Kent Ninomiya - I Want Them Fired

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Kent Ninomiya - I Want Them Fired digital download. Info: [eBook (PDF)]. I Want Them Fired is written by Kent Ninomiya, an award winning investigative j...
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Kent Ninomiya - I Want Them Fired

Type: Digital download

Format: [eBook (PDF)]


I Want Them Fired

How To Get Someone Fired

Make Them Pay for Wronging You!!!
Are you angry?

Did someone give you terrible service?

Were they rude, abusive or discriminate against you?

Did they rip you off or sell you a defective product?

Well... do something about it!

Don't let that jerk get away with it!

I Want Them Fired
shows you how to get satisfaction the safe, legal and ethical way.

Get a refund, get free stuff or get the jerk who wronged you FIRED!
I Want Them Fired is written by Kent Ninomiya, an award winning investigative journalist with more than 23 years experience bringing perpetrators to justice. He reveals the legal, business and media tricks that will help you get what you want.

You will learn the best way to:
  • get someone fired who deserves it
  • get a full refund for a product or service rip off
  • get free stuff from guilty perpetrators
  • rally the media to your side to expose and embarrass wrongdoers
  • get justice for wrongs committed against you

I Want Them Fired
  • the inside story on how businesses and officials really handle complaints
  • why they are really afraid of you
  • how to get what you want by maximizing the complaint process
  • a comprehensive complaint checklist
  • the key people to complain to for maximum impact
  • exactly how to write a complaint letter for specific situations
  • sample complaint letters to help you write your own
  • how to get your complaint on TV and in the newspaper
  • 18 examples of people like you who got what they wanted by successfully applying these techniques