Kayla M. Butler - Brand Know-How

Kayla M. Butler - Brand Know-HowBrand Know-HowFor the sweet creative can-doers who want a cohesive and confident brand! Do you struggle with visual and brand c...
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Kayla M. Butler - Brand Know-How

Kayla M. Butler - Brand Know-How

Brand Know-How

For the sweet creative can-doers who want a cohesive and confident brand!

Do you struggle with visual and brand consistency in your blog or business?

“UGH! I have no clue what I’m doing, my graphics are a mess, and when I do write or create something, no one is even reading my blog.”

If this sounds like you, then it’s about time you finally got serious and really creating a brand.




Take the time in this course to learn what it really takes to create a unique brand that you can be proud of and that other’s will notice.

If you are lacking readers or engaged followers, there’s a good reason this could be happening to you.

Your brand could be a total mess and just may be confusing your audience.

Brand Know-How was created to help bloggers, like you, do some deeper discovery into what your blog and brand is all about. During this multi-step course, students will discover what it means to create a brand experience, establish a clear brand message, and how to create the brand they love and that their target audience will adore!


What’s in the course, exactly?

Course Curriculum


Introduction to Branding


What Is Branding? (Lecture & Worksheets)
Course To-do List (Your Branding Checklist)
Brands Doing it Right - Case Studies / Examples (Video) (14:42)

Clarifying Your Target Audience

NEW - Your ideal audience is more important than you think (Video) (9:34)
NEW - Ideal Customer / Audience (Worksheets)

Your Brand’s Logo, Colors, and Fonts

UPDATED - What Makes Great Brand Logos? (Lecture & Video) (13:19)
UPDATED - The do’s and don’ts of choosing fonts (6:46)
NEW - 3 VIDEOS - Choosing your brand colors (for the right look and FEEL) (30:26)
NEW - Logo Planning (Worksheet)
NEW - Brand name planning (Worksheet)
Resources for Logo’s, Graphics, and Fonts

Telling Your Brand Story

What is My Brand Story? (Lecture & Workbook)
The importance of storytelling within your brand (Video) (11:00)

Your Brand Personality & Message

My Brand Personality & Tone of Voice (Lecture & Workbook)
The importance of your brand’s personality (Video) (13:17)

NEW SECTION - Differentiating your Brand & Standing Out

How you can overcome the most common challenges in branding (12:59)
NEW - Ways to Improve and Stand Out (Worksheet)
NEW - Innovation Ideas to Overcome Primary Challenges (Worksheet)
NEW - Vision Success and Road-map (Worksheet)

Your Brand’s Photos and Images

My Brand’s Image (Lecture)
Brand Photos and Images (Video) (23:55)

Creating Your Brand Style Guide

UPDATED - Creating My Style Guide (Lecture & Video) (5:17)

Oh, the places you will brand

Branding My Instagram & Social Media (Video) (13:59)
Continued Social Media Branding (12:30)
Social Media Branding (Checklist)
Branding Newsletters (3:27)
Branding my Pinterest Part 1 (Lecture & Video) (16:48)
50 Ways Creative Entrepreneurs Gain Traffic Through Pinterest (Checklist)
Branding on Pinterest (Checklist)
Pinterest Branding Part 2 (16:28)

Your Brand Photography COUPONS!

Grab your exclusive coupons for the brand photo shop.


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