Larry Goldfarb - Articulating Changes

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Larry Goldfarb - Articulating Changes digital download. Info: [1 eBook - PDF] | 6.92 MB. Articulating Changes offers an explicit, clear framework for und...
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Larry Goldfarb - Articulating Changes

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Format: [1 eBook - PDF]

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Articulating Changes: Preliminary notes to a theory for Feldenkrais®, is Larry Goldfarb's Master's thesis in Cybernetic Systems (San Jose State University, 1990).

Articulating Changes offers an explicit, clear framework for understanding the method developed by Moshe Feldenkrais. Using a systemic approach that borrows concepts from cybernetics - like contraints and feedback - Larry develops a model for understanding how the Feldenkrais Method® works. Each chapter interweaves case studies with the concepts, illustrating these ideas in a remarkably readable way.

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What one reader had to say:

"I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying reading
ARTICULATING CHANGES. I love the way that in each chapter you create a curiosity for the following chapter, and the case studies are a wonderful example of the information you are trying to convey. (It's great to read about how you work with people, too.) I am learning about cybernetics, plus getting ideas of ways to talk more clearly about this method. Thank you for this clearly articulated explanation of the method!"