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How can these guys, “Savoy” and “The Don” teach you to make fascinating, flowing and effortless conversation with beautiful women?

Hey, what’s up? Nick Savoy here. Online, I usually just go by Savoy. I’m actually pretty well known by that name in certain circles. I have to tell you that making conversation with beautiful women used to be a struggle for me. So much so, in fact, that I devoted 10 years of my life to learning every aspect of attracting and dating beautiful women.

Fast forward to today…. Now I run one of most successful and well known “Dating Science” companies in the world - Love Systems. I’ve also taught hundreds of live, in-field workshops, written the best-selling book Magic Bullets (If you want to read THE definitive book on meeting, attracting and dating beautiful women, check it out!), I’ve been interviewed on CBS Radio, Playboy TV, Fox News, in Brink Magazine and I’ve even been on Dr. Phil!

I founded Love Systems to provide you with the very best live coaching workshops and instructional products available - anywhere and at any price!
Over the years that I’ve been involved in Dating Science, I’ve met virtually all of the top guys in the community (I didn’t even know there was a community when I was starting out) - and I’ve become friends with many of them.

One night, I was hanging out with my friend Scott, also known as The Don (and a guy who dates one supermodel quality woman after another), and we were talking about what it really took to attract women. We decided that one of the biggest pieces - if not the biggest piece - to consistently attracting beautiful women is to become a MASTER OF CONVERSATION AND STORYTELLING. To really make conversation happen. To show who you are through your own unique brand of humor and through the stories you tell.

That’s right. It’s your ability to make conversation and be interesting and entertaining in any social situation that really sparks a woman’s interest and gives you the power to attract her and connect with her.

But what’s the secret to mastering the art of making conversation with attractive women?

After getting into this subject and passing a lot of ideas and theories back and forth for a while, The Don and I came to a conclusion. The single most important thing a guy needs to have, to consistently flow with conversation in any situation with beautiful women, is a ready-to-go arsenal of conversation openers, great stories, routines and games.

You might want to read that last paragraph again….

That’s right. Having conversation starters, stories, games and other material ready to go - before you need it - is THE KEY to making conversation with women. All the guys I know - and we’re talking about the best of the best with women here - have a HUGE assortment of great material that they use over and over again. They have tested, refined, tried-and-true material and routines that they KNOW gets the response they want in any situation they might find themselves in.

Because of my commitment to helping you become EXCELLENT at attracting the women you want - and because no product like it has ever been produced by anyone else - I told The Don that we HAD TO put together some kind of book of great routines and material for Love Systems.

Well, a few more beers later and, we had a real breakthrough! What if we created a compilation of the best material from the very best guys in the community? An entire manual of the best stuff, from the best guys all over the world!

Could we do it?

We did it! We created The Love Systems Routines Manual!

The Don and I created a compilation volume - The Love Systems Routines Manual - of the very best and most effective openers, conversation starters, stories and routines from all of the very best guys out there. We’re talking about the real superstars. The guys who get paid THOUSANDS to spend a few hours teaching this stuff in person. These are guys who have met, attracted and dated some of the most beautiful women in the world! Even if you don’t follow the “personalities” in this community, you’ll have heard of at least a few of these guys for sure. I’m talking about names like Savoy, The Don, Sinn, Brad P., Fader, Mr. M, Sheriff, Braddock, Captain Jack, IN10SE, Badboy and Tyler Durden!

How would you like to have access to all of their very best stuff - their arsenal of effective openers, conversation starters, stories and routines? Stuff that they’ve spent YEARS developing and refining!

Do you think that would help your game? Do you think the stuff in a manual like that would improve your ability to catch and hold a woman’s interest in a conversation?

The Don and I know it would! And if you’re even the slightest bit convinced it would help you too - keep reading…

Have you ever had these problems when talking to women?

  • You see an attractive woman you want to talk to and you have no idea what to say to start up a conversation with her? The secret to ALWAYS knowing what to say when you see an attractive woman is - always have something to say when you see an attractive woman! It sounds simplistic, but, it’s really essential to have a bunch of good conversation openers in your head and ready to go BEFORE you need them.
  • Have you ever had to resort to “What’s your name?” “Where are you from?” “What do you do?” - EVEN THOUGH YOU KNEW BETTER - because your mind just completely blanked out at that moment? What you really needed was a “locked and loaded” arsenal of material that you could easily roll into right off of your opening. You needed material that you KNEW was good, that you had ready to go and that you knew would get the result you wanted with that particular woman or group of women.
  • Have you ever gotten stuck on the conversation opener? We all have at some point or another. You know what I mean. When you start talking to a group of women and it goes so well that they can’t stop talking about whatever topic you started the conversation with. And if someone came into the group 10 minutes later you’d all still be talking about the topic you opened with. This is the DEATH of attraction AND your social value. You’ve lost control of the group. And this is ENTIRELY avoidable…

How much of a difference would having over 200 pages of the best conversation starters, openers, routines, stories and games make in improving your ability to talk with women?

  • Would you like to have a 200 page volume of material and ideas from the masters in the community? Ideas that would literally flood your mind with possibilities and inspiration for starting and continuing conversations with women? One of the guys we showed an early version of this product to actually said he had to put it down because his mind was racing so fast with all the ideas for material he was flooded with!
  • Would you like to have an entire catalog of routines - from the best of the best in the community - that have been proven, refined and field tested in the toughest Bars and Clubs and on the most beautiful women in the world? That’s right. I’m asking if you’d like to peer into the personal world of some of the guys who are the very best with women anywhere and hear the material they have personally run, over and over again, in some of the most unforgiving places anywhere. This is material that is PROVEN to work!

Love Systems - The Don and Savoy - Routines Manual Volume 1.1

If this sounds good, keep going! There’s a lot more….

Last year, a bunch of us here at Love Systems set out to put all of our best stuff into one manual. We originally wanted to put all this stuff together just for the Love Systems bootcamp instructors - so the guys who were going out weekend after weekend, in the field, in some of the toughest venues anywhere would have access to the very best openers and routines to use and share with the students.

The Don and I actually decided to use this manual as the FOUNDATION for the Love Systems Routines Manual. I’ll admit, I took a lot of flak from the instructors! I mean, I WAS going to be giving away their best stuff! But, The Don and I decided this thing was SO USEFUL that it would make a great base for the Routines Manual.

So, there you go, we started with the Love Systems “Official” instructor catalog of routines. The catalog that contains all the best routines used and taught by our Live Program instructors. The guys who are out EVERY weekend teaching guys to attract women live, in person and in real time.

And it only gets better from there….

Think about this: even if you have the opportunity to follow around a guy who is truly world class with meeting and attracting women, you’d be so overwhelmed with what to be paying attention to - his body language, voice tone, inflection, eye contact, touching, etc. - that you’d have a hard time listening to and remembering his actual words. Not only that, the distracting and loud environment you’d probably be in would make it hard to even hear what he was saying. But what if you could actually have a transcript of his EXACT words - complete with notes on delivery and follow-through?

That’s what our new Routines Manual is!

It’s 200 pages of the very best material used by our Lovesystems instructors and masters from all over the world. Guys like Savoy, The Don, Sinn, Brad P., Fader, Mr. M, Sheriff, Braddock, Captain Jack, IN10SE, Badboy, Tyler Durden and more have contributed their very best stuff to this amazing volume!



Are you ready to take your game to the next level?

Right now, I’m making a very special offer. You can get the Lovesystems Routines Manual for just $99!

That’s right! For less than a hundred bucks you can have access to all the routines and material from the superstars in the community. Guys like Savoy, The Don, Sinn, Brad P., Fader, Mr. M, Sheriff, Braddock, Captain Jack, IN10SE, Badboy, Tyler Durden and more!

If having a huge - nearly 200 page - collection of openers, routines and material from guys who are considered the undisputed best of the best in the community sounds like it would take your game to a new level, go ahead and order the routines manual by clicking the link below.

Love Systems - The Don and Savoy - Routines Manual Volume 1.1

Don’t forget! As with all of our Lovesystems products, we are 100% totally committed to your complete satisfaction. If - for any reason - you aren’t completely, totally, 110% satisfied with the routines manual, just send us an email and we’ll refund your money. No questions asked!

Lovesystems President and Program Leader

Remember! We’re considering raising the price of the Routines Manual to $199. If you want to get this truly great collection of routines and material for the current price of only $99 be sure and order now. I can’t guarantee that we’ll be selling it that cheap in the near future!



Not another “typical” community product…

Something there is no shortage of in our community are products that talk about the deep levels. The theory. The “inner game” as it were. But we all know that the proof of real skill and progress in meeting and attracting women is what happens in the field. What you say and how well you say it is the true test. Have you ever known a guy who knew ALL the theory, had ALL the newest programs and all the latest “technology” but couldn’t hold a woman’s interest for more than 30 seconds? Yeah, theory and personal development are important, but the real proof of skill comes in the field, in real time and up-close and personal!
And this kind of skill ONLY comes when you have a lot of interesting, fun and humorous things to say! Things you know get a good reaction and move your conversation forward!



Here’s what The Don had to say about the Lovesystems Routine Manual:

“…We put a lot of work into developing it. I think it will prove worth the wait.

One of the main objectives Savoy and I had was to not only supply a large source of good routines, which the book certainly does, but also to provide a model of archetypal routines in the various categories; Transitions, Roleplays, Comfort Building, etc… So that people can develop their OWN versions after seeing what good routines look and sound like.

Used properly, it should help you invent your own good material as much as use the material that is included. It serves BOTH purposes.



We’re going to let you in on something all the best guys in the community know….

The truth is, everyone uses routines - even guys who don’t think they use routines. Yup, that’s right. Even the guys who say they don’t use routines use routines.

If you’ve ever told a story more than once, you’re using a routine. If you give the same answer whenever someone asks you where you’re from or what you do, you’re using a routine. The difference is - once you read and understand the material in The Love Systems Routines Manual - you’ll be able to make the stories you tell and the conversations you have interesting and attractive to women.
The bottom line is, without a strong, well developed, field-tested and refined stock of routines, openers, games and stories, you’re bound to get caught up and “stuck” at some point in the process of attracting a woman.
But, that doesn’t have to happen anymore. With the all the great material in The Routines Manual - you’ll literally NEVER be at a loss for words again!

Love Systems - The Don and Savoy - Routines Manual Volume 1.1



Still not sure the Routines Manual will launch your success with women to a new level? I’m so sure it will I’m going to do something few in this industry will do. I’m going to give you a free look at some of the chapters from the Routines Manual!!!

That’s right! Just click the link below to download nearly 40 pages of sample material from the Routines Manual Volume 1.1. That’s how convinced I am that I’m giving you the best value in Dating Science today!

- Savoy

Download Your Free Sample Chapters NOW!!!



These routines run the gamut from smooth, to genuine, to funny, to totally absurd…

How do you feel about the quality of your stories and Conversation Starters?

Be honest. Think about the last interaction you were in with a woman. Really think about it. Get yourself “there” mentally and think about something for a second: were you literally scanning an “internal catalog” that was full of such great stuff you had to decide between “this” or “that?” Or were you struggling to find the next piece you were going to spit out? Did all of your stuff hook and build energy in the interaction? Or did some of it fall flat or not get the response you wanted or expected?

The Routines Manual will solve two problems for you - the short term one AND the long term one. That’s right, you have two problems! The first one is that you need openers and routines that you can use TODAY. Right Now! So you’re never at a loss for words when you’re standing in front of a woman. The second problem is that you need to understand how good material - openers, conversation starters, stories - are structured so you can create your own.

The Routines Manual not only gives you hundreds of pages of material from all the best guys out there, it gives you A TON of bonus material and commentary - and even a BONUS CHAPTER - to help you create and design your own material!
That’s right. We’re not only giving you hundreds of pages of KILLER stuff, but we’re making sure we give you everything you need to create your own stuff!

So many of the guys we’ve talked to have said that they just didn’t realize how many great routines and how much great material they already had! It was just a matter of getting a feel for the structure of great material from guys who really know how to put material together. You already have a pile of great, interesting and unique material - The Routines Manual will help you structure it and put it all together to get massive results.



“Just got this book…Brilliant!

I was always stuck with the thought of using something pre-scripted that would be widely known to all because of this sudden boom of the dating world. I can honestly say that fear in gone. This manual has so many routines you can use and it is a good base of inspiration if you wish to create an arsenal of your own.

It has routines which connect to other routines in the different phases of attracting women and has things from vert short routines to very long ones. The even have routines for that horrible situation you always find yourself in: The Club Tha Was Too Loud To Talk In! They have perfect routines for every situation!!







“I have to say this is by far the best product that I have ever seen! I have been writing my own custom routines after reading the ‘Create Your Own Routines’ Chapter.”






This is exactly what I wanted! Great Stuff!”




How fast do you want to improve?

Have ever been disappointed with a community product that - even if it did provide real benefits and value - WAS JUST TOO TIME CONSUMING TO WORK THROUGH? And, if you did work through it, took a long time to bring benefits?



“I wish I had something like this when I was starting out. It would have taken YEARS off my learning curve!”

Lovesystems Instructor



We know this field is full of hard work and practice and study, but every now and then it’s nice to get your hands on something and have things just take off. To have access to some collection of information - some piece of the puzzle - that takes you where you want to go more quickly.



“Awesome! This ebook is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. I’d say it is on par with the quality of Magic Bullets. It does an excellen job of providing tons of routines (the book is like 200 pages long) and explaining how to create your own routines.

I am getting pumped up to go try these as I read through. There are a wide variety of routines in each category, so I’m sure there will be ones to match your individual personality.

Serious props to The Don and Savoy for creating such a great product! And thanks to everyone that contributed to its creating.”






“This is the real deal. This is all it is been hyped up to be. The best thing about it for me is it allows em to have a structure to base my own stuff around.

Just like when we all learn how to write when we are kids, we all end up wrinting in our own hand writing style using the same letters of the alphabet.

Well this is the alphabet, now go out and develop your own style based on your life.

This fills in all the blanks that I had.

Great Stuff!”





Have you ever been stuck on the opener? Ever gotten lost in “So, where are you from? What do you do?” We all have at some point in our development. The big difference with the guys who are really successful in this “game,” I mean the guys who really get it together and break the barriers, is they ALL have time-tested, well-developed routines that they use over and over again.



“I don’t know, guys, I’m giving you my best stuff for this thing! It’s only going to be for the other bootcamp instructors, right?”

Lovesystems Instructor



Here is Just Some of What You’ll Get in the Love Systems Routines Manual:

Conversation openers from every category and for any situation you could find yourself in. They’re all here - indirect, direct, screening, teasing, humorous and more!

Pages and pages of openers on all different topics of interest to women - relationships, fashion, gossip, human nature, New Age Philosophy and many others.

The famous “Drunk I Love You’s” opener that always gets women engaged in a conversation and talking with you instantly!

“Engaged Friend” - a conversation opener that immediately lets you tease the woman you are interested in and build tension with her!

Openers like “Email Read” and “Text Message Break Up” that get women intrigued by what you have to say immediately!

Openers that instantly show the woman you’re talking to that you have other desirable women interested in you - without seeming like you’re bragging!

A perfect opener to use while you’re standing at the bar waiting for a drink.

Openers that get you touching a woman immediately - and her enthusiastically accepting!

Ways to open a conversation that instantly get women laughing and smiling.

The “Sorry I’m Late” opener - an opener that immediately demonstrates you’re a confident, funny and interesting guy!

All the BEST ways to move right into a conversation with a woman you’re interested in after you’ve approached her (It’s called “Transitioning” - and we give you a ton of pointers on doing it in Chapter 3!)

An entire section filled with ways you can tell a woman something about herself - without even knowing her!

The “Finger Length Routine” that will have women completely interested in what you have to say and dying for you to tell them more!

A great test you can run on a woman to see how interested she is in you - the moment you meet her!

The “Trust Test.” A routine you can use to find out if a woman trusts you almost as soon as you meet her!

The three different types of question “hoops” you can get a woman to jump through and qualify herself to you - with lots of real world examples!

The RIGHT way to tell a woman you’re interested in her and want to get to know her better.

A fantastic game for building a connection with a woman and making her feel comfortable with you.

Three “Heart Melting” routines that create deep intimacy and connection between you and a woman.

A routine that will get a woman addicted to you touching her!

A long, comfort-building routine that gets a woman who is sexually repressed to open up - and really connect with you!

Confident, powerful ways to ask for a woman’s phone number - and be sure she’ll answer the phone when you call her!

An entire section filled with ways you can connect yourself to an enjoyable moment she had with you - and instantly remind her of it when you call!

Routines like “Don’t Look at Me Like That,” “Almost Kiss” and “Forbidden Territory” that take all the guesswork out of when and how to kiss her!

Five AWESOME ways to start up a text message conversation with a woman who’s just given you her number!

An entire section on cold reads that guarantee you can tell a woman something interesting about herself based on virtually anything she says!

A full breakdown on how to develop your own stories and routines for every stage of meeting and interacting with women!

And this is just the beginning!

Love Systems - The Don and Savoy - Routines Manual Volume 1.1

There are many, many more breakthrough openers, routines, games and stories in this book. You’ll never be at a loss for words again!

Here are some of the great chapters you get in the Routines Manual:

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Emotional Progression Model
Chapter 2: Openers
Chapter 3: Transitioning
Chapter 4: Attraction
Chapter 5: Qualification
Chapter 6: Comfort
Chapter 7: Seduction
Chapter 8: Creating Your Own Routines
Chapter 9: Bonus Chapter - Storytelling
Chapter 10: Further Resources

And there’s much, much more!

This project took hundreds of hours and involved the best in the dating world.

Would you like to have access to the best routines anywhere? Literally be the “fly on the wall” as the experts let you in on their very best and most closely guarded routines. All with notes on delivery, pointers, tips and modifications! This is simply THE BEST resource on routines you’ll find anywhere - at any price.

Will you have the material you need when you need it most?

Will you have all the material you need the next time you’re in that “killer set?”

You know the one, the one where the girls are hot and bitchy and barely half-interested in what you have to say. Will you have the stash of material you need to transition, hook, cut threads, effortlessly bounce from topic to topic and seem to just “flow” with interesting stories and games? And, if you don’t know what some of these terms mean, don’t worry! We explain everything in the Manual!

After just a few hours spent with the Love systems Routines Manual you will:

  • Effortlessly flow with stories
  • Always have an opener cued up - no matter where you are or what situation you’re in
  • Learn to write routines on par with the best in the community
  • Have an entire volume - over 200 pages - of openers, routines, stories, games and cold reads
  • Learn how to become a master storyteller

You’ll have pages and pages of all the best routines for all the phases of meeting and dating women including:

  • Opening
  • Transitioning
  • Attraction
  • Qualification
  • Comfort
  • Seduction

Learn - from the best - how to create your own routines! This is information formerly only given out at our live, in-field bootcamps!
There’s Even a Bonus Chapter on Story Telling!

Become an EXPERT storyteller with this BONUS CHAPTER…

Storytelling is one of the critical skills you need to master to have great game. And it’s probably THE area guys struggle with weekend after weekend in the bootcamps. That’s why, when I wrote Magic Bullets, I included an in-depth section on storytelling.

This chapter is reprinted in the Love Systems Routines Manual - as a valuable FREE bonus! This chapter will teach you how to tell fascinating stories - from your own real experiences - that have women hanging on every word you say.

This bonus chapter from MAGIC BULLETS explains how to make your stories flow, ho