Larry Jennings - Classic Magic

Larry Jennings - Classic Magic.  You will not believe how much stuff this book contains. Let me count …Sorry, I lost count. However, the table of contents tak...
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Larry Jennings - Classic Magic

Larry Jennings - Classic Magic

 You will not believe how much stuff this book contains. Let me count …

Sorry, I lost count. However, the table of contents take up five(!) pages. That’s how big this book is.

Larry Jennings’ name is well-known in the magic world. Classics such as “The Visitor”, “Ambitious Classic” and “Open Travelers”, are all expertly explained in this book.

Jennings’ strong side was to streamline his magic. Making the effect very clear, and the method as direct as possible. He was a student and friend of Dai Vernon’s, and this shows through in his routining. Every move is motivated and natural, and nothing is left out.

Apart from the routines, all sleights used are described and credited accordingly. The book also has references to where routines and sleights were originally published and by whom.

Jennings came from the raw sleight of hand-era, so expect some real knuckle-busters throughout the pages. There are, of course, a lot of easier routines and sleights in the book as well.

When I got this book, I didn’t know where to start. There was so much content! I assure you though, that no matter where you dive in, you’ll find something of interest.

“An absolute must for all lovers of the poetry of magic.” -Dai Vernon

288 pages, hardbound with dustjacket, with over 440 excellent illustrations by Tom Gagnon and over 80 effects and 90 sleights fully explained to make learning easy. I didn’t lose count this time.
Contents of Classic Magic of Larry Jennings

Always Cut The Cards
2002 Aces
Twisting The Plot
The Spectator Cops The Silver
Misdirection Cards To Pocket
A Problem With Hofzinser
Double Double Lift
In The Palm of Your Hand
The Bet
Peripathetic Coins
The Immaculate Insertion
The Bonus Trick
The Mystery Card
Plotting The Twist Aces
The Hook
Well Oiled Reset
The Elmsley Count
The Jennings Opener
The Pacoima Solution
The Card In The Beer Bottle
Heads I Win, Tails You Lose
Shut Up And Deal
The Maestro’s Poker Demonstration
Hamman Count
The Jennings Revelation
The Chinese Connection
Visual Copper And Silver
The Optical Prediction
L.J. Ten Card Problem Variation
The Top Card Cover Pass
The Card In The Hat
The Courting Queen
Easy Expert Coins Across
The Heel Steal
Collectors I
Ambitious Classic
Royal Twist
Gambler’s Aces
Coins and Handkerchief
French Drop
The General Card
The Lie Detector
Collectors IV - The Skip Tracers
Spectator’s Choice
Twist’ In
King’s Triumph
The Observation Test
Collectors II
Reaping the Aces I & II
Standing Three Eagles
Departure From A Point
Ambitious Classic Variation
Any Ace Called For
Gathering Add-On
Open Travellers
The Travelling Expert
One To Five
The Visitor
Triple Discovery
Last Minute Visitor
Impromptu Wildcard
The Homing Card
E.J. Count
The Wave Vanish
Homing Card Variation
Wallet Deck Switch
Jennings On Vernon’s Triumph
Collectors III
Twist’ In II
L.J. On Leipzig’s Sympathetic Cards
The Visiting Expert
Collectors V - Distributraction
The Jennings Bill Switch
Clink-A-Clink Coins Across
Out-Standing Triumph
Cut Reverse I
Cut Reverse II
Instant Aces
Slap Me Again (I Needed That)
Ambidextrous Travellers
The Snap Lift
The Center Lift
The L.J. Toss
Double Think
The Larreverse
Spectator’s Triumph
Single Cup & Balls Routine

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