Laura Roeder - Blogging for Business

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Laura Roeder - Blogging for Business digital download. Info: [1Video (MOV) 1 Audio (MP3) 1 Manuals (PDF) 1 Template (DOC)]. In this course you’ll get: A...
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Laura Roeder - Blogging for Business

Type: Digital download

Format: [1Video (MOV) 1 Audio (MP3) 1 Manuals (PDF) 1 Template (DOC)]

Blogging for Business

You’ll get:

• A simple technique for finding topics your readers will drool over

• A system for getting others to write for you

• A schedule for when to post and how to stay consistent

• 1+ hour, downloadable course & guide & resources

1 tip you can use right now:

I’ll let you in on a little secret: your favorite bloggers are lying to you.

I’ve been posting every freakin’ day for over 2 years and I can tell you that the conventional wisdom about blogging is going to actually hurt your business and waste your time.

But don’t take my word for it. You’re smart enough to know this for yourself, that’s why you probably resisted clicking on this link when you saw a headline that even hinted at a teaching you how to blog.

So what are the lies?

• You must blog every day. (Yeah right. Then we do you run your business?)

• Blogging is a form of self-expression. (Sure, if you’re a 14-year-old girl.)

• It’s all about social capital. (Try buying a sandwich with “social capital” and tell me if you’d rather have more of that or more cash.

• Blogging is about getting more readers. (I love you and I’m grateful that you ‘hit’ my site, but ‘hits’ are meaningless goal.)

So what do you do? Here’s 1 actionable tip

Let me start by giving you the tip.

You’ve got a year’s worth of blogging topics right under your nose. Just go and look at the questions that your customers are asking you over and over again, and at the questions your competitors’ customers are asking. You can check Twitter, Facebook, or the comment area. Literally no question is too basic.

Don’t believe me? I don’t blame you. I was skeptical too. But at the start of this course Laura revealed her Google Analytics data and showed how her most popular post was “What’s a retweet?” Can it be more basic than that? Can’t you practically answer questions like that in your sleep (or hire someone to do it)?

She didn’t stop there. She also showed how she turns those hits into leads and then customers. And — to explain that this tactic works for other sites — she showed how other company blogs and their stats.

Want more?

Get the course. You knew I’d say that, right? But…

If you convert even one customer as a result of this course, it will be worth it to you.

To ensure you get results, I did the course with Laura Roeder, founder of Roeder Studios. I specifically asked Laura to lead this course because she’s given me wonderful advice on social media marketing, and how to convert visitors into buyers. Her business has just crossed the $1M mark this year, up from $300K last year — so she not only teaches these principles but uses them with great effectiveness on her own business.

Blogging for a business ISN’T a waste of time. It can get your more leads and more customers, get you found in search, and build trust with your audience.

What About You?

Could you use more leads and customers for your business?

Have you considered blogging for your business?

I created a course to show you how to get more leads and customers through blogging for business.

What you get in this course

• Fully downloadable session in both audio and video formats

• Full course notes, including a plugins that will boost optins on your site