Kim Anderson - Just Start Podcasting 2021

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Kim Anderson - Just Start Podcasting 2021Kim Anderson - Just Start Podcasting 2021

What if you could get your own podcast show up in running in just 2 weeks?

Kim will teach you everything you need to know in her new step by step course!

Why should you consider starting a podcast? Because podcasts have been the future of online content creation for some time and now, the future is here.

It’s time to consider a new and valuable way to grow your audience, your platform, your reach and your authority.

With your voice.

Give your tribe a personality to connect with so they begin to really like, know and trust you.

Podcasting is easier than video yet can connect your audience on a very deep level as they listen on their commute, on the go, doing housework or at the gym.

Don’t get behind the mark and miss this perfect opportunity to learn how to podcast from scratch!

In this course, Kim eliminates the learning curve and gets you ready to launch a podcast with planning, strategy, and step by step implementation!

The only thing standing in your way right now is learning how to. And you can learn the how-to and get it out in the world in as little as two weeks with this course.

Kim Anderson uses her 3 years of Podcasting experience (plus her ability to make complex things easier) and delivers a course that gives you everything you need without the fluff to grab a microphone and Just Start Podcasting.

Don’t wait around. Now is the time to start.

Learn how to create your own podcast show in just 15 Steps.

What This Course Covers:

Phase 1- Get Organized

  • Tools
  • Focus
  • Important Prelimanary Decisions

Phase 2- Content Planning

  • Show Planning
  • Pre-work

Phase 3- Start Recording

  • How to Record
  • Editing Basics
  • Adding Music
  • Adding Intro/Outro
  • With a Co-host
  • Interviews

Phase 4- Editing and Publishing

  • Templates
  • File formatting
  • Hosting
  • Publication
  • RSS

Phase 5- Growing Your Podcast

  • Podcasting & Your Website/Blog
  • Attracting and Keeping Listeners
  • Monitiazation

Plus Bonus Videos!

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