Kevin Elko - Get Stuff Done

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Kevin Elko - Get Stuff Done digital download. Info: (10 MP3s). Dr. Elko’s new audio program, Get Stuff Done, will show you the exact process on how to a...
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Kevin Elko - Get Stuff Done

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Get Stuff Done

It always seems impossible until it’s done. —Nelson Mandela

Are you guilty of not finishing what you started?

Do you have dreams that you have put on hold due to the demands of everyday life?

Are you interested in learning a process on how to Get Stuff Done?

Dr. Elko’s new audio program, Get Stuff Done, will show you the exact process on how to approach and complete any task, goal or anything you want to accomplish.

Most people are just a bundle of beginnings – they start often but finish seldom. Yet this is the characteristic – known as grit – that is often behind success in every endeavor. So the phrase GSD stands for Get Stuff Done – being able to start something that matters and stay on it until it is completed. Click on the video below to learn more about GSD!

We must train our mind to GSD which means we follow our decisions not our feelings and that we are intentional about our actions daily and make them meaningful. This series focuses on the A’s (Accountability), B’s (Buoyancy), and C’s (Cleansing of the mind) to get things done.

Accountability is not about punishment but about ownership of our choices. Buoyancy is about staying afloat and using self-talk that allows us to keep moving toward our goal. Mental Cleansing is about constantly removing all the mental clutter in our head that stops us from getting to our goal. The series goes through a step by step approach to get the listener to a place where they can GSD – Get Stuff Done.

This program is available in either an Audio CD (two Audio CD’s) format or a Digital Download (Zip file with 10 MP3 audio files) format.