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Course Curriculum

Getting Started
StartIntroduction to Forex Trading (5:25)
StartAccessing the Group Chat
StartLive Trading Intro (6:08)
Beginners Guide
StartTrading Platforms
StartHow to Use MetaTrader 4 (MT4) (11:44)
StartBasic Forex Terminologies (9:18)
StartPrice In Points (Pips)
StartLot Sizes
StartLimits and Stops (4:56)
StartHow to Use Trading View (16:52)
Setting Up Indicators
StartSetting Up Indicators on MT4 (2:17)
Analyzing the Market
StartTrends (5:31)
StartRanges (4:12)
StartSignificant Levels (7:05)
Price Action (Trading System)
StartThe Basics of Price Action (13:05)
StartBreak and Retest 1.0 (13:47)
StartBreak & Retest 2.0 (9:02)
Engulfing Bar Candlestick Pattern (Price Action Trading System)
StartThe Engulfing Bar Candlestick Pattern 1.0 (24:28)
StartThe Engulfing Bar Candlestick Pattern 2.0 (8:43)
Risk Management with Price Action
StartRisk Management with Price Action (5:36)
Price Action Confluence
StartUnderstanding the trend (6:13)
StartTrend Line Confluence (13:39)
StartStop hunt evasion (6:34)
Divergence (Trading System)
StartDivergence (Intro and Rules) (22:45)
StartSpotting Divergence with Entry and Exit Strategies (24:43)
StartHow to Handle Divergence Drawdown. (11:48)
StartHow to Avoid Divergence Drawdown (10:53)
StartIdentifying the Right Divergence Setups (9:35)
Divergence Confluence
StartBollinger Bands with Divergence (4:13)
StartPsych Levels (4:27)
Risk Management with Divergence
StartRisk Management with Divergence 1.0 (13:23)
Searching For Divergence
StartSearching For Divergence 1.0 (15:23)
StartSearching for Divergence 2.0 (16:33)
Risk Management
StartThe Most Important Section of the Course: RISK MANAGEMENT (25:29)
Brokers and Account Setup
StartLive Account Setup (3:31)
StartLive Account Funding (10:58)
StartBrokers (4:50)
Money Management
StartMoney Management 1.0 (11:19)
Analysis and Trade Sharing Channel
StartAnalysis & Trade Sharing 1.0 (10:21)
Trading Mentality, Psychology & Daily Habits
StartDo Not Quit Your Job (10:57)
StartMaintain a Healthy Mind & Body (6:50)
StartMy Everyday Trading (6:17)