Kim Dushinski - Mobile Marketing Business in a Box

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Kim Dushinski - Mobile Marketing Business in a Box digital download. Info: [28 mp3, 36 pdf, 1 xls, 1 doc, 2 rtf ]. This Box includes everything you need...
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Kim Dushinski - Mobile Marketing Business in a Box

Type: Digital download

Format: [28 mp3, 36 pdf, 1 xls, 1 doc, 2 rtf ]


Mobile Marketing Business in a Box

Mobile Marketing Business in a Box includes everything you need to learn about how to start a mobile marketing business focused on working with local businesses.

You’ll learn all the strategic concepts, learn how to use all the tools and get connections with the right vendors so you can get started right away.


Mobile Marketing QuickStart
Sold separately for $77

  • Get a simple 5-step approach you can use to design mobile marketing campaigns from start to finish that get results.
  • Understand how the GOLDEN RULE IN MOBILE MARKETING will bring you more business almost like magic.
  • Learn how to ensure ROI for your mobile marketing efforts.
  • See examples of real-life campaigns that demonstrate what to do and what not to do.
  • Become aware of the legal guidelines you MUST follow when doing mobile marketing. It is not hard to do it right, but you have to know what right means.
  • Get a list of five things to NEVER do in mobile marketing because the consequences can be quite dire if you do.
  • Follow step-by-step guided instructions to build your own mobile website in less than an hour using the free mobile website builder that I recommend. Includes tips on what to put on your mobile website.
  • Start an SMS opt-in list and be ready to start sending out messages to your list in just another hour (or less). You’ll use a free tool that won’t cost you any monthly fees or per message charges.

Mobile Marketing Tool: Text Messaging
Sold separately for $197

  • Find out how to create text messaging campaigns that YOUR CUSTOMERS WANT to get on their phones.
  • The four different types of text messaging campaigns and which one to avoid at all costs
  • Learn the ANATOMY of a text message
  • Find out how to get your own short code
  • Discover why you might not want to get your own short code and what the alternative is
  • Five opt-in methods and how each of them work to build your SMS list
  • Real-life examples of SMS campaigns that are analyzed to show you why they work and why they don’t
  • Ten text message campaign strategies you can choose amongst
  • Know the rules and regulations around mobile spam so you don’t do it even unwittingly
  • Campaign ideas and Case Studies of text messaging campaigns
  • Ideas you can use today to start building your list quickly and smartly
  • A series of interviews with Text Message Vendors so you can find the right text message company to use

Mobile Marketing Tool: Mobile Web / Mobile Traffic
Sold separately for $297

  • Get a crystal clear picture of the Ideal Mobile Web Scenario.
  • Understand why it is not enough to simply strip out the graphics and make narrow pages
  • Get a definitive answer about whether or not to grab a .mobi domain
  • Find out what people are looking for on the mobile web and how to give it to them
  • 5 things ABSOLUTELY NOT to do when building your mobile site
  • Know how robust a mobile site you need to build
  • Discover the mobile analytics tool that is better than Google Analytics for mobile
  • Get your hands on the only mobile keyword research tool available
  • Hear an exclusive interview with one of the top Mobile SEO experts in the world
  • Get a list of mobile directories to submit your mobile site to for traffic building (Yes, this is a viable strategy in mobile even if it is old school on the desktop web)
  • Ten places to market your mobile website to build traffic
  • Hear my insider secrets on choosing your mobile site building tool

Mobile Marketing Tool: Mobile Advertising
Not sold separately

  • Four type of mobile advertising and what you need to know to use each of them
  • Objectives of mobile advertising and how knowing this makes your clients happy with you
  • Revenue opportunities in mobile advertising for you
  • The major ad networks and how to work with them
  • How to get your ad to show up on mobile search results
  • The wonderful world of App-vertising (advertising within mobile apps)
  • Placing ads in text messages – SMS Advertising

Business Building
Not sold separately

  • Find out how to choose your business model in mobile marketing.
  • Discover what your MOST VALUABLE ASSET will be when approaching potential clients
  • 8 Specific Marketing strategies for attracting clients to your mobile business services.
  • Create a Marketing Action Plan for your business
  • Learn how to present your mobile marketing services so that clients want to sign up for your services on the spot
  • Six questions you will have to answer in your clients’ minds before they will go for mobile marketing
  • Tools for CLOSING THE SALE including one really kick-butt one that has been passed down from my grandfather to my father and now I will share it with you.
  • Sample Mobile Marketing Proposal you can use to customize your own proposal to give to clients
  • Common OBJECTIONS you will hear as you present mobile to potential clients and how to overcome these objections

Vendor Connections

In order to launch your mobile marketing business you will need access to the right vendors (text messaging companies, mobile site builders, etc.). Depending upon your vertical market and specialty of service I will share my recommendations for the right vendor for your business.

Instant Access

Mobile Marketing Business in a Box is a 100% digital product. As soon as your order is complete you will have INSTANT access to it.