynamics has provided me with.
Like walking in any place in the world as a stranger and quickly build social networks as I please. Which allows me pure total freedom, unglued from any desk, unmoored by any constraints.

But this is not about me.
This is about YOU.

If you reading here, you also don’t want to settle.

You are also driven to live life on your terms.
To do it, you only need to reach the top ten percentile in a few key areas of life.
It’s not that difficult.

Lucio Buffalmano - Social Power

Your parents probably never told you.
Chances are they didn’t know any better.

Your teachers never told you, either.

And the self-development gurus often know it, but they never share it.
As a matter of fact, most of them tell you the opposite of what really makes them successful.

Western governments are built on that lie as well.

Lucio Buffalmano - Social Power

But if you are reading here, you probably know it’s not really how it goes.
Not only the standard path to success is untrue, it’s often counterproductive.

Socialization is, in large part, the subordination of the individual’s interest to everyone else.
The rich and powerful pay lip service to the pro-social constraints and pretend to obey them.

The official pitch is that the rules are good for everyone.
But they are not good for everyone.

The most successful people acquire power playing around those rules.

That’s why you see people who aren’t any better -and are indeed often worse than you- do better than you are.

They are getting the job you want, the partner you dream about, the cars you love and the holidays you deserve.

And that’s why despite doing all the things you’ve been told you should do, you haven’t been able to get the life you want (yet).

If you don’t understand the dynamics of power and how it affects everything in life, you are going to lose out.
The people around you will get what should be yours and they will beat you.
Again and again.

That’s why a low quality, unprincipled woman, could get to me years ago.
And that’s why for a long time I struggled to find a job while some smarter players no better than I was received great intros and offers.

Because, like most others, I didn’t understand the power dynamics that govern the world.

And those who don’t understand the dynamics of power are doomed to a sub-par existence far below their potential.
And that, to me, is the ultimate waste of life.

Lucio Buffalmano - Social Power


Because power isn’t just about power.
It’s about everything.

I got to work on Power University once it became clear to me that:

✔ I wasn’t the only one being held back in life

✔ Most people, just like I was, are committing the ultimate sin: living far below their actual potential (and wasting their life)

✔ Once you show driven men and women how success really works, they 10x their lives

That’s what Power University does for you.
Power University awakens you to the matrix. It shows how people and life really work, and how you can leverage that knowledge to get what you want.

I decided to create on what I refer to as “Robin Hood spirit”.

Because the more I started learning and developing, the more it became apparent to me that the world was skewed.

And I could see 2 groups of people:

  1. Those who wield power and live like kings
  2. The masses of average people, who follow and listen to power for the scraps

There is a third wary though.
The third way is to understand power dynamics and leverage them.
Not to fight it, not to follow it, and not to use it to screw other people over, either. But to gain freedom.

Lucio Buffalmano - Social Power

Once you understand the rules of the game, you can play as you please. You can climb the corporate ladder, get the big house and all of that.
Or you can do your own thing.

And that power of choice is life-transforming.

When you learn to see how power works and to leverage it instead of submitting or fighting it, a world of opportunity opens up.

Are you ready to be that person?

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