Kayla M. Butler - The Everything Bundle

Kayla M. Butler - The Everything Bundle digital download.

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Kayla M. Butler - The Everything Bundle

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Kayla M. Butler - The Everything Bundle

Kayla M. Butler - The Everything Bundle

This bundle includes everything in our comprehensive online course curriculum.

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Course Curriculum

The Everything Bundle

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Module 1: Becoming CEO - Developing Methods for Magic in YOU

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Lesson 1: Are you being the CEO in your business? (18:12)

Lesson 2: Addressing your beliefs about business (20:26)

Lesson 3: How is your relationship with money affecting you? (19:12)

Lesson 4: Alignment (15:57)

Lesson 5: Your relationship with time (11:16)

Lesson 6: What’s keeping you down? How to relinquish and let go of the biggest thing holding you back (15:04)

Lesson 7: Identify the type of business you’re best suited to start (28:02)

Module 2: How You Work - Methods for Magic in Getting Things Done

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Lesson 1: Define your breakthrough year (18:21)

Lesson 2: Planning 90 days in advance (22:15)

Lesson 3: Understanding KPI’s and key metrics (30:42)

Lesson 4: Your role as entrepreneur and CEO - the evaluation (23:09)

Lesson 5: How to make a difference and work on projects to “move the needle” (14:52)

Lesson 6 :2 things to get anything done (5:45)

Module 3: Methods for Magic in Mapping Out Business

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Lesson 1: Choosing a DONE business (14:52)

Lesson 2: Your Ascension Model (34:00)

Lesson 3: Attract (27:35)

Lesson 4: The easiest way to make more sales (12:04)

Module 3 BONUS: Done for you Methods for Magic - A series of complete “Execution guides” and “Roadmaps”

Introduction to the bonuses

Fast Track Cart-Close Strategy.

Launch Strategy - Monetize Before You Make It (Beta)

OTO Strategy

Upsells & Downsell Strategy

Post launch process

2-day sales process

Retargeted Ads Strategy

Joint Venture / Strategic Partnership Strategy

Recruiting Affiliates strategy


Revenue Goals Calculator

Module 4: How to Market Your Business - Methods for magic in Marketing

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Lesson 1: Choosing the right launch for you (14:35)

Lesson 2: Developing social & sales messages that engage (19:37)

Lesson 3: Attract (grow your list) (6:04)

Lesson 4: How to keep your email list (22:55)

Next Steps & Resources

Module 5: How to Outsource Your Business - Methods for Magic in Asking For and Receiving Help

Lesson `1: The benefits of outsourcing

Lesson 2: How to make sure you don’t get frustrated with outsourcing

Lesson 3: How to get the best results from outsourcing

Lesson 4: Common outsourcing mistakes

Lesson 5: About the templates

Templates: Establishing Job/Project Specifications

Templates: Creating the Project/Job Listing

Templates: Interview questions

Checklist: Evaluating applications

Checklist: Evaluating their work

Templates: Supplying Feedback

Resource: Where to find freelancers

Module 6: How to Scale Your Business - Methods for Magic in Growth

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