Ken McCarthy - The System Club 2008-2009

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Ken McCarthy - The System Club 2008-2009 digital download. Info: [17 Audio (16 MP3 + 1 RAM) + 27 Ebooks (PDF)]. The foundation of the System Club is a ...
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Ken McCarthy - The System Club 2008-2009

Type: Digital download

Format: [17 Audio (16 MP3 + 1 RAM) + 27 Ebooks (PDF)]


Ken McCarthy - The System Club 2008-2009

The System Club is the most exclusive Internet marketing club on earth.

There are only two ways to become a member:

  1. Complete a full System training
  2. Be nominated by your peers (Sorry, you can't nominate yourself.)

The foundation of the System Club is a monthly meeting conducted by telephone. These meetings are the equivalent of attending an entire System training unit. When you consider that the cost of attending a full System training is now $2,495 plus airfare, meals, hotel and travel time, this makes membership in the System Club one of the best bargains in business today.

Club membership includes a CD of all regular Club meetings mailed to you each month

There are five other important benefits to being a Club member.

1. Amazing discounts on live System training events

System Club members are invited to attend live System trainings at incredible discounts and terms. In fact, attending just one System training as a Club member can be worth your entire year's annual dues.

2. Access to the System Club library

Every month, the System Club hosts a guest expert who is way out ahead of the pack in his speciality. Often we cover material that is not available from any other source giving our members an enormous edge over their competitors.

Examples of topics covered include:

  • the latest changes in money making search engine rules,
  • how to easily make big money selling boring products online,
  • how to make quick cash by buying and selling Internet businesses that fail,
  • advice from one young man who has made over $10,000,000 on the Internet with his small business on the best way to get started
  • the exact details of the right way track your ad results to maximize your products

Only System Club members are able access to this material.

I want you to know, I think you are one of the "best resources" about Internet marketing out there. I'm so glad I found you.

It's the best financial "security" I've been able to find.
-Larry Trocha

I felt I just had to drop you a line to say what a truly fantastic experience it has been for me being involved with the System Seminar and Club.

Your Happy Christmas video was something else! There's more wisdom in this hour of footage than anyone realises.
-Duncan MacIntyre, UK

You're not going to find value like what Ken's offered over the last 6 or so years for $95 a month. Based on the "junk" that's out there now for $500 to $2000 per month, System Club's a steal. I only wish Ken had more products/services/mastermind/coaching available for me to give him even more of my money, because the value I've already received is more than worth it. Yes, that's right... I'd voluntarily raise my own System Club fee.
-Kurt Allen

3. Big discounts on all Ken McCarthy's Internet marketing courses

Absolute beginners have made fortunes as the result of making the investment in Ken's high level Internet marketing courses. Yanik Silver is just one of many entrepreneurs who learned Internet marketing through Ken's products. In fact, if you are using e-mail, banner ads, or the web itself in your marketing, you are following the trail Ken blazed in his legendary San Francisco trainings in 1994!

4. Incredible freebies and gifts

System Club members receive a stream of unadvertised gifts from Ken. Examples include: special call-ins days, videos, eBooks, free and very low cost participation in cutting edge online marketing courses, plus an e-mail subscription to Ken's System Club letter, which contains marketing ideas and guidance available only to System Club members.

There are two truths about success:

  1. You can't do it alone and
  2. Success requires constant reinforcement

Even the greatest Internet marketing seminar cannot provide you with the ongoing reinforcement we all need to succeed in the challenging world of business. If you are truly serious about succeeding in Internet, the System Club is probably the smartest, most cost-effective thing you'll do all year.

If you are a System graduate, you are qualified to become a member today. Dues are only $95 per month automatically billed to your credit card.