Louis D. Brown - Trust and Asset Protection

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Trust and Asset Protection

Taught in plain English, this course makes Trusts easy to understand and use. How to avoid probate, how to protect your assets, how to avoid being a target of lawsuits, how to avoid losing your assets if someone does get a judgment, how to protect your vehicles, stocks, bonds, jewelry and all other investments. A review of the entities with a detailed explanation of why Trusts are your easiest and best front line of defense. A complete system with all of the forms you need to do your own, studio produced audio cd’s, detailed Guidebooks and a forms computer disk.

This is a VHS rips of the 4 video tapes produced in the early 2000s.
It contains GREAT information that most of your lawyers and accountants don’t even know exists!

Total run time of the videos are over 7 hours.

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