Lori & Jonathan Otto - Women’s Health Secrets

Lori & Jonathan Otto - Women’s Health Secrets digital download. Info: [Webrip - 9 MP4's] | 10.892 GB. If you prefer to read rather than watch, the transc...

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Lori & Jonathan Otto - Women’s Health Secrets

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Format: [Webrip - 9 MP4's]

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Get the Most Comprehensive Docuseries and Health Products Ever Created Exclusively for Women

Over 67 Experts Share Brand New Insights about How Women
Can Prevent and Treat Chronic Disease at Any Age

Lori & Jonathan Otto - Women’s Health Secrets

[Digital & DVD] 9 Episodes + Bonus Episode 10 *Value: $494

Get lifetime access and a beautifully designed DVD for all the 9 episodes of Women’s Health Secrets, plus the newly released bonus Episode 10, only available for Silver, Gold, or Platinum members.

Lori & Jonathan Otto - Women’s Health Secrets

[Digital] Episode Transcripts *Value: $144

Get thetranscript read-along for all the information presented in Women’s Health Secrets. Use these notes to:

  • Easily follow the information
  • Underline important pieces of information and treatment advice
  • Keep the most important info on your night stand
  • Make notes on the top things you want to memorize

If you prefer to read rather than watch, the transcripts are for you. Just quickly go through the text and pinpoint EXACTLY what you need, exactly when you need it.

Lori & Jonathan Otto - Women’s Health Secrets

[Digital] MP3s of Episodes  *Value: $97

When you are driving, taking a walk, going to the gym, or reading before bed, you can use these audio versions of the documentary series to learn more without wasting ANY time.

You don’t need to be in front of your computer or laptop to listen to the docuseries.

We know life can get busy, so we put these videos in an audio format that you can download and listen to while you’re checking things off your to-do list. 

Lori & Jonathan Otto - Women’s Health Secrets

[Digital] 67 Full-Length Interview Videos  *Value: $197

There was so much insight and wisdom inside all of our 60+ expert interviews that couldn’t fit in our 10 Episode format.

As a Platinum member, you get to watch the full-length interview videos, and watch your favorite experts sharing many more insights. You have lifetime digital access to the interviews, so you can watch them at your own pace —Whenever you feel you need more help and guidance.

Lori & Jonathan Otto - Women’s Health Secrets

[Digital] 67 Full-Length Interview Transcripts  *Value: $47

Get the complete read-along transcript in digital, downloadable format, for all the 60 expert interviews. 

On these transcripts, you can underline the most important information and read through all the interview content instead of watching it.

Lori & Jonathan Otto - Women’s Health Secrets

[Digital & Print] 7 Module Healing Protocol: A Step-By-Step Plan To Conquer Your Health Challenges And Restore Balance To Your Life  *Value: $297

In Women’s Health Secrets, women get so much information, that they might get a little bit overwhelmed on where to begin their healing journey.

Get the distilled information from all of our experts in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step healing guide. Simply follow our comprehensive guide, and follow the process to start your transformation journey, without ever asking yourself where to begin or what the next step is.

Lori & Jonathan Otto - Women’s Health Secrets

[Digital & USB] FREE Buddy Pass  *Value: $397

With the Platinum Package, you also get a FREE Online Pass to Women’s Health Secret that allows someone you love to have lifetime online access to the docuseries.

Give this to a family member, a woman-friend in need, or anyone you think might need the life-saving information included in Women’s Health Secrets.

YOU have the power to change the life of a woman you love… So don’t miss the chance to be a hero for someone who needs you right now!

" alt="" width="1024" height="667" data-lazy-src="https://mk0womenshealthaf27f.kinstacdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/3D-Book-67-Key-Takeaways-1024x667.png" />

[Digital & Print] 67 Key Takeaways  *Value: $238

For every interview we had with our world-class doctors, we’ve found the most important tidbit of information you can take and use in your healing journey NOW. The key takeaways are just like reading the shorter version of each interview, and getting the compacted information in just a few short paragraphs. 

So, if you’re short on time, you can first consult the 67 Key Takeaways, a convenient and exciting option if you want to start the program, but you don’t have time to dedicate to reading or watching. 

Available on Platinum Only

Get Free Access to Join our Private Members-Only
Facebook Community Group for a Full Year

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Get Free Access to Join our 3-Month Live Q&A

Meet your favorite expert doctors and ask YOUR questions; get feedback and guidance every month through our live online Q&A sessions. By choosing our Premium Platinum Package, you will continue feeling motivated, informed, and connected to some of the best board-certified doctors and alternative health experts in the world.

You can connect to our experts in these sessions free-of-charge, without having to book costly appointments with them.

LIVE Q&A Monthly Sessions Doctors and Schedule

Dr. Peter Kan, D.C.
Board-certified Chiropractic Neurologist; Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner; Fellow, American Association of Integrative Medicine; Media Speaker
Live QA on December 10, 3PM EST

Dr. Elena Villanueva, D.C.
Chiropractor; Holistic Doctor; Specialist: Female Hormones, Autoimmune Disorders, Type II Diabetes, Neurochemical Imbalances, Genetic Defects, and Insomnia
Live QA on January 14, 3PM EST

Dr. Rodger Murphree, D.C.
Founder and past clinic director for a large integrated medical practice located in Birmingham, Alabama. He has written 5 books for patients and doctors including Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia and CFS 4th edition
Live QA on February 11, 3PM EST

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Get Free Access to Join our Private Members-Only Facebook Community Group for a Full Year

Imagine getting direct access to our incredible team of experts: renowned doctors, researchers, and health professionals that are available every day in our private Facebook group to answer your questions and provide guidance when needed. 

The docuseries hosts, Lori and Jonathan Otto, are also active in the Facebook group, engaging with you and sharing the latest findings on healthy foods and health protocols. You don’t have to wait for the next docuseries to discover more healing tips and healthy living advice.

One of the great perks of being part of our members-only group is the warm community of like-minded, wonderful people, who are on the same healing path as you. 

You can encourage each other, share tips, and read their success stories that make you believe in your own power to heal yourself.

" alt="" width="1024" height="667" data-lazy-src="https://mk0womenshealthaf27f.kinstacdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/3D-Book-7-Urgent-Health-Challenges-1024x667.png" />

[Digital & Print] 7 Urgent Health Challenges Facing Women: Natural Solutions for Low Energy, Stress, Hormones and More  *Value: $97

If you feel sick, lethargic, or sad, there is a reason – And a way to heal. In this exclusive material, you’re going to find out how everyday toxins are blocking your happiness and energy levels and hinder your health. 

This book tackles common health challenges more and more modern women are facing. 

You’ll discover natural plants, herbs, spices and healing protocols designed to:

  • Eliminate the root cause of extra fat (so you can effortlessly melt it away) 
  • Improve fertility, eliminate menstrual pain, and manage PCOS
  • Fortify your heart and arteries
  • Balance your hormones
  • Improve your energy throughout the day
  • Wipe out stress and fatigue 
" alt="" width="1024" height="667" data-lazy-src="https://mk0womenshealthaf27f.kinstacdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/3D-Book-Youre-Not-Fat-1024x667.png" />
[Digital & Print] You’re Not Fat, You’re Inflamed: The Permanent Weight Loss Solution  *Value: $97

According to statistics, 95% of people who diet fail to achieve or maintain their goals.

No wonder diets make women feel miserable, hungry, frustrated, and devoid of vital nutrients for your body.

Our exclusive weight loss books takes you to a different route to achieve permanent weight loss results: Tackling the root cause of excess fat.

After you take care of what’s really wreaking havoc on your body and making you store fat, you will automatically restart your weight loss process naturally, and effortlessly.

" alt="" width="1024" height="667" data-lazy-src="https://mk0womenshealthaf27f.kinstacdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/3D-Book-15-Days-to-Brighter-Skin-1-1024x667.png" />
[Digital & Print] 15 Days to Brighter Skin  *Value: $97

Brighter, tone, and healthy looking skin starts from within. In this book, we present you an effective rejuvenating protocol that will help your skin from the inside out. 

All you need for a visible transformation is to follow the tips for just 15 days. These health protocols are tried and tested, and a valuable treatment for the whole body.

" alt="" width="1024" height="667" data-lazy-src="https://mk0womenshealthaf27f.kinstacdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/3D-Book-Womens-Guide-to-Solving-1024x667.png" />
[Digital & Print] Women’s Guide to Solving Depression & Anxiety from Within  *Value: $97

Women are twice more likely to develop depression and anxiety at some point in their life. But as it turns out, there’s a way to treating both these conditions naturally, without using side-effect filled medications. 

Lori Otto overcame both anxiety and depression just by using a protocol that’s detailed inside “Women’s Guide to Solving Depression & Anxiety from Within”.

" alt="" width="1024" height="667" data-lazy-src="https://mk0womenshealthaf27f.kinstacdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/3D-Book-Healthy-Rejuvenating-Meals-1024x667.png" />
[Digital & Print] Healthy Rejuvenating Meals For Reclaiming Your Life: Natural Recipes For Rediscovering The Energetic You  *Value: $97

Get our best-value cooking program that’s full of anti-inflammatory, delicious foods that everybody in your family will love. 

Healing starts from the food you put into your body, and this program will show you how easy and delicious healthy, healing foods can be.

" alt="" width="726" height="378" data-lazy-src="https://mk0womenshealthaf27f.kinstacdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Untitled-3-6.png" />

[Digital & DVD] 5 Cooking Videos  *Value: $77

Get the most of your cooking experience with these delicious 5-recipe DVD that will make anyone think you’ve been cooking for a 5-star restaurant! 

These are the most delicious and requested recipes of all, and because many women prefer to watch a recipe instead of reading the instructions, we’ve put together this video masterclass that you’ll get on a DVD. 

" alt="" width="726" height="378" data-lazy-src="https://mk0womenshealthaf27f.kinstacdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Untitled-3-7.png" />

[Digital & DVD] 5 Simple Exercises  *Value: $77

Most of the time, we skip the gym because it takes precious hours from our day. The daily commute, changing our clothes and shoes, and committing to one hour each time you go to the gym may be the reason why you don’t exercise daily or skip the gym altogether. 

Not anymore. We present you a fun and effective workout that makes you toned and energetic – from the comfort of your own home. Simply play the program from your laptop or DVD, follow the instructions, and feel better in no time!

Here Is a Peek At What You'll Discover Inside the Episodes

" alt="Episode 1 - Thumbnail" data-lazy-src="https://mk0womenshealthaf27f.kinstacdn.com/wp-content/uploads/elementor/thumbs/Episode-1-Thumbnail-oq6scgsd30502iv7mdn554f9ohwsqvd4nxajexnx2a.jpg" />

EPISODE 01: Uncovering the Truth Behind Women’s Health Secrets

In this opening episode for our 9-episode Natural Medicine Secrets docu-series, hear incredible testimonies from patients who have overcome cancer, and others who have eliminated chronic pain —by using natural remedies that you may have never considered. 

Learn more about chronic disease prevention, treatment and reversal and other natural ways to achieve optimal health for your body. Too often, we feel trapped by our symptoms, circumstances, lack of money, or dependency upon prescription medications.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Why do most women feel so tired and run down all the time? The most common root problem (and its simple fix) is finally revealed by our experts in Episode 1
  • Do you suffer from cramps or heavy periods? Find out what these symptoms actually mean and how to diminish the pain and discomfort naturally
  • Find out how to naturally balance your hormones and discover the #1 common, avoidable trigger that destroys your hormonal balance if you’re a woman
  • Doctors are URGING women to take health into their own hands, referring to our national healthcare system as “sickcare”. Find out how to take care of your own body even when doctors are misdiagnosing you or ignoring your concerns
  • Excerpt from Episode 1: Toxin tests and glyphosate tests and their heavy metals test (positive), where we're seeing high, high levels of toxins that are known to be endocrine disruptors, that are known to be neurotoxins to cause issues with Alzheimer's and anxiety and depression and memory loss and cancers.” - Dr. Elena Villanueva
" alt="Episode 2 - Thumbnail" data-lazy-src="https://mk0womenshealthaf27f.kinstacdn.com/wp-content/uploads/elementor/thumbs/Episode-2-Thumbnail-oq6r6m12rkud3lnv0sc6m6ndfu7f027ekrj74dq04i.jpg" />

EPISODE 02: Reducing Stress and Increasing Energy

  • [Emotional Story]: Find out the personal, touching story of Women's Health Secrets host, Lori Otto. She shares vulnerable details about her struggle with depression, fatigue, and chronic anxiety -- And shares the tools that helped her recover to her happy, serene self
  • There are 8 crucial lifestyle principles that can maximize your health and happiness beyond what you thought possible. Learn what these principles are and implement them one by one, starting today!
  • Are you feeling low on energy on a daily basis? Here’s how you make sure you never run out of fuel again and get enough energy to achieve your wildest dreams
  • Discover the little-known techniques to avoid burnout - And how to stop ingrained negative thoughts before they become toxic for your mind, heart, and spirit
  • Excerpt from Episode 2: “If you're not dealing with your junk from your past, you're being robbed of great character. You're being robbed of strength, you're being robbed of faith