Lance Beggs - YTC Price Action Scalper

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Lance Beggs - YTC Price Action Scalper digital download. Info: [1 eBook (PDF)]. Learn How to Adapt the YTC Price Action Trader to Lower Timeframes, allo...
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Lance Beggs - YTC Price Action Scalper

Type: Digital download

Format: [1 eBook (PDF)]



YTC Price Action Scalper

Learn How to Adapt the YTC Price Action Trader to Lower Timeframes, allowing More Trade Action in just a 1-2 Hour Session Per Day.

YTC PAT Supplementary ebook - YTC Scalper

Intraday Scalping for the FX Futures and E-mini Futures Markets

If you enjoyed the YTC Price Action Trader, and wish to explore the application of this strategy on lower scalping timeframes... this supplementary ebook will demonstrate the way that I did it.

  • Higher Timeframe: 5 minute

  • Trading Timeframe: 1 minute

  • Lower Timeframe: 1 range

PLEASE NOTE: YTC Price Action Trader is a prerequisite... without it you'll be missing some key components. Please read it first!

What is the YTC Scalper

The YTC Scalper documents my evolution as a trader, as I took the YTC Price Action Trader methodology to even shorter timeframes... with the trading timeframe now being 1 minute and the lower timeframe being 1-range.

Operating on such a short timeframe presents new challenges... in particular too much information, too fast.

Adapting the YTC PAT strategy required a rethink about how we profit in these markets... and a breaking down of some well established beliefs... because at these timeframes, some of the routines and procedures which are effective on higher timeframes are not only irrelevant, but also quite possibly dangerous to your session P&L.

YTC Scalper explains in a step-by-step fashion:

  • The reason simplification is essential to scalping success;

  • How I implemented a process of simplification of the strategy; and

  • Numerous trade examples to reinforce the YTC Scalper concepts.

The result for me personally was a renewed passion for trading; a simpler (although equally as challenging) process that was more enjoyable than ever before.

Here's the end result for you:

  • 203 pages of quality scalping information.

  • Including 195 charts and diagrams.

  • And hopefully also a renewed passion for trading, to match my own.

Who is this for?

This ebook is only relevant to previous readers of YTC Price Action Trader (an essential prerequisite) who are interested in intraday scalping of the FX Futures or E-mini Futures markets.

I do not recommend it for forex traders due to the increased costs associated with their spreads.

In addition, it makes use of Keltner Channels and range bar charts. If you don't have access to them.... well, maybe you need to upgrade your charting platform first. :-)