Lacy Phillips - The Expander Mini Workshop

Lacy Phillips - The Expander™ Mini WorkshopManifestation Powered by Neuroscience This process is backed by Neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s incredible ab...
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Lacy Phillips - The Expander™ Mini Workshop

Lacy Phillips - The Expander Mini Workshop

Manifestation Powered by Neuroscience

This process is backed by Neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s incredible ability to change throughout our lives. It’s a fact that every time we learn or do something new, our brain changes. Our brains are also shaped and molded by everything we have experienced - both positively and negatively. We can take agency over our experience and manifest the things we want in life instead of defaulting to a negative subconscious narrative. Identifying and reprogramming these limiting beliefs is exactly what you will learn in our workshops. Repetition and emotional intensity are key to creating lasting changes in your brain, which is why we recommend a daily commitment to this work for optimal results.

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Just wanted to share that I’ve manifested about 6k this week. I received several gifts - a contractor did hours of extra work for me for free, a friend invited me to attend her $250 conference for free, and going through my accounts I found 4K+ I wasn’t aware was there (and really not sure how it got there)… feeling very excited for the future.

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