Liberating Practices to Enliven Your Full, Wild, Radiant Self with Camille Maurine | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

Liberating Practices to Enliven Your Full, Wild, Radiant Self with Camille Maurine | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !  Salepage : Liberating Practices to Enliven Your Full...
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Liberating Practices to Enliven Your Full, Wild, Radiant Self with Camille Maurine | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !


Movement meditations offer us, as women, amazingly effective ways to tune all our energies and come into deeper balance. They provide a means to viscerally feel more flow, as energy and awareness weave together all parts of your being.

Expressive meditation gives you a creative way to release frozen energy and open new currents of vitality and joy. Plus, it’s fun!


This highly experiential online program offers you vital, soul-honoring approaches to meditation. You’ll learn practices that can be done “off the cushion” in various environments, and that can be tailored to your unique needs and what you’re experiencing in your life at the moment.

You’ll discover radically loving ways to nourish your female body and heart, and embrace all the energies you hold within you, so you can move into deeper freedom and joy — in your meditation practice as well as your outer life.

When you join Camille for this grounding, yet liberating, online workshop, you’re certain to open to the juiciness of the life force within your own being like you never have before.

Greater Connection Through Live Streaming Video



So you can better connect with Camille and her teachings, all of her sessions will be live streamed on video. This video connection will be easy to use and will enhance the impact of Camille’s teaching. Or, you can easily connect via audio, either through the Internet or your phone.


What You’ll Discover in These 7 Weeks

Course sessions are on Tuesdays at 5:00pm Pacific.

In this 7-week transformational intensive, Camille will guide you through the fundamental skills and competencies you’ll need to successfully access deep freedom and wellbeing with practices unique to your needs and that are supportive of your inner resilience and body’s wisdom.

Each class will feature LIVE teachings, a pre-recorded video demo of a meditation practice as well as an audio guiding you through the practice. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to sustain your vitality and joy, and honor your radiant female body and who you truly are.


Module 1: Embrace All of Who You Are (September 4)


Meditation is a practice of being intimate with yourself, and with nature and life. It’s a wide-open, loving embrace of all of who you are. You’re an embodiment of the creative, evolutionary movement of the universe — from the Big Bang to the formation of this planet and the origin of life, Nature has evolved to express itself as you. Nature loves diversity and individuality. You’re a unique expression of life and love, exactly as you are. Cherish this mystery.

This week, you’ll:

  • Discover a radically loving way to meditate that honors your individuality and natural way of being
  • Learn how to cooperate with the evolutionary wisdom within you and move into ever-deeper wholeness and vitality
  • Set yourself free from perfectionist ideals and find new freedom and joy
  • Let go of old limiting patterns
  • Discover the importance of welcoming all your thoughts, emotions, sensations, and desires in meditation
  • Practice a movement meditation for embracing the fullness of who you are — all aspects of your being
  • Celebrate your womanhood and individual essence
  • Practice artful awareness in daily life

Module 2: Rest in Your Inner Sanctuary (September 11)


Life is intense. Loving is intense. Every woman needs time and space to process and integrate her experience. We all need ways to tap into inner resources for meeting the challenges we face each day. Creating a healthy inner sanctuary is crucial and makes all the difference in the world. Sanctuary is sacred space, such as a church or temple. It’s a refuge, a space of healing. A wildlife sanctuary is where all creatures within are protected and can run free. This week, you’ll discover how that is true for you.

You’ll also learn how to soothe your nerves and receive nourishment and support from the energies of life. You’ll discover how to give yourself sacred time and space to tend all your energies and come into deeper balance.

Balance is an ever-changing flow and every day is different. You’ll learn subtle movements to connect you with your inner essence, so you can come home to yourself, again and again.

This week, you’ll:

  • Access your homing instinct to find your way home in the inner world — the path can be different each day
  • Discover elements for creating a healthy, loving inner sanctuary, and how to give yourself the time and space you need
  • Release stress, fear, anxiety, and other challenges you experience by melting tension with movement meditation and opening to harmonious inner flow
  • Build on what you love, and discover how natural, spontaneous moments of deep joy and pleasure, of awe and wonder, appreciating beauty and the miracle of life are clues to your innate pathways into meditation
  • Cooperate with the internal wisdom, healing power, and creativity within you
  • Breathe in the juiciness of the life force within your own being

Module 3: Claim Your Sovereignty (September 18)


Sovereignty means you are not owned by anyone else. You claim your inner authority — your intrinsic source of wisdom and power. Freedom and power in the world start “at home,” within you.

Beware of imposing rules on yourself, instructions to control and engineer your experience to conform to an old hierarchical way of being designed for men. Ideals of stillness, purity, and detachment from desire have no place in a healthy approach to meditation. The serenity you crave comes from integration of all of who you are.

Discover how through meditation, you can give yourself radical freedom and choice. You can find what works for you, and then take that sovereignty into your outer life of engagement.

This week, you’ll:

  • Reclaim your inner territory and free yourself from the grip of perfectionist ideals
  • Give yourself choice in meditation — permission to move, which is key to finding inner balance
  • Repression leads to depression. Find how to break the taboos to being your full and authentic self
  • Learn how to embody your sacred sovereignty in your private world of meditation as well as in your outer life of engagement
  • Discover how to live inside the dynamic sphere of your personal space
  • Learn ways to strengthen your healthy boundaries, and practice the movements of NO and YES
  • Practice inhabiting your full energy space — all 360 degrees

Module 4: Be Tender With Yourself (September 25)


Vulnerability is the partner of empowerment — they go hand in hand and we need to embrace both.

This week, you’ll discover how to practice radical compassion for yourself and your internal experience. Your thoughts have texture and substance. Are you being self-critical, poking and prodding, causing a painful and bitter “inner PH”? A “soft inner touch” in meditation can meld these old patterns of constriction and control, help you come into deeper ease and flow, and to know yourself as the movement of love.

This week, you’ll:

  • Learn the secret of “soft inner touch” in meditation
  • How to cultivate flow in every level of your being
  • Practice soft posture awareness and the places in your body that want to relax and let go
  • Learn to appreciate subtle movement and to melt into flow and balance
  • Tend to your tender heart in meditation, befriend your vulnerability, and learn to meet yourself with loving awareness — no matter what
  • Practice soft outer and inner touch, and dare to love your body… face, breasts, belly, hips, thighs, and all
  • Explore the practice, “Sway Away”

Module 5: Celebrate Your Sensuality (October 9)


Your real body is not the one in the mirror. It’s the vibrant inner world of sensation, energy, and flow — the movement of life and love within you. Subtle meditative movement takes you deeper into this pulsing reality — your Body of Love.

Sensuality is a natural part of being healthy. Pleasure is good for your health on every level. Deep pleasure and joy are nourishing to every cell and promote wellbeing in your body and heart. This is a scientific fact.

This week, you discover how to give yourself permission to reclaim your natural sensuality. This can help you to heal hurt, shame, or abuse. You’ll start small, with the senses you use every day and the little things that give you joy or comfort.

This week, you’ll:

  • Bust the taboos against pleasure and embrace your natural being, shamelessly
  • Discover the “deep pleasure” of resting in your own essence
  • Learn that sensuality includes the sense of beauty, wonder, awe, pleasure, and flow, as well as your aesthetic appreciation of nature, art, and music
  • Discover how to savor life’s beauty — in meditation and daily life
  • Ways to cherish your unique female body from the inside out
  • Discover that you are the “dance of life,” and that your real body is motion, the way you move through the world
  • Learn practices that are natural, pleasurable, and flow with your body’s innate flow to help you get off the linear grid and unwind

Module 6: Dance Your Wild Self (October 16)


Meditation is not to tame you, but to set you free. This week you’ll discover how to Inhabit your healthy creaturehood, and find what helps you thrive. You’ll celebrate your passion, desires, and strengths.

In meditation, you experience the internal theater of all your inner parts and energies — they all come onto the stage. This includes buried or forgotten emotions, such as rage, grief, or fear, which arise to be remembered and transformed. You’ll learn to dance with this intensity and liberate the surge of vitality and joy.

This week, you’ll:

  • Ride your inner rhythms into lively balance
  • Discover how to deal with the shifting dance of hormones
  • Learn how to navigate intense energy and emotion and liberate your life force
  • Discover the serenity that comes from embracing your wildness
  • Find out that the “feminine” is not just yin, soft, sweet, and pink, and you’ll embrace your female yang, which is fiery, dynamic, penetrating, and clear
  • Discover how to dance wildly or run in nature, and then pause to savor the shimmering energies within
  • Learn the “Jazz Breath Technique,” which releases any stuck energy — emotional, mental, or physical
  • Get behind the mask of your persona and access new subtleties of sensation and expression
  • Discover how to improvise within meditation and take that creativity into life

Module 7: Answer the Call of Your Soul (October 23)


Your body and heart are always in communication with life, the universe, and the cosmos. Embodied awareness practices give you ways to commune with your inner essence. You get in touch with your heart’s desire, the deepest longings of your soul.

Your soul is the very essence of your being. Your heart, mind, body, and all your internal personalities — the person that you were, the person you are now, and the person you are becoming. All are present, the totality of your future self. In meditation, you have the opportunity to practice embodying your next organic way of being to evolve into ever-fuller radiance and love.

This week, you’ll:

  • Learn to sense the call of your soul
  • How to stay current with your ever-evolving inner nature
  • Ways to bask in the elixir of life
  • How to surrender to your depths — solitude, sorrow, and the sacred well of life
  • Discover deeper clarity and meaning through movement meditation
  • Learn how to embody and express your creative gifts and share them with the world
  • Discover a practice called “Let Your Sound Go Forth”
  • Discover how to integrate your inner and outer world, and that you are living in Love’s Body