Linda Rolie - Getting Back to Work: Everything You Need to Bounce Back and Get a Job After a Layoff

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Linda Rolie - Getting Back to Work: Everything You Need to Bounce Back and Get a Job After a Layoff digital download. Info: [eBook (PDF)]. A truly mast...
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Linda Rolie - Getting Back to Work: Everything You Need to Bounce Back and Get a Job After a Layoff

Type: Digital download

Format: [eBook (PDF)]

Getting Back to Work: Everything You Need to Bounce Back and Get a Job After a Layoff

Author: Linda K. Rolie

Published: October 2009

Pages: 288

Format: Ebook (PDF)


A truly masterful book on career transition and job seeking, especially in light of the current state of our economy. It addresses a wide array of topics that are important for almost every job seeker. “
-Carmen Croonquist, Director of Career Services, University of Wisconsin

You can’t always control losing your job, but you can control your reaction and the decisions you make afterward

In Getting Back to Work, Linda Rolie, an expert in strategic career development with a background as a psychiatric therapist, gives you time-tested tools for finding a new job in today’s tough economy, while also working through the psychological challenges you might face after being laid off.

In Getting Back to Work, you’ll find:

* Guidance managing emotions and stress while searching for a new job
* Exercises to identify transferable skills, knowledge, abilities, and qualifications
* Templates for writing impressive resumes, cover letters, and thank-you notes,
* Tips on networking, resume building, interviewing, and how to answer the “why did you get laid off?” and “aren’t you overqualified?” questions
* Research methods for finding a job, helpful Internet sites and other resources

Table of contents:

1.The Psychology of Job Change
2.Moving Through the Stages
3.The Effect on Your Self and Relationships
4.Career vs. Job Change
5.Finances: Resources and Budgets
6.Identifying Your Transferrable Skills
7.How to Describe Yourself
8.Awareness of Your Work Values and Preferences
9.Assesment Instruments
10.Repackaging Yourself
11.How to Find Work
13.The 10,000 pound Telephone
15.Cover Letters
16.References & Recommendations
17.Job Application Forms
18.Job Interviews
19.Analyzing Job Offers
20.Negotiating Salary and Job Offers
21.Your Self and Your Job
22.The Mature Worker
23.Disability and Employment

About The Author

Linda K. Rolie is a master's level career consultant with over 25 of years experience guiding thousands of people to successful career solutions and job placement. She is also the owner and managing director for outplacement services and is known for measurable results in consistently facilitating rapid return-to-work. One of her niche specialties is helping manage emotions that accompany job loss and job search. Based on personal and professional experience, Linda understands the challenges that accompany career transition.

Linda began writing GETTING BACK TO WORK in 2001 after 9/11 when five million people lost their jobs. She entered the career field at the start of the 1979 recession employed as a return-to-work specialist coordinating re-employment for injured workers.

Linda received a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from Lewis and Clark College and Bachelors degree from University of Oregon. Linda's career history includes owning a career management firm (career counseling services) vocational rehabilitation organization employing counselors and job developers, university career counselor, academic advisor, college psychology instructor, high school health education teacher, surgical assistant, vocational specialist and return-to-work consultant for national insurance companies, patient relations coordinator, mental health counselor, expert vocational witness for litigation/employability determinations, and administrator/human resources director for a neurological surgery group, including recruiting physicians.

Linda spent 20 years counseling people with limited skills and mental and physical disabilities before transitioning her services to help highly skilled and motivated job seekers. She authored the book titled, GETTING BACK to WORK -Everything You Need to Bounce Back and Get a Job After a Layoff to expedite the career transition process of her clients and train-the-trainer programs.

Her background provides broad experience in managing careers, including job search documents, job hunting, interviewing, compensation negotiations. Linda advises clients in job transition--including survivors of mergers or acquisitions and those coping with change and uncertainty.She provides career guidance, employment-related resources, and training programs to individuals and organizations who want to expand their professional growth, increase success, and prosper in their pursuits.