Kevin Riley - How To Successfully Spy On Your Competition And Fish the Forums To Create A Money-Making Information Product

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Kevin Riley - How To Successfully Spy On Your Competition And Fish the Forums To Create A Money-Making Information Product digital download. Info: [2 Manua...
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Kevin Riley - How To Successfully Spy On Your Competition And Fish the Forums To Create A Money-Making Information Product

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How To Successfully Spy On Your Competition And Fish the Forums To Create A Money-Making Information Product

Finally, the long-awaited follow-up Mission to “How To Generate Profitable Ideas And Research Your Niche Market For Information Products That Make Money”…

“You Don’t Have To Be James Bond To Use These Super-Spy Techniques For Uncovering All The Dirty Little Secrets That Allow A Handful Of Your Competitors To Make So Much Money”

Your successful competitors are out there now — pulling in big profits. Profits that could easily be yours, if you only knew how they were doing it.”

“Isn’t it time to find out?”

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Imagine creating an information product that sells like hotcakes! Imagine a product that hits all the hot buttons and has a herd of buyers stampeding to give you their money.

It can be done! It’s done every day.

Right now — this very moment — some of your competitiors are out there … somewhere … raking in mountains of cash from customers.

The thing is … those customers could be your customers. They could be buying your product. They could be forking their money over to you. All you need to do is … hit those same hot buttons.

But … you see, the problem is this:
How do you find those hot buttons?

Of course, you could simply don your trenchcoat, roll up your handy-dandy surveillance newspaper (the one with the eyeholes cut through the photo of the fat mayor of Upper Glockenshire), and hangout in a cafe across the street from one of your competitors. Observe what they’re doing … take surreptitious notes in your secret agent notebook …

Unfortunately, it’s not quite that easy!

There are hundreds … nay, thousands … scratch that, millions of competing websites. How in tarnation are you gonna find the successful ones? Because, it sure ain’t worth your time to be spying on the ones that aren’t making money.

Unlike the offline world, online it’s not easy to tell a successful website apart from a losing proposition. The ones you want to spy on are working undercover … quietly pulling in rivers of Internet cash.

They’re not advertising their success. You can’t see their mansions, or their Ferraris, or their trips to tropical islands. There are few clues to help you target the winners.

This is a serious roadblock!
If you can’t identify your top competition,
how the heck can you spy on them?

How are you gonna uncover the dirty little secrets that are making all that money for them?

Well, do I have some good news for you!

In the days before Internet (Yes, there was such a dark and uncivilized time in our recent past) my partner and I developed a technique for tracking down our biggest competitors.

True, some we could easily identify. It’s pretty difficult to miss the company with a 75-story office building and a Lear jet for its executives to jaunt off to Aspen on weekends.

But, there were others. Some of the top marketers were not so flashy. They tended to work quietly in the background, pulling down the lion’s share of consumer cash. We developed a way of smoking these rascals out. The great thing was … they never even knew we were onto them, so we could tidily profit from the secrets we gleaned from them.

How does this help you?
Fortunately, these same tactics can be adapted to the Internet. And, let me tell you, they are a lot simpler to use online.

Your true competition may be hard to find without these super-effective secret agent techniques, but once you find them … their secrets are right there, like little gems, waiting for you to pick them up.

In this latest Mission, I’ll reveal to you the exact techniques (laid out for you step-by-step) to:

  • Yes Laser target your successful, money-making competition. Find out exactly who’s making money online.
  • Yes Infiltrate their empires and uncover all their secrets. Easily extract all the good stuff.
  • Yes Go undercover in the forums and gather even more valuable intel.
  • Yes Use this goldmine of secrets and information to create winning products that pull in rivers of money.
  • Yes Even, join the lab moles as they take you to their favourite hangouts for easily digging up some fantastic research.

Discover just how easy it is to spy on your competition and boost your online business to sky-high profits.

From the Digital Spy Training Center at Mission: Make Money Online™ you’ll receive your own Digital Dossier. Inside it, you’ll find:

  • You get 9 step-by-step Videos that take you through each Assignment, and show you exactly how to do it. It couldn’t be easier. In fact, your surveillance ops take about a minute to set up.
  • You get A 35-page typed transcript that it’s own e-book … for those who would rather read than look through videos. Also, a great follow-along manual.
  • You get Take-action-now Assignments that make sure you get down to business ASAP. Take you out into the field (well, the Internet) and start producing results.
  • You get Worksheets that help you collect all the useful intel from each of your competitors and from your forum undercover work. Organize all your valuable secrets — ready to use.
  • You get Links to free resources that make your online espionage assignments a breeze.