Kristy-Lea Tritz - Dream it! Create it! Live it! Course Creation and Book Writing Academy

Kristy-Lea Tritz - Dream it! Create it! Live it! Course Creation and Book Writing Academy digital download.

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Kristy-Lea Tritz - Dream it! Create it! Live it! Course Creation and Book Writing Academy

Type: Digital download

Kristy-Lea Tritz - Dream it! Create it! Live it! Course Creation and Book Writing Academy

Kristy-Lea Tritz - Dream it! Create it! Live it! Course Creation and Book Writing Academy

Creating Online Courses and Writing Books Takes Time..

It’s true, there can be a lot to consider when creating monetizeable content such as online courses and books.

Questions like this might be flooding your mind - Where do I start? How do I know my idea will create me a profit system? How do I publish my content?

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed and frustrated, leaving you never creating anything or creating something that doesn’t sell!

It Doesn’t Have To Be Hard!

I have created dozens of content pieces including courses for a local college, online courses, masterclasses and more. Iv’e published 7 of my own books 6 of which were bestsellers on Amazon. I know how to build content that returns a profit.

In the Dream it! Create it! Live It academy I will take you step by step mentoring you along the way through coaching and group sessions to :

1. Prepare: Preparing allows you to build the solid foundation you need to really flourish

2. Plan: With a plan of action you are more likely to experience success

3. Execute: Put those skills you have learned into action

You will also experience three areas of execution:

1. Discover and Uncover: This phase will ensure you have uncovered and discovered everything you can. It will also have you really ready to create by getting your surrounding environment ready, your mindset ready and really creating for you a solid foundation to build on.

2. Create and Customize: This phase is all about getting the work done. You will be presented with easy to take action steps that are provided in a fill in the blank format ensuring your success, no matter what your creating once you learn the steps you will be able to generate profit.

3. Launch and Profit: You will go through a step by step launching and profiting sequence which will take you from beginning to seeing that first bit of profit in your account!

These three stages will take you from idea/concept, to creation of content, ending you up with a launch that returns you a profit!

You will learn:

*How to easily and quickly, in 5 steps, create your content without compromising quality

*How to find and answer the “need” question to provide what your audience wants in a course and book

*You will be walked through the sprout launch to grow your list as well as the bloom and blossom lunches to keep adding to that list

*You’ll be mentored throughout the entire process. No more overwhelm or unsure actions. Just dedicated actions that lead to results

*Create your very own success calendar to guarantee no matter what you work on in the future you will have time for it! TIME FREEDOM is on the horizon!

*Develop the mindset of an athlete that will allow you to accomplish anything you set out to

*and much more…

Whether you are just starting out or looking to add something else to your exceptional profit generating machine this year long academy will help you with its step by step outline that takes you from the very begging to launching!

There is so much to discover and uncover about your very own passion and purpose driven business!


BONUS 1: Professionally designed cover for your book (Back and front) $300 value

BONUS 2: 6 Group sessions plus access to our academy private FB group $1500 Value

BONUS 3: Professionally designed interior for your book $300 value

BONUS 4: Social Media Package Editable Templates $60 Value

BONUS 5: Speaker One Sheet Editable Template $40 Value

BONUS 6: Professional Editing of your finished manuscript $

BONUS 7: Inclusion in Pre-Academy Access Anthology Book Project to jumpstart your contact list

BONUS 8: Clarity call/discovery call Workbook BONUS VALUE: $49

BONUS 9: The Million Dollar Fill in the Blank Planner: To plan your way there BONUS VALUE: $1,000,000 if you implement it and follow a step by step plan, if you don’t use it and implement it fully it could still be thousands or hundreds of $’s for you in profit

BONUS 10: Calendar of Success Planning Video and Worksheet

BONUS 11: List Building Idea Sheet: This sheet will help you build your list with different ideas on how you can do that BONUS VALUE: $49

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