Layla Martin - Jade Pleasure

Layla Martin - Jade Pleasure.  It's hard for me to put into words the benefits and massive shifts working with a Jade Egg and Layla Martin's Jade Plea...

Layla Martin - Jade Pleasure

Layla Martin - Jade Pleasure


It's hard for me to put into words the benefits and massive shifts working with a Jade Egg and Layla Martin's Jade Pleasure Course ignited for me last year. But the course is open for enrollment again this week (just until April 11th!) and because I want you to get a taste of what its like, I'm going to do my best!

1- I forged a completely new relationship to my body where I literally feel waves of incredible tenderness and gratitude for her. I feel like I'm finally on the same team with my body and the amount of energy that has freed up in my life is truly remarkable.

2- Within that loving relationship to my body, I have a whole new relationship to my yoni (my lady parts) which has been a total game changer. It boggles my mind now to think of how I expected to have great sex and a deep intimate connection to my partner while completely ignoring my vagina. That makes no sense!

A loved up vagina is like a secret superpower to creating the love and connection you want and to deeply loving your body. It's helped me feel and own my worth as a woman and as a human being more than any other personal development work I've done. And as a certified personal growth junkie, that's really saying something!

3- And well to be blunt, since working with the Jade Egg, sex. is. better. Like WAY better.

Over the years without even realizing it, I had lost a lot of sensation in my vagina. Sex still felt good most of the time, but it wasn't something I really craved. I realize now that's because my vagina was numbed out to much of the pleasure available in sex (check out Ripen Episode 8 and Episode 10 coming April 13th for my thoughts on why I think the numbing happened).

I started Layla's Jade Pleasure Course totally unaware that I was experiencing numbness and got my mind completely blown as I began to experience more sensation again. I even started having vaginal orgasms which until last year I would have sworn on my life where a total myth.

So yeah, I guess you could say I'm a big fan of Layla's course, and I am truly honored to be affiliating for it while it is open for enrollment until Tuesday, April 11th!  

You can get all the details and sign up for the course here.

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 *NOTE: I've used my affiliate link in this post. Sign up for the course through my link and you'll receive a yummy bonus free 30-minute coaching session with me to dive in on any challenges that come up as you integrate the jade egg work into your life.

The quick and dirty on Jade Pleasure.. It’s a 7 week virtual course, and you get lifetime access to work on it anytime from anywhere.

A 100% Canadian nephrite Jade Egg is included with the course - so no more worrying about where you can safely purchase an egg.

The Jade Egg is getting a lot of attention these days - both positive and negative. It's riling up some feathers because it truly is a powerful healing tool that I believe is fueling a revolution of women owning their sexual power and pleasure.

If you have concerns about the safety of using a jade egg, check out this informative and well researched article from Layla on

Like any practice, there are safe and healthy ways to approach the Jade Egg which is why I am so passionate about Layla's course. She has taken ancient wisdom passed down from woman to woman and created a thoroughly modern, easy to approach system that will produce benefits for you from the very first practice.

If I sound jazzed up it's because I'm truly passionate about this and can't wait to hear how working with the egg impacts your life.

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