Kristopher Dillard - Awakening to the Real You Retreat

Kristopher Dillard - Awakening to the Real You Retreat digital download.

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Kristopher Dillard - Awakening to the Real You Retreat

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Kristopher Dillard - Awakening to the Real You Retreat

Kristopher Dillard - Awakening to the Real You Retreat

BREAK FREE of all the noise telling you who you should be. Awaken to the True You and create the life you want. 

Directions and Lodging Instructions

It’s time…

  • …time to unshackle yourself from your ego’s grip.
  • …time to activate your higher consciousness.
  • …time to bring presence and harmony into your daily life.
  • …time to awaken from the nightmare of limitations and lack.

And yeah… the time is NOW.

Right now you have the opportunity to step beyond the illusion of the ego-created drama of confusion, doubts, hardship, and struggle.

Once you see that the constant fight to create a life on this planet is totally unnecessary, and new and wondrous reality arises.

There is no separation between you and the world.

You are THE creator. And once you experience this fully, the world becomes a benign and abundant extension of your loving consciousness.

The 9-Day Awakening to the Real You Retreat will serve two very special purposes for you, if you are ready for it.

What kind of special purposes will this 9 Day Retreat fulfill?


It will eliminate your subconscious fear of dying.

It will eliminate from your subconscious the program of separation.

Let’s look at both of those in more detail (to see exactly what they mean):

Why eliminate the fear of dying?

The fear of dying (which we sense through the siren call of the ego) is very much like a Jelly Bean salesman that says:

“If you don’t buy my jelly beans you’re going to die”

Would you buy anything from that jelly bean salesman? Would you even hang around long enough to hear what they had to say?

I seriously doubt it.

You’d just walk away. Or tell the salesman to take a hike.

Yet, that ego has got you believing that if you don’t listen to it - if you don’t march to its tune - you’re going to die.

Which is nonsense.

All the fear of dying does is keep you from doing the things that could make a wonderful difference in your life.

After all:

If you didn’t have the fear of dying there’d be nothing holding you back.

You’d be free. Free to do (or not do) anything you wanted.

And you’d know (in your heart-of-hearts) exactly what you’d like to do with the rest of your life (when you no longer have that ego holding you back).

But what about the subconscious master program of separation?

What does that mean?

Wanting to be separate is the first program you put into yourself, to create that ego.

It’s the program that says: “I am a body and I am separate from everything else that I see.”

Sounds logical to the mind (the ego) - but it’s an illusionary program that keeps you feeling disconnected from life and your true source of joy.

This 9-Day Awakening to the Real You Retreat will take you through some very direct and powerful processes to dissolve both the fear of dying and the program of separation.

Day by day through the retreat, new inner experiential openings will occur in you.

When the fear of dying and the program of wanting to be separate are eliminated, an inner silence awakens in you to produce a condition of unshakeable inner steadiness and ecstatic bliss.

After 9 days (and fully engaged in the direct and powerful processes) you will find this remarkable inner transformation overflowing through your conduct into daily living and into your surroundings — gradually unfolding you and your entire experience of life into an ocean of divine love.

Interestingly, in the process of releasing the fear of dying and the wanting to be separate you will also discover that what is in you is also the basis of everything and everyone you see in the “outside” world.

In other words, by coming to know who you truly are (free from the ego-shackles of the fear of dying and free from the ego-straightjacket of wanting to be separate) you move into the realization that all around you is an expression of your own inner awareness and inner space.

And that’s when you come to realize YOU are everything.

You realize there is nothing to fear. There is nothing to be separate from. And know (from direct awareness) you hold the whole universe “in your hand”.

Kristopher Dillard - Awakening to the Real You Retreat

Experience what it’s like to operate in this world as the Real You…

  • Learn how to stay present in your everyday life, deeply rooted in your Beingness.
  • Learn how to dismantle your mind so you’re no longer dragged along it’s wild ride.
  • Discover that death is only an illusion, only an uncomfortable feeling. Once you rise above the specter of death, life becomes so easy and comfortable.
  • Discover how you can permanently free yourself from your ego identification, so you can move forward in life with no conditions and no limitations.
  • Dissolve all the pain and hardship of living in this world, and free yourself to have the world become your abundant playground.
  • Learn how to meet any challenge with presence, stillness and imperturbability, and watch those challenges disappear amidst the power of your presence.
  • Drop all of your attachments and aversions to the world, so you can experience the joy of Being.
  • Learn to be always at peace with the present moment and see that nothing in the world can ever be against you.
  • Tap into the source of your greatest creativity and boundless joyful expression and express it effortlessly all the time.

Where we’re doing this…

This 9 Day Retreat is taking place at Cheile Gradistei Resort, located in the heart of Romania.

Just kilometers away from Castle Bran, the residence of Count Dracula, this fairytale land where peace and pleasant atmosphere, traditions and picturesque landscape combine to create the ideal environment to do this most beautiful work.

Directions and Lodging Instructions

Kristopher Dillard - Awakening to the Real You Retreat

With a spa and wellness center, you can enjoy dry and wet saunas, chromotherapy and Jacuzzi, pool, hot stone massage, and reflexology. You can also kick back and relax in the warm and relaxing tea house to enjoy a hot tea or frappe.

You lodging includes three healthy and delicious meals each day, featuring traditional countryside cuisine amidst the astounding panorama of the Bucegi and Piatra Craiului Mountains.

Most importantly, this immersive, peaceful, and natural setting provides the perfect backdrop for your inner growth and transformation.

Kristopher Dillard - Awakening to the Real You Retreat

Register Now…

The cost is $1,295 plus lodging and meals for 520€ for a double room, or 680€ for a single room.

And guess what?

If you register for the 9 Day Awakening to the Real You Retreat before February 16th, you can participate in the 6 Week Conscious Couple Relationships Course for FREE.

So you can get a jumpstart on clearing up your consciousness, while saving $495, if you sign up before February 16th.


For each friend you bring along to the retreat, you’ll save $300. That means if you bring four friends, your tuition is FREE (plus each of your friends will save $300 off their tuition too).

Awakening to the Real You Retreat 

Make one payment of $1295 or three monthly payments of $432

Lodging and meal packages are 520€ for double occupancy, or 680€ for single occupancy.

We will contact you after registration to assist you in booking your room. Stay tuned for travel details to Cheile Gradistei.

Sign up before February 16th and participate in the 6 Week Conscious Couple Relationships Course for FREE.

For each friend you bring along to the retreat, you’ll save $300. Bring 4 friends and your tuition is FREE. Plus each friend saves $300.

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