Kirt Christensen and Ray Edwards - Immersion Workshop Videos

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Kirt Christensen and Ray Edwards - Immersion Workshop Videos digital download. Info: [13 FLV]. What the “Immersion Workshop” is all about, and why this ...
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Kirt Christensen and Ray Edwards - Immersion Workshop Videos

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Format: [13 FLV]

Immersion Workshop Videos

Immersion Workshop Day 1

What the “Immersion Workshop” is all about, and why this is an opportunity to really get your enterprise up and running – from idea to implementation.

* The 5 Keys to an Immersion Enterprise and Ray’s Exclusive Immersion Map.
* How to determine what your business goal really is, from the ground up.
* The simple way to take stock of what your current assets are: determining the value of your present Customers, Prospect lists and Strategic Alliance Partners (aka JV Partners)
* Kirt gets down to the nitty-gritty of AdWords, including the semi-magical powers of AdWords tracking.
* Get Kirt’s “secret checklist” of the right… and wrong… ways to set up AdWords campaigns.
* Blaze quickly through the basic and intermediate levels of Adwords, 100% fluff-free… so you can get right into the advanced stuff that makes you more money faster…
* Who does google reward? Find out how daily budgets effect the way Google treats you…
* How can you maximize your Content and Search campaigns and what are the differences between them.Plus, you’ll get the answers to these questions:
* Budgets – is bigger really better?
* Keywords – should you have more or less?
* Adgroups – how many ads should I have in each adgroup?
* Content Network – Do you turn it on, or turn it off?
* Keyword Generation – secret Ninja Tools that create massive keyword lists and beat your competitors at their own game!
* How to know which search terms have the highest converting traffic – before you spend a dime!

Then things really get crankin’ as Kirt reveals where to get an “automated robot” that sends you reports daily and improves the CTR of your adgroups (plus how to constantly and never-endingly improve your results!).

You’ll watch (and particpate!) as the class learns to:

1. Download/Install Kirt’s “top secret” FREE Adwords tool on all machines in the group
2. Choose a topic from among the group… and realize that finding a topic that you’re interested in that is also profitable is not difficult at all!
3. Find five competitors on the topic as easy as finding directions on Google Maps.
4. Generate a Keyword list of 250 keywords… and not just any keywords, but a rock-solid starting foundation to build from. Bypasses hours of boring, frustrating work.
5. Get the 5 best ads from the competitors websites… if you had your competitors 5 best-performing ads, do you think that would give you an advantage?

After this quick exercise puts you MILES ahead of most Adwords users, Kirt opens up the Secrets Vault and shows you the “power user’s version” of…

* Conversion Tracking Secrets that allow Kirt to manage millions of dollars in Adwords campaigns for his clients… and to make them tons of money… with very little work each day (about 13 minutes, in fact)
* Match types: Broad Match, “Phrase Match”, {Exact Match}.. what do they mean, how do you use them to your advantage, and the common mistakes that even “gurus” make.
* Benefits of using Negative Keywords – and how most people screw this up and cost themselves a lot of profit.
* Using the Keyword Grouper to break your keywords into Adgroups and why this makes you more profitable and gets you those coveted “cheap clicks”.

On the afternoon of Day One, you get a perfect seat for a lively Q&A session with Kirt & Ray…covering questions like:

* How do I do the “cost break analysis” on converting front end sales to back end sales and what I can spend and still make a profit?
* How long does it take Kirt to set up a new complete PPC campaign?
* What about those who don’t have a sales page up yet, how do you take the keywords we have been working on and merge them into a sales page?
* If you have a poor quality score how do you fix that?
* How can you get your ads to attract clients from specific locations or cities?
* And many more!

Immersion Workshop Day 2

Immersion Workshop Day 2 Sessions

Ray starts the day as he teaches his accelerated Copywriting 101 class… even if you’ve never written copy before, Ray will show the quick & simple shortcuts to creating copy that sells more of your stuff.

* The most profitable, true upside leverage on the internet: what it is, and how to get it.
* The two components of success in Internet marketing, and how to harness them in your business, quickly and easily.
* Plus, Ray starts his training on the 15 Basic Elements of Any Online Sales Letter… and how to create them.
* The best way to target the prime prospect for your message and instantly let then know, “this is for me”.
* A simple method for writing the lead of your sales letter… never again be faced with “blank page anxiety”, writer’s block, or any of that nonsense!
* The only way to keep the reader reading, grab their attention, and get them into your sales message.
* Instant credibility establishers that dissolve your prospects’ objections like magic.
* The magic section of any sales letter that reinforces the impact of the Big Idea of your sales copy.
* Reading your customers’ minds… how to let them know you “feel their pain”.
* The simple element that keeps people reading all the way to the end of your sales copy.
* How these short but powerful elements can boost your offer’s “pulling power” dramatically.
* Just what you need to know in preparation for when you actually begin writing your sales page copy!

* The magic ingredients that make any testimonial more believable and credible (it’s not what you might think)
* Why price is never a real issue… how to charge more and have better customer satisfaction… and how to make any price seem like a real bargain!
* Powerful “Risk Reversal” techniques that remove hesitation and motivate prospects to become buyers!
* Why most marketers screw up the “bonus” section… and a simple formula that will ensure you never do!
* Elements of Irresistible Offers… how to create ’em, how to write ’em, and how to format ’em for bigger sales numbers and higher conversion rates.
* The second most misunderstood element of any sales letter… why it should be one sentence long… and how it can make you extra sales on autopilot.
* The meta-Formula for writing any ad, any time, of any length.
* How to get Ray’s headline generating software that allows you to formulate winning headlines at a time.

Day Two is only getting started… after Ray unloads this concrete foundation in the secret art of copywriting and packs it firmly into your brain, Kirt returns to the front of the classroom…

* Kirt demonstrates a step by step tutorial on how to set up an Adwords campaign (all the way from choosing a topic and getting some keywords for it, to using Kirt’s “secret weapon software”Google.
* Kirt explores the differences between keyword targeted (cpc) advertising and site targeted (cpm) advertising and how to use them to your advantage. (The final steps to the process are explianed on the next video.)
* Kirt’s top tips for maximizing your time and multiplying your productivity.
* How you can stop doing all the stuff you don’t like in your business… and actually make more money!
* How projects can be coordinated between you, your assistant(s), and any outsource personnel you may have. Never again will anything fall through the cracks.
* The #1 source for finding outsource personnel to do work for you in your online business — the same service Kirt uses, and how he gets more out of it than others using the exact same service.
* Advice on how to maximize the use of outsourced employees, getting triple the productivity out of them at half the price (this is a comprehensive discussion with great tips from Kirt — and the workshop attendees).
* Discover the secrets to finding the red flags Google tags to your campaigns… fixing them… and getting your adwords campaign started.

Then follow along with the class and take just 20 minutes or so to…

1. Generate keywords: using Kirt’s “secret weapon” software to quickly generate 50 keywords
2. Write 2 unique ads: login to the hidden software resource app to set them up
3. Use the little-known Google Adwords software and press the button to upload to Google Adwords

* Plus, you get an in-depth discussion of Multi-variant testing… the differences between split testing and multi variant testing… and how these powerful tools can revolutinize your business and your profits.
* Advanced math software you can use to speed up the process and make it easier to get the results you want – and the best part is, you don’t need to know any math at all!

Immersion Workshop Day 3 Sessions

Remember, this is a live workshop recording… and the avalanche of material Kirt & Ray taught created an equal avalance of questions. The third day starts with another powerful Q&A with Kirt & Ray, answering questions like…

* How many active keyword/campaigns can you have on Google Adwords?
* What are the basics you need to start your adwords campaign and start making money?
* If you do an adwords campaign and you send them to a sales page and they don’t buy how do you get their information? Put up a squeeze page?
* Social Bookmarking….is it profitable?
* What is the most effective use of Adwords; what sells best?
* What is “lengthening the funnel”?
* How long are the statistics delayed on AdWords?
* Do you set up a different landing page when you are getting traffic from Google and from article marketing?

* How do you do traffic planning for your adwords campaign? What to spend to get the traffic you want.
* Which is best: double vs. single optins…
* The right (and wrong) wats to do what is commonly called “forced continuity”… and why this can either make you rich, or drive you to the brink of bankruptcy (and beyond).
* The ins and outs of “domain parking” – what is, does it work, and how to make it work for you.
* The inside story on Google “quality scores”. Was there every really a “Google Slap”? And if so… how do you avoid getting slapped?
* Where to get those legal disclaimers you see at the bottom of web pages, and why you should never copy them from someone else’s site(plus — do you really need them at all?).
* Secrets of getting your legitimate emails past spam filters and solving deliverability problems. It’s easier than you might think… but if you don’t know the simple solutions you can end up in a heap of trouble.

* What to do if you are getting too much spam in your email accounts. Ray reveals the super-easy method for getting rid of all spam – instantly! (and no, it’s not “hit the delete key”)
* How to avoid overexposure of your email address on your website and on the internet. Simple methods to prevent the bots from getting ahold of your email addresses.
* What is the best way to get my legal disclaimers and other documents?
* Ray reveals his plan for creating income from over 600 domains he owns… and how anyone can do the same.
* Ray and Kirt explore the realm of JV deals: How to cultivate them, where to find them, all the nitty gritty details….don’t miss it! (Plus find out what really goes on backstage at all those big marketing seminars!)
* What teleconferencing service should you use if you are going to do interviews and conference calls you want to records? Rays tells which one they use and why, as well as what kind of headphones he uses.

After the Q&A, Ray sets up the Copywriting Hot Seat and goes over the volunteer’s copy line by line.

Get into Ray’s head as he polishes the copy up so it really shines!

* Ray chips away the excess and hones it so it gets right to the target audience. See the transformation!
* Plus Ray shows his Landing page template — then says it’s okay to steal it! (This is the one that Ray found works best …. and he tells us why that is, from Headers, to bulletpooints and buttons — find out what works!).
* Then Ray talks about different Business Models and tells us it doesn’t matter what you start with — (what matters is using the Six Step Formula for Success)…
* Watch as Ray goes into detail about why this process works and how to apply it to any business model.

* Pricing Secrets revealed… how to always know exactly what to charge… and how to get your price!
* How to use your competition as research (but make sure you’re looking at the right clues!)
* Sneaky secrets of getting higher prices and having your buyers thank you for it!
* The one reason why higher prices can convert more sales, and the very specific way to use this to your advantage
* The best (and unexpected) uses for surveys in producing a product people want (how to make sure your every product actually sells!).
* How to have your customers write your best-selling copy for you!
* The right way to use split testing to uncover the “sweet spot” pricing for your product.
* Exploring the multipurpose uses of teleseminars (including some that most people never seem to think of).
* Three specific plans for “instant businesses” including the Free CD Model, the Forced Continuity Model, and the Affiliate Model… with tips on making each one work.

* The one Adwords trick that dramatically increases clickthroughs and sales… and is absurbly easy to use.
* The “secret weapon” snippert of PHP code that makes Adwords campaigns vastly more profitable.
* How to use the power of targted local ads to really put your campaigns on warp drive…
* Secrets of using the most-overlooked website analysis software that is worth thousands of dollars… but you can get it for free!
* Kirt’s last two “top secret” peices of software you must have — and how to get them!

* Kirt and Ray really dig into Article marketing, the ins and outs and how it has helped in specific case studies. They recommend specific tools for article marketing and how to use those tools to the greatest effect.
* Finally, Ray reveals to the group the artists that take care of his graphics for him, how he gets all kinds of website graphic done by these people (from headers to footers and everything in between) . They will do full sites or just single graphics for very low rates… an incredible resource that makes you look like a pro.

Note: This is workshop recordings