Lee Holden - Qi Gong for Stress & Anxiety Workshop

Lee Holden - Qi Gong for Stress & Anxiety Workshop digital download. Info: [WebRip - 1 MP4] | 1.891 GB. Relax the Heart Center so you can experience the ...

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Lee Holden - Qi Gong for Stress & Anxiety Workshop

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Transform Stress & Anxiety into Inner Peace, Tranquility, & Courage

Some people say anxiety is like knowing you have a wonderful day ahead of you… but you can’t enjoy it because you’re thinking about the 2 minute phone call you have to make in five days.

Or thinking about an embarrassing moment that wasn’t even that bad… but it happened two years ago and no one remembers but you. Or that feeling when a cop is driving behind you. Imagine that always. That’s what anxiety feels like. It’s always impending, whether you’re going to Disneyland or a funeral… and even when you’re calm and relaxed you think in the back of your mind, “Those Anxieties are up to something!” While stress and anxiety are natural responses to modern life…

…they should not be a “constant” companions. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, if we experience excess anxiety it usually relates to the Heart Center. When we worry too much, it’s an imbalance of the Earth element… and sometimes those around us keep us anxious. Join Lee Holden for the Qi Gong for Stress and Anxiety workshop and transform stress and anxiety into inner peace and tranquility. Learn how to rebalance the Earth element, get present with the Heart Center, and build a protective “shield” against negative energy.

Heal Stress & Anxiety Naturally Without Stepping Outside the “Safe Zone”

In this workshop we will…

  • Relax the Heart Center so you can experience the joy of life (some anxiety is normal, but it shouldn’t prevent you from doing what you want)
  • Clear out tightness and tension in the chest (sometimes all it takes is a few simple stretches. You generally don’t need medication.)
  • Learn breathing exercises to bring your heart into present moment (you can use these whenever you need to reduce anxiety fast)
  • Clear stagnant energy with gentle Qi Gong flows (when your energy flows, joy and happiness are the natural result)
  • Fertilize your inner energy system – like you would a garden – to grow a rich “internal garden” of tranquility
  • Fortify a protective energy shield and clear out other people’s negative energy (taking on other people’s energy is natural, but we are never taught how to clear out the energy we don’t want)
  • Cleanse and clear anxiety out of your entire system (don’t let stress and anxiety freeze your life – in big or small ways)