Larry Crane & Lester Levenson - The Abundance Book

Larry Crane & Lester Levenson - The Abundance Book. : Teaching The Amazing Release Te…Most People are too Busy Worrying and Earning a Living to Have a LifeThi...
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Larry Crane & Lester Levenson - The Abundance Book: Teaching The Amazing Release Te…

Larry Crane & Lester Levenson - The Abundance Book

Most People are too Busy Worrying and Earning a Living to Have a Life

This exciting book will help you:
Rid yourself of stress
Manifest your dreams into reality
Rid yourself of fear, which is holding you back from having everything in life
Get rid of the failure habits that are holding you back in life such as procrastination
Rid yourself of worrying and spinning
Access answers from your higher self, instead of being frustrated with old answers or no answers
Rid yourself of the habit of beating yourself up
Clear away the years of accumulated confusion
Have abundant health, joy and riches
Be in total control of your life with ease

Harvard and Columbia Universities study validates effectiveness of the Release Program

Having this book in your possession is like having an instructor at your beck and call, any time you want an instructor to help you, just open the book up! You will sit back and watch your limitations just fly out without effort on your part - it’s that simple.

Here’s What You’ll Receive

You’ll receive “The Abundance Book” which will take you step by step in learning this life changing technique and change your life forever.
You will learn in the privacy of your home how to eliminate any and all of life’s burdens and obstacles that are in the way of getting what you truly want in life.
By practicing these step by step techniques which will take you all the way to a place where you will experience abundance, riches, health and unlimited happiness, and eliminate stress from your life. You will reach the state of abundance! A most powerful place to be. A place where everything and anything is possible.

You’ll discover Lester’s secret and discover for yourself why it works for everyone.
You’ll receive power-packed information which details how to uncover your ability.
You will receive absolutely FREE, 2 bonus audios! These audios will keep you on the right track… towards unlimited happiness and prosperity.

In 1952, after being sent home by his doctors to die, Lester realized two TRUTHS that literally saved his life.

The first is that his own feelings were the cause of all of his problems, and not the world or the people in it, as he had previously thought. He also realized his own negative feelings were what he had struggled so hard and long against. And, this struggle was what had destroyed his health and caused him to suffer in every way.

The second truth is he discovered he had the inborn ability to let go of his negative feelings. He discovered how to completely discharge them and suppressing, coping and venting as he had previously done, he discovered how to totally release them. This put an end to his struggle! He found permanent happiness. And, he found the more he released his negative feelings, the happier and healthier he became. In fact, within three months he was completely well, and he stayed well for over 40 more years!

Lester discovered something else - every aspect of his live fot better, too. A short time later he became a millionaire!

You know from your own experience, that when too many negative feelings build up in you, you feel anxious, uncomfortable and unhappy. The first thing you’ll try to do is get away from them. You’ll do this by suppressing them (hiding them from yourself is the worst thing you can do), coping with them (trying to escape their effects by various means), or by venting them.

Lawrence Crane
Author, Lecturer, Self-Made Millionaire

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