Ken Wells - How To Find Motivation To Achieve Your Goals In 20 Minutes

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Ken Wells - How To Find Motivation To Achieve Your Goals In 20 Minutes

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The best laid plans are meaningless without MOTIVATION to act on those plans.

What most people don't realize about motivation is that it shouldn't be something you have to try and "muster up". 

In this course, you’ll discover a proven 7-step system that top performers use, that will allow you to: clarify your goals, find your inner motivation to take action and get on with really living your life. 

Master powerful peak performance strategies to motivate yourself, clarify your goals and find your real "why"...even if you struggle terribly with procrastination.

What will I be able to DO after I enroll?

  • DECIDE, Prioritize & Correctly Formulate Goals

  • DISCOVER the Core Motivations Behind Your Goals so You Can Become Motivated Easily to Achieve Your Goals

  • CREATE Powerful & Useful Mental States to Help You Effectively Reach Your Goals

  • BUILD Momentum to Reach Longer Term Goals

  • OVERCOME Obstacles That Stand in the Way of Turning Your Dreams into Reality

  • Quickly BUILD UP MOTIVATION Again After the Enthusiasm Wears Off

  • UNCOVER the Skills, Habits & Behaviors You Will Need to Reach Your Goals

  • AVOID Common Goal-Setting & Motivation Mistakes

"Simply the best! Quick, Easy, No Fluff. Period.."

-Jason Sarmiento

"Awesome!!! Very Surprising Course...

Wow! I really liked this course. So tired of courses that are all fluff. This one just gets right to it. I really like the part about beliefs and the overall premise of the course. Is it possible to give a 6 star review? Plus, Ken is a very responsive and engaging teacher. Can't wait to see what he puts out next."

-Roszel Fletcher

"This is not your ordinary course.

Ken has really developed a unique, straightforward guide to quickly motivate yourself so you can accomplish whatever you set out to do. This is one of those courses that can truly change your life and how you do things."

-Christine Evans

"Clear and to the Point.

If you've read any of the many self-improvement, self-development books out there, you'll be only too aware that they often contain a lot of filler.

This course contains zero filler. In a short, simple series of exercises, Ken presents a powerful technique for clarifying what you're trying to achieve. Very worthwhile."

-Sam Pollard

Learn the secrets elite athletes and top performers know about motivation

I created this course because after struggling with procrastination, self-sabotage and many self-limiting beliefs, I stumbled upon methods and tools that really work and I was able to make massive changes in my life, using what I cover in this course.

Some of those are:

I went from living in a car, working at Pizza hut to creating a 6-figure career in professional selling, becoming a Top Salesperson for some of Largest and Fastest Growing companies in the World.

Also, I used what I teach to start a business from scratch to 6-figures in annual profit, in under 1.5 years, working only part-time.

The funny thing was that some of the techniques I had known about for years...but, I never really had much success using them.

I always felt like they made sense, but, I somehow knew something was missing.

I was right. I started learning how pro athletes and elite performers motivate themselves and I found some of the missing puzzle pieces.

Voila! I started to get much different results.

It was surprising how quickly my life began to change. It wasn't like magic or anything, but, it felt like I finally was able to shift some of the core patterns in my life and see big, meaningful changes.

..and it happened so fast.

I hope to share what I learned with you and help you avoid some of the same mistakes I made.

What will I learn specifically?

  • The #1 Reason People Fail to Achieve Their Goals

  • How to Uncover the Master Motivation Strategy That Lies Hidden in Your Brain

  • Discover the 'Why' Behind Your Goals to Build Powerful Motivation

  • How to Uncover Lasting Motivation

  • How to Avoid Losing Motivation for Goals

  • How to Know Who You Need to Be to Achieve Your Goals in Minutes

  • The Truth About the Obstacles to Your Goals and What to Do About It

  • Why You Haven't Already Achieved Your Goals

  • Fast Goal Evaluation System

  • The #1 Secret Of Productivity That is Hidden in Plain Sight

  • What Almost Nobody Realizes About Their Goals

  • Forget the To-Do List - This Is What Top Performers Use to Plan Their Day

  • Guided Meditation: "Turning Your Dreams into Reality"

In short you will learn specifically why, what, when, where and exactly how to motivate yourself at will, find your why and clarify your goals.

So, go ahead and click the green button on the right hand side, so you can blast past your procrastination and start living the life you were truly meant to live.

What have you got to lose? If you do nothing, nothing will change.

If you don’t love this course..if it doesn’t deliver on every promise, you can always get 100% of your money back, so there’s no reason not to enroll.

Once you enroll you’re given step by step instructions and easy to follow exercises.

Best of all, you'll have my help should you have questions or need help applying the techniques in a specific situation.

Who this course is for:

  • This Course Is Meant for Beginners and Anyone Who Is Lacking Motivation to Achieve Their Goals
  • Someone Who Wants a Fresh Approach to Goal Setting and Finding Motivation
  • Someone Who Knows What They Want but Lack Motivation to Make It Happen
  • Someone Who Feels Stuck in Life and Wants to Get Unstuck
  • This Course Is Not for Someone Who Thinks They Know Everything About Motivation
  • This Course Is for Anyone Looking to Establish a New Goal or Re-Visit an Old Dream