Lenny Kiser - INTRODUCTION TO ABLETON LIVE 9 (Sequence One 2020)

Lenny Kiser - INTRODUCTION TO ABLETON LIVE 9 (Sequence One 2020) INTRODUCTION TO ABLETON LIVE 9 Produce a Track from to FinishThe best way to get up and runnin...
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Lenny Kiser - INTRODUCTION TO ABLETON LIVE 9 (Sequence One 2020)

Lenny Kiser - INTRODUCTION TO ABLETON LIVE 9 (Sequence One 2020)

Produce a Track from to Finish

The best way to get up and running with Ableton.

If you’re a newcomer to Ableton, the process of learning how to produce music can seem pretty overwhelming. It’s hard to know where to . (Or maybe you’ve ed, but you’re not sure how to turn your musical ideas into an actual song.)

Whether you’re a total beginner or a somewhat experienced user who struggles to finish tracks, this course will give you the foundation you need to produce music confidently in the genre of your choice.

Learn Ableton. Develop a Workflow.
Make music you and have fun doing it.
One Course to Rule Them All

Ableton Certified

Your instructor is Lenny Kiser, an Ableton Certified Trainer, producer, DJ, and audio engineer. Read his full bio below.

Tested and Proven

You get access to the same world-class curriculum we teach at our music school, Sequence One, in the Bay Area.

Hands-On Approach

Learn by doing. You’ll with a blank Ableton project and walk through the entire process of producing a track.

Top-Notch Content

This course was professionally produced, and it includes 60 HD videos — that’s over ten hours of training.

Downloadable Files

We provide you with all the Ableton Live project files and samples you need to complete the course lessons.

Community Assistance

Use the Comments feature on the course videos to get help from Sequence One instructors and fellow students.

I went from knowing nothing to being able to teach my friends step-by-step how to create a song.
Student - Chris H.

Your Instructor

Lenny Kiser
Lenny Kiser is an Ableton Certified Trainer, producer, DJ, and audio engineer. Lenny has been producing music for 15 years, and he has releases on labels like Dirtybird, Perfect Driver, and Confession. He currently teaches Ableton Live courses at his Oakland-based school, Sequence One. Lenny also organizes the Bay Area Ableton User Group in San Francisco. Before ing his own program, he taught classes and workshops at several music production schools, including the Academy of Art University, San Francisco State University, SAE, and Expression College.

With a background as a trained audio engineer from the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, Lenny has developed an in-depth technical knowledge of music and sound. He enjoys teaching and dedicates his time to helping others learn Ableton and the creative processes involved with producing music. He loves the challenge of teaching complex sound and musical concepts to his students in an intelligible and straightforward way.

What You’ll Learn

The best way to learn Ableton is by getting your hands dirty and using it to produce a song, and that’s what you’ll do in this course. Not only will you learn how to competently work with the software, you’ll also get a full primer on the music production process itself. Be sure to check out the promo for an overview of the course content!

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By the end of the course, here’s what you’ll be able to do:

Set up your gear
Navigate the Ableton interface, find sounds, and organize your music library
Develop a workflow and grasp the difference between Session and Arrangement view
Program a beat and make custom drum racks
Understand the basics of music theory, like rhythm and timing, notes, scales, chords, and chord progressions
Write a chord progression in a specific key and create a bassline that works with the chords
Record, edit, and warp audio
Use audio and MIDI effects
Structure and arrange your songs
Create interesting transitions between song sections
Understand fundamental audio mixing concepts, like volume balancing, EQ, compression, saturation, reverb, delay, and panning
Mix down, master, and export a song

Expand the full curriculum below to access free previews of a few of the video lessons.
Course Curriculum

Chapter 1: Course Introduction

Welcome to the Course (3:26)
Download and Use the Project Files (3:04)
Get the Most from this Course (2:26)
Chapter 2: Music Production Basics
Understand Digital Audio (9:38)
Explore the Production Process (3:05)
Chapter 3: Set Up Your Gear

Set Up an Audio Interface (4:48)

Set Up a MIDI Controller (6:07)

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