Luciano Berio - Sequenza II

Luciano Berio - Sequenza IILuciano Berio: Sequenza II Performance Interpretation Course on one of the great harp works of the 20th CenturyUndoubtedly one of t...
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Luciano Berio - Sequenza II

Luciano Berio - Sequenza II

Luciano Berio: Sequenza II
Performance Interpretation Course on one of the great harp works of the 20th Century

Undoubtedly one of the most important works written for harp in the 20th century, Berio’s Sequenza II is notoriously difficult to play. Alice Giles was considered by Berio as the foremost interpreter of this piece, and she performed it for him many times.

The videos in the course provide important background information, detailed performance instructions as an in-depth lesson, slow motion clips, and demonstrations on the special techniques involved. As such the course is also relevant for composers. There is over 2 hours of video material, organised into small sections using bar numbers, so that you can anywhere, as you work through the piece.

As always in the courses, there is a comments section under each video, where you can ask questions or make observations about anything you encounter.

It is expected the student will own their own copy of the score, published by Universal.

The course is currently set up for one person per enrollment use only.

To include a face-to-face individual lesson to complement this course, you can enroll in the Skype 1:1 Lesson Course.

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Alice Giles

Alice Giles is one of the world’s leading harpists, and also a dedicated and inspiring teacher. Winner of the prestigious 8th Israel International Harp Contest, she performs extensively as soloist and gives master-classes word-wide. Australian born, she studied in the US and spent many years living in Germany before returning to her roots, where she lives in rural New South Wales. Always ready for an adventure she has even performed on Mawson Station in Antarctica. She is Director of the Seven Harp Ensemble and Artistic Director of the non-profit company Harp Centre Australia. See more about Alice

Course Curriculum


Luciano Berio Sequenza II - Introduction (9:26)

Supplementary Material
Luciano Berio: Sequenza II in Sections
Bars 1 - 18 (10:18)

Bars 19 - 39 (8:55)

Bars 35 - 60 (9:37)
Bars 61 - 100 (10:14)
Bars 101 - 120 (8:08)
Bars 121 - 142 (7:08)
Bars 143-162 (6:57)
Bars 163 - 176 (9:05)
Bars 176 - 205 (5:37)
Bars 206 - 243 (10:14)
Bars 244 - 260 (3:44)
Bars 261 - 290 (7:23)
Bars 290 - end (9:06)
Special Techniques and Effects

Extended Techniques (Effects) Part 1 (8:54)

Extended Techinques (Effects) Part 2 (9:45)

Luciano Berio - Sequenza II on