Leah Franklin - QiBody Cultivation: Essential Guide for Internal Qi Connection, Cultivation and Circulation

Leah Franklin – QiBody Cultivation: Essential Guide for Internal Qi Connection, Cultivation and Circulation is AVAILABLE instant download at SunLurn

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DVD 1 includes:

  • Easy to comprehend video instruction of deep abdominal or lower dantian breathing.
  • How to guide another in the breathing technique.
  • An audio guide to the Breathing Meditation.
  • A head to toe qigong warm-up that incorporates the dantian breath-work.

Learn how to return breath and Qi to the roots of our body’s energy source in the lower dantian. This is where we can generate vitality for life. This breathing technique alone is a treasure, improving our clarity, quieting the mind and increasing circulation of blood, oxygen and Qi throughout the body. With practice this meditation will lead us to a greater connection with the whole of our being.

There are philosophers of qigong and there are farmers of qigong. We are the latter, tilling the soil, fertilizing and watering the seed within. We connect to and nourish the root with beneficial energies insuring a proper foundation for the growth of strong internal Qi.

DVD 2 will teach you:

  • How to align and connect the energy centers in lower dantian; a powerful connection rarely taught to the uninitiated.
  • Learn to spark a powerful connection and raise the vibration up your spine.
  • Cultivate Nei (internal) Qi to stop depletion and generate increased vitality for a strong energy field. After the instruction is a follow along cultivation session.

Nei Qi cultivation in lower dantian is the key to restoring health to all the organs and rejuvenating our Yuan Qi or original Qi. Sometimes called inner alchemy these techniques are deeply transformative.

Cultivating internal Qi in this system will produce what is sometimes called a “qiball” also known as “tumo” in Japan. This is a potent healing force that can be generated at will with practice.

Qigong is an art of self-cultivation. When we become like the devoted farmer and cultivate our energy field with deep nurture and loving attention, the yield will be beyond your expectation.

DVD 3 includes:

  • Warm-up. A head to toe qigong warm-up that incorporates the breath-work.
  • Crane Dynamic form. Crane Dynamic is both a step by step instruction and a continuous play through teaching how to consolidate, connect and direct dynamic Qi flow.
  • Turtle Longevity form.

The Crane Dynamic qigong along with cultivation in the lower dantian will cleanse the body of stagnant Qi and help to unblock and open up the energy pathways. Consistent training will help you develop strength, tone and confidence in your body as well as a clear and alert mind.

Learn Turtle Longevity to integrate and balance the powerful Qi you have generated for a silky smooth flow of Qi inside and out. The pleasant sensations in the body and mind reflect the abundance of clarified energy you will cultivate in your practice.

QiBody Cultivation Level 1 Student Manual is a 30 page PDF with detailed background and explanations of techniques, a glossary of terms, and diagrams of internal energy centers. The manual covers many of the questions beginners have asked and is a valuable companion to the DVD’s. When you order the set it will be sent to the email that was used to purchase.