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Kevin Hogan & Mary Lee LaBay - Irresistible Attraction!: Secrets of Personal Magnetism

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Dear frustrated Chinese Learner,

It’s the time of year for me to offer you a little “bribe”. Yep, Spring is near and so is warmer weather! Because of this special time of year I’m about to give away the whole enchilada.

Here’s what’s going on: I just found out that you haven’t tried my new program “Learn Chinese from Movies”.

Why haven’t you checked out this program yet? It’s new, getting great reviews, no refunds (yet), and has almost caused a riot among the big language learning companies (Rosetta Stone, Pimsleur’s…). You will be learning these fast-track Chinese-learning secrets while leaving your other Chinese-learning friends in the dust, shaking their heads.

Okay – I’m sure you have your reasons for not looking at this program. But because it’s approaching Spring, I’m going to make you (and those few other guys) a deal .

Here it is:

* If you get the program before Friday, April 30th, 2010, I will rush-ship you a huge package of Bonus Chinese-Learning goodies. You’ll get my flashcard package (view on any iPod, PSP, etc) currently selling for $39 – but I will DOUBLE the guarantee period (from one year to two full years, no questions asked).

* I will also send you – FREE – Learn Chinese from Movies (LCFM) “On-the-Go Video Package” – portable videos that can be played in any portable device (cell phone, iPhone/iPod, etc, etc). Selling at $47…but it’s yours to keep FREE.

These videos will skyrocket your Chinese level, using my “magical” subtitles that have been looked over (ie correct and revised) by Chinese professors. (Yes, my other subtitles did have a couple errors – due to poopy software. These subtitles do not! – or at least no one has found them yet).

* PLUS – you’ll get a FREE “LCFM Learning Guide” that gives you a PDF transcript of all the “magic” subtitles used in each line of the movie. You can use this to quickly read over every line of the movie.

* There’s MORE – a LOT more. You’ll also get access to a badass mouse-over tool that instantly tells you the meaning (and pinyin) of any Chinese character/word for any Chinese MSN message, Chinese email, or Chinese webpage.

* Another thing – you will get a free dictionary that can be installed on any cell phone – no matter how old or crappy your phone is. The dictionary contains over 80,000 Chinese words and phrases. Stuck in China in a Chinese supermarket and forget how to say “flied rice”? This dictionary will help you out on the spot instead of playing a long (and not fun) game of charades.

* WAIT…this “bribe” getter better! Not good at scheduling your “learning Chinese” time and need something to tell you what you should work on every day? I’ve included a crazily detailed study guide program that will get you reading most of a Chinese newspaper in no time. I will also send you this if you order today.

* HOLD ON…there’s even MORE! I will also send you secret Chinese character remembering method that instantly reveals the mystery of why each Chinese character is written the way it is. This method alone will skyrocket your Chinese, transforming these “lines and squiggles” into meaningful, easy-to-remember pictures and ideas.

And…you can KEEP all these things listed above even if you later decide to return my Learn Chinese from Movies Program. This means…no matter what you do…you will end up with the secret to massive fast-tracking Chinese learning power. For FREE too.

That means you’re getting $76+ dollars of FREE stuff and other tools that I’ve never revealed to anyone. You get to KEEP the flashcard package, the on-the-go video package, the LCFM Learning Guide, the dictionary, the mouse-over tool, the study guide program, and the “transforming lines and squiggles” method. People are already paying money for most of these things, but…

For you, it’s free,
If You Choose.

This is a pretty ridiculous offer, you realize. Not much profit at all, giving away currently-selling materials for free, and stuffing the package with other stuff that took me both years to discover and months to make.

No problem. It’s Spring, the time to start things off right!

This info really is the best stuff for learning Chinese, and really will skyrocket your Chinese level in a matter of days. So…I want you to know what all the fuss is about.

But there is a “catch”. I’ve only put together 22 of these huge packages for this Spring Special – and once the packages are all gone this deal is history.

So if I don’t hear from you within the next 11 days, I will pass your’s along. No worries – I definitely will NOT be stuck with this. But if you’re at all interested in this mega-generous RISK FREE offer, you need to act right now.

Buy the Learn Chinese from Movies Program now and also get this huge sack of FREE goodies. If you are anyway dissatisfied with the Learn Chinese from Movies Program, you can get a 100% refund within 60 Days and KEEP all the free goodies!

Or send me an email at..

dagwood at learn-chinese-from-movies dot com.

You’ll have your fat package (stuff with free videos, tools, and Chinese-learning methods) in a few days. It’s Spring!! What a great way to kick-start your Chinese (and, perhaps, your career).

It’s time for you to act right now Thanks,

- Darren Seabrook

P.S. Please read the original letter below now. I know you’ll get a kick out of it.

Why Are “Reputable” Chinese Language Learning Schools and Corporations Are Screaming Bloody Murder About The Simple “Learn Chinese from Movies (LCFM) Language Learning Program” that will have you reading most of a Chinese Newspaper in a matter of days!

Why? Because this secret fast-tracking learning method is simply not taught in any Chinese language learning product, it’s not taught in any Chinese language learning book/CD/DVD, and it’s not taught in any university by any Chinese professor, teacher, or tutor.

These new Chinese-learning materials and secrets are perfect for ANY person who is interested in learning Chinese, who do not want to focus on “grammar rules”. This is a program that learns Chinese FOR you.

The result: Your ability to read most of a Chinese newspaper (over 1700 Chinese characters) and hold a conversation in a matter of 3 months or less.

6 years ago I came to Shanghai on a teaching assignment, planned to go straight back to Canada after I finished, but got sucked into the whole Chinese culture, decided to stay and learn Chinese. I tried to learn Chinese at reputable universities here in Shanghai (Donghua Da Xue, Hua Dong Shi Fan Da Xue), I tried tutors, and I bought a few online/DVD Chinese Learning programs.

None of these methods worked for me. Studying seemed more like a chore – writing characters over and over again, memorizing vocabulary lists. Nothing was sticking – there had to be a better way.

My university classmates, even after studying Chinese for 2 years could not even hold a conversation with a native Chinese speaker. The courses are so drawn out. I mean, really, 2,3,4 or more years to learn a language? I don’t think so. They never mention that:

Learning Languages from Movies is the Most Powerful and Fastest Way to Learn a Language.

Chinese language classes are just textbooks and teachers. What a great way to turn you OFF a language. Instead of getting bored in a classroom, why not get excited and watch a movie with…

“Magic” Subtitles That Will Learn Chinese FOR You.

How do other parts of the world learn English? That’s right, through Hollywood/American movies. I remember meeting this one Chinese guy named Rocky who had the best English I’ve ever heard. How did he learn his English? From Al Pacino movies! The guy swore a bit too much, but other than that it was flawless!

So, doesn’t it make sense that we can learn Chinese through Chinese movies? You bet it does!

Wouldn’t Those Expensive Interactive Chinese Learning DVD Programs Be Better Than Mine?

Short answer – NO!

Most online/DVD/CD programs I bought were way overpriced and were lacking in so many ways, it was unbearable and utterly unbelievable. Knowing what I know now…

I Wouldn’t Use These “Reputable” Programs Even If They Were FREE.


All these “reputable” online/DVD/CD programs have one or all of these pitfalls:

  • Foreigners (ie non-native Chinese speakers) speaking a Chinese dialogue with terrible tones

    (Learn Chinese from Movies – LCFM – has Chinese people with perfect tones!)
  • Did not teach a single Chinese character, only Pinyin.

    (You actually learn Chinese faster if you learn Chinese characters – SEE BELOW)
  • Didn’t have a transcript of the dialogue.

    (LCFM has badass transcripts! see below)
  • Only taught a few hundred words or characters

    (LCFM has over 1700 Chinese characters, see below!)
  • Terrible animated dialogues, usually with 3$ computer microphone audio.

    (LCFM uses a badass movie instead! see below)
  • “Interactive” programs have this so-called “Voice Recognition Software” that says if your pronunciation is “right” or “wrong”. This software, however, can not distinguish between similar pinyin sounds like z-, zh-, j. So, basically, it’s useless…unless terrible pronunciation is your goal.

    (LCFM shows your how to pronounce everything perfectly!)
  • Did not have anything for learning “on-the-go” – ie, videos, flashcards for iPod/iPhone, PSP, etc.

    (LCFM does! See below!)
  • Did not teach Chinese from a Chinese movie

    (LCFM uses a badass movie!)

The Learn Chinese from Movies (LCFM) Program does NOT have any of the pitfalls of “reputable” DVD/CD/Online Products!


the LCFM Program includes these features:

LCFM teaches Chinese Characters because learning only Pinyin will slow you down. So many “pinyin-only-learners” look back in regret, knowing they should have started with Characters from the get-go. Chinese characters look intimidating, but they’re not all all, as I will show you in this program

LCFM has badass movie transcripts. To learn any language a transcript is a must, it jump starts your learning by pairing up visuals with audio – especially Chinese because of their very visual/pictographical writing system

LCFM teaches you enough characters to read most of a Chinese newpaper – 1700!

Also, reading body language, looking at gestures, and having decent audio – like from movies – is ideal when learning a language.

LCFM will show you how to speak each word perfectly.

LCFM program is the only one on the market that uses a full-length Chinese movie, with “magical” subtitles that will learn Chinese FOR you.

I don’t mean to come across as this big “hater” – go ahead and try all these other “reputable” online/DVD/CD programs and see what you think. If you like them, that’s great. But if you don’t, maybe it’s time to try something new.

Anyways, my point is that during my Chinese learning road to “fluency” I realized that there were many downfalls in every method for teaching Chinese.

I really like movies, and I really like learning Chinese. Why don’t I just learn Chinese from movies? But, there’s only one problem – I only knew a few Chinese characters (at that time) – the rest of the characters I simply couldn’t read or pronounce. It’d be really cool if the movie had pinyin too. So I thought why don’t I take a cool Chinese movie and add my own Chinese, Pinyin, and English subtitles. And that’s what I did and it worked pretty well for me. But sometimes I forgot which Chinese character had which meaning and I didn’t want to search in a dictionary every time I forgot a Chinese character. So I thought I’d go ahead and add a word-for-word (WFW) direct translation line.

The Word-for-Word Direct Translation Line (see picture below) saves you HOURS of time. You do not need to use a dictionary to search for individual words!

Anyways, after I added these “magical” subtitles it looked like this:

I did this for a few movies and then just watched the movies over and over again until I knew almost every word and every line of the movie.

It absolutely SKYROCKETED my Chinese level.

I could pick up those super-hot Chinese girls with non-existent-English with my new silky-smooth Chinese. I got job offers through my new Chinese friends at companies in Shanghai. Travelling through China was now a breeze and so much more enjoyable. Getting Chinese prices – for food, housing (buying and renting), maids, clothes – comes with good Chinese skills. You can basically live like a Chinese person, which can very super inexpensive! You can save money and be efficient at the same. In general, my quality of life improved and I became much happier. Even if you just go to China often for business, your Chinese skills makes everything more enjoyable.

So back to my story – my friend saw these videos I made on my computer with these “magic” subtitles one day and later convinces me to share these with some more people.

I put a few videos on youtube. Before I knew it, some videos had received:

over 180,000 views!!!!!!

I was blown away.

During the first year, a got a few hundred emails and lots of youtube comments as well as close to 85 Youtube users subscribed to my “channel” (If you’re a youtube user, you’ll know that this is quite a high number for a niche like this). People were leaving unbelievably nice comments and loved the whole “magic subtitles” concept (Chinese, Pinyin, WFW, English subtitles) and wanted more.

Here’s an email from Dave who just got to Shanghai:

Hi there, just wanted to say thanks so much for putting together the subs for these movies. I’ve just moved to Shanghai and doing a lot of self-study, and I’ve found them incredibly helpful. They’ve really helped me a lot with my speaking and listening skills. I feel like I’m picking up the language a lot more because of what you’ve done. It’s really empowering and really expands my world since English is very sparse here, and in many cases, nonexistent.

Much, much appreciated.



Here’s another from Youtube user crock703:

This is a great way to passively studying language.. the educational videos get so boring.

Here’s another email I got from David (a different Dave!) who even wanted to help me make the product for free:

Learning Chinese through watching movies is a great idea, and I have tried doing it myself. But without pinyin subtitles (I don’t have time for hanzi) I don’t learn much from the movies. I got an English transcript of a few Chinese movies (original version) and translated it into Chinese (with my tutor). I then tried to watch the movie but even though my translation was good it was not very close to the actual dialogue in Chinese.

I am glad someone else has taken up the challenge, and am happy to support your efforts at least through purchasing the product. Tell me if there is any other way I can help out.


Here’s an email from Kevin (who also bought the DVD) who also wanted a DVD to watch while on the couch with Pinyin subtitles. He also brings up a good point about watching Chinese movies in the theatre:

Hi Darren,

For myself, the product I would really like is DVDs with pinyin

subtitles, like what you have on your site already, but a full DVD so

I can sit on the couch get comfortable on watch the whole thing. Also

pinyin transcripts of the movies would even be great with the

characters and english would be great too. so you can read the

transcipts before you watch the movies, then when we watch the movie

you dont even need the pinyin subtitles on the screen and just focus

on building up your skill to watch the movies like you would have, say

in a theater.


Kevin McKenzie

Hi Darren,

For myself, the product I would really like is DVDs with pinyin subtitles, like what you have on your site already, but a full DVD so I can sit on the couch get comfortable on watch the whole thing. Also pinyin transcripts of the movies would even be great with the characters and english would be great too. so you can read the transcipts before you watch the movies, then when we watch the movie you dont even need the pinyin subtitles on the screen and just focus on building up your skill to watch the movies like you would have, say in a theater.


Kevin McKenzie

A Physical DVD Where You Can Mix and Match the Subtitles That You Want.

For example, if you just wanted pinyin subtitles then you can select just that. If you just wanted Pinyin and English subtitles, you can select that too. If you wanted Chinese/Pinyin/English or Chinese/Pinyin or Pinyin/WFW, Traditional Chinese/Pinyin, etc, etc.

I didn’t really want to go through the trouble of creating this DVD, I wanted just continue teaching high school math and travelling in Asia on my holidays. But the emails just kept coming. So I had a choice to make – either change email addresses (which I really hate doing) or create this DVD. So I chose to create the DVD. I had never created a DVD before, let alone a DVD with multiple subtitles. It was quite a challenge and took me about half a year to complete. All the while…

I kept getting emails from people asking me when the DVD will be completed, such as this one from a guy named Mark:

How’s the DVD coming. I’m ready to be your first customer. No rush. i just wanted to make sure you didn’t forget.

So, for the “giving back to the world” part of my life I want to share my little secret program with you. Keep in mind, I’m not some sort of professional Chinese teacher. In fact, most Chinese teachers are furious with me and my Learn Chinese from Movies method of teaching.

What do you get when you buy this program?

* Learn Chinese from Movies DVD with “One of the Greatest Chinese Films Ever Made” (Spring in a Small Town) with “Magic” subtitles that teach Chinese FOR you

* Works in any DVD player in the world (region-free)

* Watch it from your couch and absorb the language passively

* One of the FEW programs made by a Chinese learner FOR Chinese learners!

* Contains 15 Subtitle Choices: Mix and match Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Pinyin, Word-for-Word (WFW) English (direct translation), and English. The program is designed so that after you’ve watch the movie a few times you can “take off your training wheels” and just watch the movie with Chinese subtitles. In the beginning, however, you probably will want to watch the movie with Pinyin and combined it with another choice (WFW, English, etc).

* You will learn over 1700 Chinese characters (enough to read most of a Chinese newspaper) in 3 months or less!

* Traditional (Taiwan, Hong Kong) and Simplified (Mainland China) subtitle options also available

* BONUS: I’ve included a second DVD other programs that will show you how to write (with proper stroke order) and pronounce every Chinese character used in the movie.

* BONUS: A transcript that includes the entire dialog of the movie (in the “Magic” subtitles format – Chinese, Pinyin, WFW, English)

* BONUS: Vocabulary list (if you’re one of those people who like vocab list) of every word used in the movie, broken down by scene. So, when you finish, say, Scene 1 you can see in an instant all the words you need to know.

* Basically, TWO DVDs, one containing the movie and it’s magic 15 removable and mix-and-matchable subtitle choices. The second DVD containing loads of guides, tools, transcripts, and charts.

***Works on BOTH PC and MAC computers***

* This program includes files in the following formats: DVD, jpeg, PDF, mp4, avi. These formats do not need any special program to open them, you can play them right away on your Mac or PC.

The program is not perfect: Because it is an old movie (Spring in a Small Town), about 2-3 times in the movie the audio will cut out. There is no way around this – it’s old. The movie is, however, known as “The Greatest Chinese Film Ever Made”. It takes place after the war and it’s a story about a woman with a love dilemma. You follow Yuwen on her emotional rollercoaster ride as she must choose between an old childhood flame – a successful doctor from Shanghai – and her now-decrepit husband.

Won’t the Movie Include Chinese that is Too Old Fashioned?

Nope! The language style used in very every day spoken Chinese and is still used today. There’s nothing dated about the language used. It’s timeless

Watch it before some “reputable” corporation buys me out and makes the program worse and more expensive!

My product isn’t for everybody. It isn’t for people who hate watching movies, and it isn’t for people who don’t want to commit at least 2 months of their lives to almost mastering one of the hottest languages in the world. But if you love watching movies and you are willing to commit at least 2 months of your life learning Chinese, then this product is for you!