Kristopher Dillard - The Abundance & Bliss Retreat

Kristopher Dillard - The Abundance & Bliss Retreat digital download.

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Kristopher Dillard - The Abundance & Bliss Retreat

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Kristopher Dillard - The Abundance & Bliss Retreat

Kristopher Dillard - The Abundance & Bliss Retreat

BREAK FREE of all the noise telling you who you should be. Awaken to the True You and create the life you want.

Quiet the mind…

The mind is an instrument created by you to image the Oneness, and separate it into many interralated parts.

The mind is simply the sum total of all thoughts, conscious and subconscious. The subconscious mind is merely the thoughts that we are not looking at now.

The subconscious mind is running us — making us the victims of habit.

The thing that keeps us from recognizing and expressing our limitlessness is only the mind (conscious and subconscious).

If we are to express this infinite nature, we can do it only by getting behind this mind.

When we reach the realm behind the mind, we operate without thoughts, intuitively, and are in harmony with the whole universe.

The direction is to still the mind

Quiet the mind and you’ll see your infinity right there.

Just let go of the mind completely and what’s left over is your infinite beingness, all knowing, all powerful, everywhere present.

The more you quiet the mind, the more you feel the Self — and the better you feel. You feel as good as your mind is quiet.

When the mind vanishes, there the Self is. Where the Self is, there is no mind.

A thought is an assumption of lack causing a wish to fulfill it.

It’s so simple! You just stop the thoughts and the infinity that you are is self-obvious.

What kind of special purposes will this 9 Day Retreat fulfill?

During these wonderful nine days, you will learn how to easily erase and eliminate the noise within you which has prevented you from experiencing the abundance, bliss and perfection in your life …now!

You will love to learn the EASIEST way to eliminating what has caused the craziness and lack of abundance, perfection, peace of mind in your life and while just “opening up” and allowing everything to come your way.

Kristopher Dillard - The Abundance & Bliss Retreat

This exciting, enlightening, new retreat will help you…

  • Remove everyday annoyances, worries and irritations from your life so you experience perfection.
  • Learn how to dismantle your mind so you’re no longer dragged along it’s wild ride.
  • Learn how to stay present in your everyday life, deeply rooted in your Beingness.
  • Feel more in tune with life’s events and calm in the face of storms.
  • Experience the joys of a still mind.
  • Learn how to meet any challenge with presence and imperturbability, and watch those challenges disappear.
  • Be more productive and have greater energy.
  • Learn to be always at peace with the present moment and see that nothing in the world can ever be against you.
  • Manifest your dreams into reality and discover how to do it constantly.
  • Experience bliss in your life and contribute to the bliss of the world.

Where we are doing this

I have reserved nine days at the beautiful Cheile Gradistei Resort, located in the heart of Romania.

Just kilometers away from Castle Bran, the residence of Count Dracula, this fairytale land where peace and pleasant atmosphere, traditions and picturesque landscape combine to create the ideal environment to do this most beautiful work.

Kristopher Dillard - The Abundance & Bliss Retreat

With a spa and wellness center, you can enjoy dry and wet saunas, chromotherapy and Jacuzzi, pool, hot stone massage, and reflexology. You can also kick back and relax in the warm and relaxing tea house to enjoy a hot tea or frappe.

You lodging includes three healthy and delicious meals each day, featuring traditional countryside cuisine amidst the astounding panorama of the Bucegi and Piatra Craiului Mountains.

Most importantly, this immersive, peaceful, and natural setting provides the perfect backdrop for your inner growth and transformation.

Kristopher Dillard - The Abundance & Bliss Retreat

Learn how to quiet the mind - permanently.

How do you do it?

It’s simple.

Let it go — letting go of the negative feelings and emotions instead of suppressing or expressing them. Letting go of our stressful emotions is a natural ability that we all have, but seldom, if ever use.

Imagine how good your life will be once you take this ability to the next level and start instantly dissolving even long-standing problems.

Join me in Romania!

The cost is $1,295 plus lodging and meals (details coming soon).

And you can save when you bring friends …

For each friend you bring along who had not attended a retreat, you’ll save $300.

That means if you bring four friends, your tuition is FREE (plus each of your friends will save $300 off their tuition too).

The 9-Day Abundance & Bliss Retreat

Make one payment of $1295 or three monthly payments of $432

How to use the discounts:

Location and Lodging Info

Cheile Grădiștei Cheile Gradistei Fundata, Cheia 507131, Romania

680 Euro - Single Occupancy 520 Euro - Double Occupancy

3 Fantastic Meals Included Each Day Vegitarian Options Available

Registration Instructions:

Step 1

Register for the retreat by clicking, “Sign Up Today”

Step 2

Reserve your room by calling +40 722.461.182 or emailing [email protected]

Let us know if you prefer single or double occupancy. Single occupancy is €680, double is €520 (meals included). You will pay your lodging when you arrive and check in.

Step 3

For transport from Bucharest International Airport (OTP), call +40 722.461.182 or email [email protected]

Private taxis / towncars / vans can be reserved at the following rates: 

From Bucharest International Airport 1 person — €100 (total each way) 2-4 persons — €120 (total each way) 8 persons — €180 (total each way) 

From Brasov Railway Station 1 person — €20 (total each way) 2-4 persons — €25 (total each way)

For Full Info and Directions

I found myself trying to intellectually figure out Lester’s talks, I understand everything intellectually, however I’m struggling experiencing it. And I see know that intellectually “knowing” this helps me none.

A strong breakthrough I got regarding figuring things out is when you said “we’re asking the hammer how to build the house”.

I’m understanding more experientially with your course, it’s wonderfully put together, and I feel your authenticity through the videos.

Thank you Kris.



It’s a wonderful new start for me, going back to the simplicity of Lester’s method.

Initially I got to quiet so easily and was determined to continue with that, then it hit avoidance, always having something or someone interrupting me, even my sleep has been disturbed. Until I witnessed what I had put into play.

What is wonderful is that I do not have any guilt or beating myself up, I decided to take it slowly and observe it with gentle awareness. which has been so nice to witness. I can’t think of any examples that are easy to articulate. My levels of understanding using the tools have improved.

Thanks for everything.


Your course has been very helpful, easy to understand and easy to follow.

I love the way you explain something, then show us how to apply it. Then you give us some examples of the challenges that we may face and how to handle it. It makes it very easy and fun to relate to in my life. Then you reference it back in the next session.

A lot of questions were answered about the method. Now I am using the method instead of wishing I could do what Lester said he could do.

I’ve listened to 6 sessions so far and I have a gain to report. I’ve been wanting my job to make me a permeant employee for the last painful 10 months. I listened to each session, followed along, did all the exercises and my homework. Three days ago, my boss said HR has started my permeant status process. I look forward to the next sessions.

Having gains is just icing on the cake. Learning how to master my feelings and thoughts and tapping into quiet whenever I choose to is beyond words. So, thank you!

With Love,


Prove it to yourself. The key to living a life of peace and abundance is inside you. You have the answer - you just have to own it now.

Love, Kristopher Dillard

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