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Lovers’ Guide - Submission SecretsLovers’ Guide - Submission Secrets

REVEALED: Controversial hard-hitting actionable steps that will make pretty models chase you down the street (unless you go on a date them, or get a restraining order)

Do you relate with any of these…

  • Are you tired of looking for ‘the one’?
  • You feel like you won’t ever find her?
  • You just want to be respected, appreciated, loved by the most beautiful woman?
  • You don’t know how and where to find big booty baddies that are just waiting to be dominated by you?
  • You want to know how to attract, approach and text a girl like a high valued man?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to any of these, I suggest you to keep reading…

Imagine if you could do that all in one day: walk up to some cutie, leave her speechless with JUST your appearance, get her number and make her fall in love with you over a text.

Then imagine if you end up in a relationship with her, you are dominating her every single day (her panties are dripping wet from your leadership) and she is making you the happiest man alive.

This is a one-stop-shop for turning DREAMS into your REALITY.

Discover how to:

  • Attract ANY woman (even if they don’t like you at first)
  • Approach ANY woman like a true Alpha male
  • Get her number and text her like a pro
  • Make her submit and become addicted to you
  • Make her beg for more sex with you (you’ll be surprised how simple it is)

Wake up as a high-valued Alpha male who can’t be refused even by a FEMINIST. Make all the girls run up to you and fight for your attention. Spend your days PICKING the best one and not IMAGINING her. That dominant girl you know? She will come CRAWLING up to you. All the problems you had with girls? GONE.

You will be introduced to breathtaking secrets of how to make her submit to you;

  • Barely legal sex positions that will make her think about you all day (Page 12)
  • A proven and powerful solution to get instant respect from her (Page 17)
  • How anybody (even a Beta male) can stop her from misbehaving and turn her into a girl who will be pleased to act like a good girl (Page 8)
  • Barely known secret which is guaranteed to make her obey you (and she will be happy to) (Page 2)
  • Effortlessly make her the neediest girl ever who will spend her days fighting for just YOUR attention (Page 19)
  • Discover the #1 best way to turn a feminist into a feminine girl (Page 5)
  • The hidden formula that will help you turn any average women into your own submissive princess who will do anything to please you, even if you’ve never had a girl before (Page 20)
  • What you absolutely MUST do to make her want you more and more (Page 15)
  • She DOESN’T want you to know this: Her secret message which will tell you if she likes you (Page 21)
  • You’ve been lied to; The hidden secrets which will get you to the 3rd, 5th, or 9th date (Page 14)


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Lovers' Guide - Submission Secrets

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