Kody - YT Money Beta Access

Kody - YT Money Beta Access | Instant Download ! Kody - YT Money Beta AccessArchive: 1: IntroductionIntroduction to the course &...
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Kody - YT Money Beta Access | Instant Download !

Kody - YT Money Beta Access

Kody - YT Money Beta Access


Module 1: Introduction

  • Introduction to the course & what you can expect
  • How I Got Started

Module 2: Mindset

  • Chasing Perfection
  • Long Term Mindset
  • My Top Student Devon Making $60,000 Per Month

Module 3: Introduction to YT Money

  • Introduction (where are you at right now)
  • This Mini-course outline is broken into 3 primary lessons: The WHAT The WHY The HOW This …
  • List of 50 viral niches to get into
  • List Of 50 Of The Most Profitable And High CPM Niches (IN NO ORDER) We provided links to go alone…
  • How To Pick A Niche
  • How To Decide what kind of channel you want to start
  • How to Verify Your Channel

Module 4: Basics of creating content

  • Necessary Tools For Hacking YouTube
  • The worst part about youtube
  • How to get over the “Perfection” mindset
  • What Equipment Do You Need
  • How To Download Other People’s Videos
  • How To Edit Viral YouTube Videos
  • For this video i hired one of my editors who works for me to create a training video showing you …
  • Setting Up Upload Defaults
  • Optimizing Titles For Mobile

Module 5: Getting your channel monetized ASAP

  • What are the minimum requirements and how to hit them
  • How to speed up the review process
  • Partnering with a network
  • Purchasing A Monetized YouTube Channel

Module 6: How to make viral videos

  • Studying other channels/Copying what worksThe 2 things most important things to blow up a video
  • How to find and edit clips for your videos
  • Studying other channels Copying what works
  • How to make sure notifications get to all your followers
  • Encourage viewers to like the comment

Module 7: Getting High Click Thru Rate On a Video

  • The Art Of Clickbait
  • Where To Locate Click Through Rate In Analytics

Module 8: Getting High Audience Retention In Videos

  • How long should your videos be
  • The ADD Strategy
  • How long should your videos be?
  • Knowledge is great, but Applied Knowledge is even greater. Use this post as an opportunity to sha…
  • Show the highlight of the video in the very beginning
  • The balance between clickbait and good content
  • Encourage the viewers to watch until the end
  • Where To Locate Audience Retention In Analytics

Module 9: SEO

  • Tags
  • Mention keywords in the first 30 seconds of your video
  • How to steal tags from other channels
  • How to write a fully optimize description for your video
  • Video Description Template: *insert title*. In this video we go over *insert title*. For more …

Module 10: How to optimize your monetization

  • Brand Deals
  • Welcome to the Online Course Blueprint for Kajabi. This blueprint should be used as a guide …
  • how to properly secure a brand deal
  • Promoting Products
  • How To Increase Your CPM

Module 11: How to expedite the growth process and explode your channel

  • Community Tab
  • End Screens
  • Instagram Shoutouts

Module 12: Dealing with copyright issues

  • #1 secret to avoid getting copyright claimed

Module 13: The BIGGEST problems YouTubers face & solutions

  • How to deal with limited ads
  • How to deal with channel demonetization
  • In this video we go over how to deal with channel demonetization.
  • How to cuss and not get caught
  • List of low cpm keywords to avoid
  • Limited Ads Trick

The Best YouTube Training Program On Earth.

What you’ll get:

  • 5 Hours of Guided Coaching/Training Worth: $4.997
  • 50 Ludicrous CPM Niches Worth: $497
  • Mastermind & Coaching Access Worth: $1,000
  • Channel Review with a YouTube Expert Worth $2,000
  • Total Value: $8,494
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