Kevin Wilke - Simple Agency Sales System

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Kevin Wilke - Simple Agency Sales System digital download. Info: [35 Video’s (MP4) + 28 Doc’s (DOCX) +18 Images (PNG)+ 8 Audio (WAV) + 5 Doc’s (XLSX) + 5 ...
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Kevin Wilke - Simple Agency Sales System

Type: Digital download

Format: [35 Video’s (MP4) + 28 Doc’s (DOCX) +18 Images (PNG)+ 8 Audio (WAV) + 5 Doc’s (XLSX) + 5 Doc’s (PDF) + 1 Doc’s (PPTX) + 1 Audio (MP3) + 1 Video (SWF)+ 1 Video (WEBM)]


Set Up Your Agency's Simple Sales System!

20 Fast Action Takers Get Hands-on Training with Chuck Where Your First Sale ($14,000 - $28,000/Year Value) is Done WITH YOU!

- Chuck is the MASTER CLOSER and we've commissioned him to help you close your first deal (limited to the first 20 who purchase on this call).

- His 3-Pronged step-by-step approach gets you paid to propose...set up...and collect monthly fees from your clients.

- Ride in the co-pilot's seat as Chuck presents & closes your deal (and you'll take home the recording)!

- Know exactly what to say & do to start collecting checks the minute your new appointment setters fill up your calendar!

Bonus #1: The "Glengarry Glenn Ross" 2 HOT Lead Systems!

2 specific simple marketing systems to get you hot leads every single day!

The Facebook "Phone Lead" Ad campaign

The Linkedln "Money Leads" System

Bonus #2 - Prospectzio!

Get thousands of prospects in any city or zip code and any niche!

Gathers names, phone numbers, addresses vrebsdes & moat addresses

Enter in as many as 20 keywords at a time

Set it & forget it -view your results online or export to CSV

Bonus #3 GoMobile Bootcamp FREE Ticket to GoMobile's Upcoming Exclusive 2-Day Marketing Bootcamp Intensive!

Join us in sunny Florida for a mastermind-like setting!

Network & make life-long connections with other forward-thinking, like-minded entrepreneurs

Connect one on one with people in your industry

Walk away with a massive action plan to get your digital services business to the level you've always wanted to achieve .

Get that "kick-in-the-behind" you need to get your business cranking!

Discover the most advanced (yet deceptively simple) sales strategies you'll need to scale your digital agency!

Bonus #4: The $11,200 Appointment-Setter Coaching calls!

We paid $11,200 for Eric to coach our sales team. Now, he can coach your team too!

Bonus #5: How to get a free marketing intern ... that can do all of the daily "task work" and run your sales system for you!

Saved us $3,000/mo:

• The site we use that got us half a dozen qualified interns to interview within 30 minutes

• Email templates for each step of the process

• Howl interviewed them

• What tasks/projects I have them do

Bonus #6: How we modify our hiring funnel to hire A Players for any role we need in the company

• Client relationship manager

• Adwords or "campaign' manager

• VA/admin assistant

• And more!

Simple Agency Sales System Core Components:

Appointment Setter (AS) & Sales Person (SP) Hiring Funnels .

AS & SP compensation plans

How to interview and hire

How to onboard, train and manage them

How to set up a streamlined sales process/CRM modeled after ours

Our cold calling process we plug our AS Into

Simple Agency Sales System Assets:

Our proven job ad

Emails/videos used in our hiring funnel

Interview template

Onboarding dots

IC Agreement

Weekly KPI scorecard

Our appointment setting script, rebuttals for common objections and recorded demos to get past the gatekeepers!

Free access to the hiring platform we now use that assesses & filters out prospects! ($1800 value!)