Lauren Hom - The Creative Workshop Launch Kit

Lauren Hom - The Creative Workshop Launch Kit | Instant Download !  Does the idea of teaching your own workshop excite you…and then immediately overwhelm you? M...
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Lauren Hom – The Creative Workshop Launch Kit | Instant Download !


Does the idea of teaching your own workshop excite you…and then immediately overwhelm you?

Maybe you’ve seen your favorite artists teaching workshops, and you know it’s something you want to try someday. But what you don’t know is:

  • What to teach?
  • Where to host it?
  • How to sell tickets?
  • How much to charge?
  • How to get people to sign up?

…plus a thousand other unknowns that keep your workshop dreams on the ‘someday’ list.

Maybe you started drawing, crafting, or making art a few years ago, and your friends and followers are now avid fans, constantly leaving comments on your posts like “Omg how did do you make this?!” or “You’re so talented! Teach me!”

Perhaps you took up chalk lettering or calligraphy and now, every time you’re working on a menu board or a wedding invitation suite, you get questions about materials, time, and techniques. (“What pen is that?”)

Maybe you’ve even had suggestions and requests to teach your skills to others. Or maybe you’ve already got a few great ideas for a live workshop (Brush lettering! Font making! Photo retouching! Watercolor illustration! Scrapbooking! Macrame!), but you just haven’t got the time or know-how to get one going.



  • A skill, craft, or hobby you love and you know others will love too
  • Requests from fans, friends, or followers for lessons and tutorials
  • Ideas for workshops that have been collecting dust on your to-do list


…but don’t know how or where to get started, then I made something to put you on the fast-track to teaching that creative workshop you’ve been dreamin’ about.



What started as a small Google Doc to help my friends turned into this 60 page comprehensive guide to turning your creative talents into profitable workshops! I packed my experience from teaching 35+ workshops into this beefy PDF guidebook. It covers everything I wish I knew when I started planning my own workshops.


Planning your workshop should be FUN, not frustrating. Every section of the guidebook comes with worksheets designed to help get those ideas out of your head and out into the world. If you’re a textbook messy artist like I am, these worksheets will be a lifesaver as you put together all the moving pieces of your workshop.


Use these as starting points for your workbook, presentation, and legal event release (US law). Most creatives will want to design their own materials, but what I know they absolutely DO NOT want to do is think about the legal stuff associated with hosting a workshop…which is why I had my lawyer draft this template for you.

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